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Monday, September 23, 2013

Working Late

Another busy, busy day.  No time to get any thoughts down until late this afternoon.

Despite leaving my phone at work Friday, and never going to pick it up, and thus not having my alarm this morning, I got up pretty much on time.  I was fairly efficient with my use of time and got my workout done, as well as maintenance chores around the loft.  Maintenance is so much easier than starting with a mess.  I went a whole week maintaining pretty well.  That's a step in the right direction.

Getting my food together was pretty easy since I had made a Ham & Swiss Pie yesterday, so had a piece of that for breakfast.  I packed up a quick salad to go with my lunch and brought a serving of one of the meals I prepared yesterday.  I can't remember the exact name of this, but I think it is Green Enchilada Bake.  It had a crust made from cream cheese, eggs and cheddar cheese (with some seasoning) and the filling was seasoned ground beef with green enchilada sauce, green chiles and topped with Monterey Jack cheese.  You prebake the crust, then add the topping and bake until the cheese is melted and bubbly.  It was a little like the chicken casserole I made last week, but different at the same time.  I made an extra salad for tomorrow's lunch, so all I will have to do is grab and go (will likely be the same thing, since I had 8 servings of this to eat).

I am actually kind of hungry by late afternoon.  However, I know I don't have to work late, so I am exercising my resistance muscle and getting used to occasional hunger, as taught in The Beck Diet Solution.  We shouldn't always feel like we need to eat immediately just because we are a little hungry.  Sometimes it is good to wait.  (So she says.)

Dinner will be a little like lunch.  Again, I can't remember the exact name of the recipe, but something like Chicken Monterey.  It is a grilled chicken breast topped with a mixture of sauteed mushrooms and onions, plus some green chiles, with Pepper Jack melted on top.  Can you tell I like Mexican food?  If I don't have that, I will have the leftover pork chop and faux mashed potatoes I made over the weekend.  But I thought I would wait and have that tomorrow to break up my Mexican themed meals a little.  I will either have a veggie kabob or roasted Brussels sprouts with my chicken.

I want to eat a little less this week and see if I can break through from the 250's to the 240's.  It was slow going last time I got to this point and I finally got past it by eating just protein bars some days of that week.  But those protein bars have sugar and too many carbs for me to do that this time.  And the reason it worked was because I ate less calories those days.  Some of my meals this week I probably need to make a little less cheesy this week to hopefully accomplish my goal.  I also need to get more workouts done.  I only got 3 done last week and the week before.

My swim shoes came in.  So I could go to the pool some this week.  Plus I need to do some yoga to keep that going and I could do my Walk & Firm tape and my Arms of Steel DVD.  I don't want to overwhelm myself, but at the same time, I'm tired of being stuck in this "decade" weight-wise.

The weather is really starting to cool off.  I know to you northern folks it won't sound like it, but it was in the low 60's this morning, which in my shorts and t-shirt when I went to walk Cas this morning, felt deliciously cool.  The temp is only in the 80's today and I think is supposed to get up to 91 tomorrow.  That is a lot better than 100's, though, and low 60's every night.  I need to get to walking Cas more now that it is cooling off.  I've been kind of lax on that.  His behavior has improved inside, which used to be the driving incentive to walk him more before (to tire him out so he behaved better).  But he could still use some longer walks.  I keep letting darkness slip up on me in the evenings (or I have to work late).  I have been taking my morning walks a little later because homeless people sometimes sleep in the park where I take Cas and I don't feel entirely comfortable doing that before daylight.  But they don't do that in the colder weather.  I know I walked him in the dark last winter and it didn't bother me a bit.  It's just that issue that creates the concern.  I've never had any problem except being asked for money constantly.  And Cas barks at them when they stop to talk to me, so that is a deterrent, even if he's a small dog.  He's making noise, which calls attention.  I probably should get me some mace.  Ultimately, I would like to have a stun gun -- the kind that will drop someone 15 feet away and incapacitate them.

Well, I was wrong.  I did have to work late.  It's 7:40 and I'm still here.  Still haven't eaten anything either.  That means I'm going to go with what's already ready when I get home.  Hopefully not too much longer.  Probably won't get an evening workout done.  That's the way it goes sometimes.

Monday, I'm ready for you to be over!


  1. Although your Monday didn't go as planned, hopefully the rest of your week will be to your linking! The meals that you mentioned sound good! Hopefully you can find the name of them because I would really like to give them a try :)

    1. See today's post, Kyanna, and I will give everyone the info on the recipe and where I've been getting these. Everyone I have tried has been awesome.


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