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Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm going to have to buy myself another alarm clock.  I ran off and left my phone at work again last night -- sometimes when Jerry tells me I can go, I feel like I need to get going while the gettin's good!  So I didn't gather up things like I should have.  So I had no alarm this morning and slept until almost 7:00.  It wasn't intentional, but that's what happened.  So, no workout today.

Headache is a little better than it has been, but a little worse than yesterday afternoon.  My daughter called and said she felt like the glands near her vocal chords were swollen, she had had an earache and her head has been hurting.  Sounds very familiar!  Maybe I have something that is going around.  And I think when I have swollen glands in that area, it affects me more since I have scar tissue in that area.  I feel it in my throat more.  It feels kind of raw and achy right now.  I hope I get over whatever it is soon.

I was thinking this morning about this guy in my Sunday class I would like to get to know.  That led to thoughts of someday remarrying, the thought of which makes me feel insecure about certain things.  It doesn't really have to do with the way I look or my personality.  It is more certain habits.  I tend to think I am the only one who does things like that and, therefore, maybe I shouldn't try to find a relationship.  In reality, I think I am pretty easy to live with.  This morning I was thinking about things I had not gotten done this week and how a husband might view it.  Hopefully they would be the type to think, "She is working a lot of hours this week and has not been feeling well; I need to help her out!"  After you have lived with a critical person for so many years, you tend to think that's the way it is going to be.  Hopefully I will have the sense this time to not marry someone who would be that way.

For one thing, if I remarry and I am working this job, I am going to hire someone to clean house every week or so.  And I plan to marry someone who is willing to help with things around the house, including the cooking.  Sometimes I worry about my dog.  From what I hear, though, most people with pets have to put up with certain things.  I think I am just reacting like I would have in the past.  It's time to move on from that.

Jerry announced that he would be leaving at 6:45 tonight.  Hopefully that holds true.  I know not to completely count on it, but he likely has plans with his wife and he is careful not to keep her waiting most of the time.  So I won't be getting off on time, but not too bad.  I put down my book last night with four chapters left to go.  I have been wanting to get back to it all day.  Never mind that I have already read the book three times.  :)

I need to put my house back together tomorrow.  It is not horrible, but I will feel better when it is done.  Maintenance -- that is the key!

I really need to get a workout done tomorrow too.  I will plan to go to the gym and get a workout and sit in the sauna for a bit.  My weight has been up a little all week, but I know it is because I am out of BP medicine.  Last night I was really puffy when I got home.  I had worn ankle boots to work and my legs were puffing over the top of them, lol, so I knew I was retaining fluid.  When I weighed this morning, I figured my weight would still be up.  To my surprise, I was down a pound from last Saturday!  Hopefully that will hold true tomorrow.  My eating has gone pretty smoothly all week.  I am looking forward to my off-day tomorrow, though.  My daughter is making this taquito recipe she found, which she said is really good.  And someone was eating something today that made me crave nachos.  Maybe I can do some version of that that wouldn't be too bad.

I got off right at 6:45.  I came home, warmed up my pesto chicken and went right to reading my book.  I finished it by 8:30.  Now I'll start the next one in the series (which I have also already read).  :)  I haven't done a lot of reading in the last few years.

I'm so glad it is Friday.  This week felt long enough to be two!  TGIF!  Weigh-in tomorrow.

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