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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Off Before 7:00, Thank the Lord

I'm struggling.  Not so much with my eating -- although a little bit.  Mostly with my schedule and not being able to keep up with things at home, including working out.  I mean, what do you do when you are working 12-14 hour days almost every day?  It's not like I have this store of energy to work from to get up at 5:00 in the morning to work out, when I'm working until 9 and 10 in the evening almost every night, without even taking a lunch or other break.  I got home at almost 9:00 last night, didn't have a real dinner, read and watched TV a little just to unwind, and went to bed.  That's kind of my life right now.

Not only are there work pressures, but there are wedding plans in the works.  We are trying to locate a venue so they can finalize the date.  Finding something available and that she can afford is the tricky part.  That's for Bethany.

Stephanie is concerned about her finances, especially when Bethany gets married, not knowing what her living situation will be.  She is questioning whether she should find a "better" job, but I really feel she needs to stay put and get her first year under her belt.  After that, she is protected by the Family Medical Leave Act, should she have another intestinal blockage.  I just pray that the real estate market picks up so she gets OT and that would help immensely.  I will encourage her to do other things to earn extra money (if she can) and pay off debt so she isn't so restricted.  Both of my daughters work for the same company (different locations), so that would help both.  Another possibility is for her to move up in the company so that her pay increases.  This employer was very understanding during her illness this year and that's something she can't take for granted.

Anyway, this is all a lot to think about.

Work is pretty much non-stop the whole time I am there.  I am SO BUSY.  I guess that's a good problem to have.

I found a pair of size 18 pants in my closet the other day (the had belonged to my daughter).  They are already getting too loose.  I guess that's another good problem to have.  :)

You know, when someone tells you often how "wonderful" you are, it just makes you want to do more things to be more "wonderful."  I'm speaking of my boss.  I just wish my ex-husband had understood that concept.  His view was that I would lose my incentive to change if he complimented me.  So not true.

I was hungry when I got off and ordered bacon wrapped shrimp from Iron Cactus, subbing salad for the rice and beans.  So good.  And Atkins all the way, baby.  Kind of expensive, but my boss has been handing me $20 bills for this and that, so he paid for it.  Anytime I do something non-work related, he does that.  Love that guy.

I just have to hold myself together until this stage of our case gets over.  I've still been tempted to get me some more sugar free candy, but have not.  Knowing I will have to ban it keeps me in balance about it.

I'm going to relax and enjoy a little evening at home, for a change.  Good night.


  1. I know exactly what you are going through work wise. My boss is never that kind though. She won't hesitate to have me work until midnight (damn electronic filing!) and then ask if I've had anything to eat for dinner (I stole one of her Lean Cuisines from the freezer!) and she knows I am diabetic. I've been with this woman for 8 years - before me? She went through 23 legal secretaries in 23 years! No one lasted a full year with her.

    I must be a glutton for punishment - ha!

  2. Woah, sounds like you have a lot going on and a lot to think of. But I am sure when one of those many problems clear up, you will find time to workout. However at least your eating is staying under control and if that continues you will still be moving down in the scale. Good Luck :)


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