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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learning to Push Through

A headache morning.  Ugh.  I think I am going to get me a night guard and see if that helps.  I am gritting my teeth at night -- my MT also says she can tell I do.  I wake up and realize I am doing it.  I was diagnosed with some TMJ issues years ago, but they seemed to let up for a while.  But that could be a big part of my constant headaches.  The problem is, my insurance does not cover TMJ issues, which I think is ridiculous when it causes medical problems like this.  Back when I was diagnosed, I wore a splint on my teeth, which is really just a diagnostic tool.  But even if I just wore something at night, perhaps that would help.  It had a feature built in it that helped pull my lower jaw forward.  For now, I will just get something over the counter and see if it will help me not grit my teeth.

In the meantime, this (headache) is obviously something I am going to be dealing with on a fairly regular basis.  I cannot let it keep me from accomplishing my goals.  Otherwise, life will continue on as it has for years.  I have to learn to push through, even when I am not feeling my best.

I did a little looking at Mother of the Bride dresses online yesterday.  I saw one I really like, but it is likely totally unrealistic for me.  It just depends on how my arms will look.  I want to be realistic, but at the same time, I want something to motivate me.  So I will have more than one option I look at.  I will post some pictures in the next few days.  Not that I am going to go out and buy something at this point, but I want something in mind to work toward.  I'm not sure what colors my daughter is going to choose.  Should I try to match her colors?  I am thinking about a jade green color -- I look good in it with my fair skin and green eyes.

My workout for this morning is done.  I did the same as yesterday -- 30 minutes on the recumbent bike, intervals with resistance of 6 and 11.  My MT was telling me the reason I was having so much pain with something she was doing yesterday was because of weakness and tightness in my inner thighs and calves.  So I am working on strengthening my inner thighs and calves.  Besides helping with the pain issues, it will make my legs more shapely.  I have a lot of muscle in my calves, but not enough on the inside, in my opinion.  Anyway, if you turn your toes inward when doing certain exercises, it helps build those muscles.  So I did that while pedaling on my recumbent bike, and you know what?  It worked really well!  I could feel it working the inside of my legs all the way up.  I also did arm work and raised my weight to 5-pound dumbbells.  That was much more taxing on my muscles -- they were shaking after my workout.  I should probably give them a rest tomorrow, but wanted to get a good enough workout before doing that.

Oops!  I'd better get moving!  More later.


Today started out hectic at work, but I was not quite as busy as I was yesterday.  I expected it to get more hectic when my boss came back from a meeting.  However, he was gone all day and came back at 5:30.  I don't like it when that happens.  I'm about ready to go home at 5:30, not get started on a bunch more work.

Breakfast this morning was some breakfast sausages (not like pork sausage -- more like a smoked sausage) and some scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese.  No formal lunch today, but I brought some almonds and some celery and cream cheese.  I had a little more celery and cream cheese late afternoon when I heard my boss would be coming back late.  I knew I would get too hungry before I got home.  Plans for dinner depends on what time I get off. :/

My daughter and I were doing a little research on a wedding venue and think we have found an affordable option.  She is going to call them and go see it soon, since she will need to get it scheduled as soon as possible to assure availability (assuming it is available now).  My friend at work has been an event planner and has been giving me a lot of suggestions, which I am passing on to Bethany.  She will be a valuable resource as we do this, since we will be doing a lot of the decorations ourselves.  Bethany likes to do that kind of thing, and it will be necessary for us in order to be able to afford it.  I cannot afford to give her a lot of help financially, but I will definitely do what I can.  I can assure you her father will not.

I am remembering how certain things were when I got married.  You usually had to hire musicians -- a pianist or organist, a soloist, etc.  Often, these days, the music is not live.  The last two weddings I went to had no one singing at all.  Bethany is a singer and I suspect will want live singers, but the instrumental music, I suspect, will not be live.  I actually sang at my own wedding.

I am feeling good about how things are going with my eating, and if I keep it up with the exercise I have been doing this week, I think I will keep making good progress in the coming months.  My goal is to get to 240 by the middle of November, 230 by the middle of December, and 225 by the end of the year.  That will give me a little over four months to hopefully lose down to at least the 190's.  Since I have spelled that out, I see that I will have to be making consistent progress with no periods of stalling.  Exercise is going to be crucial for that, I think.

I ended up having to work until 8:00.  I got really hungry and the only thing I had at work was celery and cream cheese.  I didn't want any more of that.  My friend had some peanuts, so I ate a few of those.  When I got home, I was too tired to cook.  I ate some cheese and a little bit of ham with leftover artichoke dip from my party.  I thought about getting out the chips I had left from the party -- I haven't taken them to work -- but you know what?  I didn't want them.  I also passed candy corn at work several times, and although a little tempted, did not want to eat that either.  I know where that would lead.  What did sound good was a little salad, so I made a small salad and ate that. It wasn't the most satisfying "meal" I have ever eaten, but oh well.  I need to take something tomorrow to have if I have to work late.

Cas is whining, so I'm going to close.

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