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Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Late One

It’s one of those days when I feel tension when I get to work, like I’ve done something wrong.  It always feels like this when I am gone (I left early Friday because of my party).  In this case, I feel it coming from my backup who evidently must have felt weighed down by her work load and having to help me Friday afternoon.  I feel bad that it is that way, but you have to be gone every once in a while.  I also went downstairs this morning for my massage appointment and came back and the work I was doing was taken from my desk and she was working on it.  Somebody must have asked her to do that.  That bothers me too. She hasn’t said a word to me.  And I feel kind of miffed because it is not like I am not here all the time.  And the time I took for my massage appointment is my lunch hour (half of it, the other half of which I don’t take).  But she is feeling like a martyr, or so it feels.  She is really not that way, but things have been hectic lately.  I don’t know what to do except keep sitting here doing my job.

I asked the MT not to work on my throat area this time.  I feel that it has triggered headaches the last few days.  Not that what she is doing isn’t ultimately beneficial.  I just am not coping with the results of it right now and I need a break.  She understood.  It is very difficult to go day after day with a significant headache.  I would call these bad headaches.  Usually they are moderate.  And it feels like it is triggered by the throat area.  So, she worked on my back, upper and lower, and my feet and calves.  I didn’t feel quite as beat up today.
My weight was up a little this morning.  I didn’t feel like I ate too much yesterday, but may have had a lot of sodium.  I certainly know I didn’t gain pounds in one day, so it has to relate to water retention.

Breakfast this morning was one piece of breakfast sausage and a 2-egg omelet with Gouda cheese.  I again did not bring a formal lunch but did bring some almonds and a few of the cocktail sausages left from my party.  Provided I get off on time, I plan to make some pesto stuffed chicken breasts for dinner (recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen).
My headache feels a little better today.  I finally got it to settle down right before bedtime last night.  Otherwise, it hurt quite significantly all day.  It did get to hurting for a while, but I was able to get it under control.

I got my workout done this morning.  30 minutes on the recumbent bike with intervals at a resistance of 6 and 11.  I did arm work with hand weights while I was pedaling on the lesser-resistance intervals.  It was a good workout!  I may have to move up to heavier weights on some of those arm exercises to tax my muscles more.  I think I am using 3-pound weights now, so I probably should try it with 5-pound weights and see how I do.  I want these arms to look as good as they can come May!

 I certainly did not anticipate that I was going to have to work until after 9:00 p.m.  My boss was gone to a deposition all day, but about 5:30 he came back and loaded me down.  And I had a really busy day, even without him there most of the day.  I was getting very hungry toward the end and I didn't want to go home feeling out of control.  I knew I had some celery left in the fridge, but I figured it was no good.  But it was, so I ate the two sticks that were left with some cream cheese.  It helped a lot.  When I got home, I was much too tired to cook.  I had these little sausages I bought (today was all about sausage, I guess) and I had some of that wrapped with cheddar.  That's it.

Now I'm just trying to have a little evening before I go to bed.  I'm beat.

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