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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Haircut and Weigh-In


I have had a crazy start to my day and really have a lot to do, but I need a moment to gather myself and de-stress.  I had to be at work by 8:00 a.m. to open the switchboard (our receptionist is on vacation, so we are rotating).  At the same time, I had a lot of work left to do to get my boss off to his deposition this morning, so I was trying to get that done too.  I don't like being that under the gun with things like that.  In other words, I much prefer to get it done further ahead of time, but I did the work as I was given it.  I probably should have come in an hour or two earlier, but I was already tired.

I made myself some scrambled eggs with smoked sausage this morning, but I'm still hungry.  I haven't eaten that much the last couple of days, particularly in the evening, so I think it has built up on me a little.  Last night I decided to try on the skirt I have been wanting to get into.  It is still too tight, but I can zip it up!  I could not before.  One thing about this skirt is it is lined and the lining is tighter than the skirt.  My girls each have one of this same style and they have both cut the lining out of theirs.  But I would prefer it to be lined, so I have been waiting until I get into it.  But it made me feel better to know I really am making some progress.

I have been debating about whether to go to my niece's wedding on my ex-husband's side.  It is at 6:00 tomorrow evening in Waco.  I need to do the rest of the cleaning on my loft to be ready for my party a week from today and I really need to get back to class and church, and I just don't think I want that much to do this weekend.  I also need to buy groceries.  Those things all take a lot of time.  Plus I am already dead tired.  As much as I would like to see some of the my ex-in-laws, I think I am not going to go.  There will be time for that (hopefully) when my daughter gets married.  Of course, his parents are getting up in years and you never know....  I really do not want to see my ex, but that is not why I am not going.  Actually, I had the thought that I could go and be looking toward the past, or I could not go and go to class and church tomorrow and look toward the future.  I think looking toward the future is better for me.  Not that it's all about me.

It's kind of bummer that this is the event I have been preparing for since about June, wanting to make good progress by now.  I have really been trying and sticking to my eating changes and doing more workouts than I had been, anyway, but have not made much progress.  Very discouraging.  There is another wedding coming up next summer, most likely, that I will definitely be seeing my ex and his family at, so I want to be ready for that.  I just hope I get moving better.

I'm getting my hair done this afternoon.  Just in case I do decide to go to the wedding, I want it to look good.  I've been putting it off, as I usually do.

Lunch was a Chicken Walnut Salad at Paradise Bakery.

I'm back from getting my hair done and finally I got the cut I have been wanting.  This is not a great picture, but here's my haircut, front and back.

As the afternoon has gone on, I keep sitting here trying to think of something I want to eat.  In reality, my stomach is not hungry.  Something is triggering that desire to munch.  I have a bad headache for one thing, and it's been going on a couple of days.  I also know I am going to have to stay a little late again tonight and that's a bummer.  I think I am recognizing a trigger there.  I start thinking, I'll have to be here until who knows when, so I want to eat to prevent getting too hungry.  What I need to do is have food at work (for a meal) that I can eat if it does happen.  They do have frozen Atkins dinners, which I'd just as soon not eat for the most part, but it might be good to keep one in the freezer for those nights I have to stay late and don't have anything for dinner.

Although I have never really made the decision to do carb cycling, I do think one day a week I am going to eat a small-moderate amount of carbs.  On that day it might be some fruit with breakfast, or some protein pancakes; possibly something with whole grain pasta for lunch or beans or something added to my salad, some fruit with my snack, and a sweet potato with my dinner.  I will hold back on things with a lot of cheese or creamy salad dressings, etc. on those days to keep the calories in check.  I think this little bit of variety will help.  I am reluctant to eat bread, because I don't know if it would set off any kind of cravings.  I will not eat sweets, because that is something that will always set off cravings for me.  We will see what kind of effect this has on me over the next week.

I had to work more than a little late.  I got off at 8:00.  I was so tired.  I had a piece of smoked sausage for dinner with a piece of cheese wrapped around it.  That was actually pretty good.  I was too tired to fix anything else.  I did eat some dill pickle spears and then had a protein bar (which I had left from last weekend).  That was it for Friday


I lost .8 pound since my last weigh-in.  It's a little frustrating, but at least it is a loss.

Breakfast this morning was another omelet with smoked sausage and some pepper jack cheese, plus this:

I thoroughly enjoyed that peach.

I got out and walked Cas fairly early for a Saturday, but it is supposed to rain.  I didn't have a chance to walk him at all yesterday.  I have chores I need to do today, so I best get to them.  Have a great weekend!

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