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Monday, October 7, 2013

My New Motivation

Sunday Evening

I'm sitting here not feeling like doing anything and realizing why I'm struggling so much with that the last few days.  I had a headache for the better part of a week.  I don't know why it's back.  I am trying to take a muscle relaxant, at least part of the time, but they are being very persistent.  They make me want to just sit and stare into space sometimes.  I did do some of the stretching recommended by my MT this evening.

I tried a recipe for low-carb ice cream made with stevia.  The verdict -- I like it.  Yes you can tell it is artificial sweetener, but it is good for an occasional something sweet.  And I know everything that's in it and it's less carbs than Diet Bluebell.

I'm not liking my haircut as much as before.  And I'm particularly not liking the color.  I should have gone with my instinct on that instead of what was recommended to me.  I may go back and get an adjustment on the color and the cut.  I found this picture of me recently and I really liked it -- I like me with a little bang sweeping to the side.  I told him I wanted that, but he didn't do it.  I think I will have to show him this picture.  It makes my hair look less flat, which is something I hate (I mean my hair looking flat).  I will have to do some teasing to feel okay about it tomorrow or it will bug me all day.

I took a tumble last week.  I was trying to adjust a light on the track lighting in my loft and stood on my footstool to do it.  It tipped over and I fell.  I got down on the floor a few minutes ago to do some ab exercises and man, my leg is sore!

I had a hard time going to sleep last night.  Usually a headache will calm down when I lay down, but it didn't last night.  It took a while to go to sleep.  It feels better this morning.
I did my workout this morning -- 30 minutes on the recumbent bike with intervals from 6 to 11 on resistance.  I worked up a good sweat and it felt good.  I did just a little bit of ab work last night -- some leg lifts that my MT recommended to strengthen my lower abdomen to keep my back in better condition.  Of course, I need to do more than that, but it's a start.  I plan to do my Arms of Steel video -- the first part and the yoga part -- this evening.  Hopefully I will get off at a decent hour.  I also need to do some housework to get ready for my party Friday night, which I don't know if many are going to come to.
Breakfast this morning was two pieces of sausage and a 2-egg omelet with sharp cheddar.  I didn't bring a real lunch.  If my appetite is like it has been, I will not be stomach hungry until at least early afternoon.  I brought some celery and cream cheese, as well as a 100-calorie pack of almonds, to hold me until dinnertime.
Although it is not quite "official" yet, I am using the mother of the bride thing to motivate myself.  The countdown to May is on (it could be later in the Summer, but I'd better count on May and get busy).  I want to move below 250 this very week.  I need to do what it takes to get me there.
I had a therapy appointment today.  She worked on things related to headaches today.  Oh goodness, some of that really hurt.  I almost cried this time.  She was pinching the muscles? tendons? ligaments?  ?? in my shoulder going up to my neck.  It hurt soooo bad.  She also stretched those areas extensively and it was making my head hurt while she was doing it and, at times, I didn't think I was going to be able to stand it.  I just tried to breathe and focus on something else (just like labor).  After it was done, she said "And you didn't think you were stressing at the wedding, huh?"  I did not think I was stressing (I still don't), but there has been stress in other areas, like working a lot and some issues with my daughters.  There was nothing about that appointment that was a relaxing massage as you would usually think of one.  It hurt like heck!  I'm going to ice my neck tonight, as she recommended, and every evening I am having a consistent headache like that.
I had my almonds sometime around Noon and then I had 2 celery sticks with cream cheese at about 1:45.  If I get hungry, I can have more celery and cream cheese.  Jerry has already told me he would like to leave around 5:00, so that should mean I don't have to work late (although sometimes things don't work out as planned).  Anyway, that should leave me plenty of time this evening to do my workouts and some housecleaning.
I have been looking online at mother of the bride dresses.  I have no idea what colors Bethany will want for her wedding, and can't ask her yet since Tom hasn't popped the question.  I am just trying to get inspiration for the next few months.  I have a minimum of about 8 months until the wedding.  I would like to lose at least 60 pounds by then.  Of course, the pounds are going to come off as they will, but that will be my goal and what happens happens.  I'm not going to go buy a size 12 dress at this point and put that kind of pressure on myself.  But having something in mind will help motivate me to do the workout when I might not otherwise, or keep me from eating something when I am tempted.  That is an average loss of 7.5 pounds per month, and I think that is doable if I can get un-stuck.  More workouts are going to be part of that effort, as well as eating only when stomach hungry.
I did eat another two celery sticks with cream cheese.  It's almost time to go home, so that has worked for today.
Home now and I fixed my dinner immediately - a salad to be eating while by bacon burger was cooking (no bun, of course).  Then I went to walk Cas.  As I walked, I became pretty full, but not uncomfortable.  I remembered that I made the ice cream last night but am not hungry enough to eat a serving.  So I just had a bite when I got home.
I meant to take something for my headache when I got home because it is so hard to make myself work out when my head hurts this much.  I forgot to take it, so took it when I got home from walking Cas.  I am giving it a little time to kick in.  I hope that doesn't backfire on me because sometimes sitting d own leads to more sitting down.  But I don't have to follow old habits.  Remember -- Mother of the Bride -- that's what I keep telling myself.  I don't know if I will ever be comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress at the wedding, but the way I am most likely to feel comfortable with it is if I get my arms in good shape.  It may not be enough (because of excess skin, etc.), but it certainly won't hurt.
I'm going to sit here a few more minutes and then get up and do my workout.  The other thing on the agenda is to shampoo my living room rug, which only takes about 30 minutes.  I want everything clean and fresh for company.
Over and out.


  1. I'm playing catch-up here, so I'll first opine that I like the new haircut as well as your previous style. Both suit you well.

    I hope your headache(s) ease soon. Being in pain isn't any fun at all.

    1. Thank you Cammy. I have been dealing with them for a very long time. I'm ready to be done with them!!


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