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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weigh-In Day

Well, I lost a pound this week.  I had dropped lower than that yesterday, but I think I am retaining water.  I was puffy last night and actually thought about taking a diuretic, but I'm glad I didn't because I had some leg cramps last night.  Besides, that is just manipulating the scale.  Whatever I have lost I have lost and little tricks like that don't change things.

Breakfast this morning was basically the same.  I did add some peppers and onions to my omelet (I think I need to bring in some vegetables at breakfast too, and that's pretty much all I had to put in eggs).  I had bacon with my omelet.

I was feeling that old (psychological) paralysis this morning.  I was dealing with the usual pain and had a significant headache, which I assumed was from lack of caffeine.  I needed to walk Cas, particularly, because I didn't walk him yesterday since I had to be to work early and I worked until 8:30 p.m.  He was whining non-stop, but I just wanted to wait until my head stopped hurting.  I finally got up and walked him and that seemed to break things loose a little.  I am learning that when I feel that way, getting up and doing something -- anything -- helps. 

Honestly, when I feel like this, I totally identify with the symptoms they talk about on that Abilify (sp?) commercial.  I do think it is depression, but I don't want to take any more medication than I already do.  Too much cortisol can lead to depression, so I think continuing to deal with that is the answer. 

This is my 6th day off of SF Red Bull and I still am getting a headache at times.  Of course, I have a headache so often, it is hard to know.  But I felt like this one was caffeine.  My MT suggested a liver cleanse to get all that out of me.  She said to drink 1/4 cup cranberry juice, the juice of 1/2 a lemon and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day for a month.  She said is tastes like "ass" but it works.  (I only had white vinegar before I went to the store, and honestly, it didn't taste bad.  Just very tart.)  My concern with it was the carbs.  I checked to see if it had so many carbs it would spike my blood sugar.  It came up to 3.7 carbs, which is not bad.  I think I will try it.  My only concern is that while I am detoxing, I will feel so bad I won't be able to function.  I have been on pain meds for years.  But my MT said once I get my liver cleansed, I will likely lose weight more efficiently because it is the liver that metabolizes fat.  So I think I will try it.  Hopefully the worst of the symptoms will be over in the first 3 or 4 days.  If I start today, I can do part of that over the weekend.

I wasn't hungry for snack at the time, so lunch was a combination of my lunch and my snack.  I had the rest of the chicken salad I made yesterday, wrapped in lettuce leaves, and some small, sweet peppers with jalapeno cream cheese.  Those peppers are so sweet!  And I thought it made a pretty plate (photographer I am not):

 I got out and did my grocery shopping, which I always overdo.  I'm not good at buying for one person.  I will have to keep myself on a strict plan to make sure I use all the fresh vegetables I bought before they go bad.  I probably have enough meat for almost a month.  I guess that's okay; I'll just buy less next paycheck.  With having to make out a food plan every day and not wanting to stray from it, hopefully I will do better about this kind of thing.

I am having trouble getting over this feeling of being overwhelmed.  I am trying to think why.  It just seems to be impossible to do everything I need to do and still rest up for the work week.  I think part of it is I don't take enough time off.  I can't remember when I have had a whole week off and I am ready for one.  I need to do things like get the oil changed on my car, get it detailed, take some things to Goodwill, not to mention cleaning, etc.  I want to get my schedule more like a smooth-running engine.  Maintaining is the key.  Just like with your weight after you get to goal, you can't relax and say you are done.  You have to work to keep it that way.  It is the same with me and all the tasks of my life.  I again think a big part of my problem is watching too much television.  I have to learn to get on a good routine where I do certain things at certain times.  Then when I am done, I can watch a little TV, if I want to.  I need to put myself on a schedule that I stick to.  Of course I haven't been consistent about doing the 30 consecutive minutes of cleaning each day that I had made a goal.  It is so difficult to keep focused on everything at once. Arrrrgh.  I know I will feel better if I can get everything running more smoothly.  So I am going to try to do that this week.  30 minutes a day.  I can do that.

I didn't have my snack until I got home from the store, and I was hungry.  Snack was 1/4 cup mixed nuts.  For dinner tonight I am making a low-carb version of chicken enchiladas.  It is basically like the chicken with the sauce and cheese, and no tortillas in it.  Gotta love Atkins.  With that I am having roasted Brussels sprouts.

I haven't brought in all the groceries yet.  That is going to require multiple trips to my car, going through 3 different doors.  It is a pain.  But really, it's no further than when I lived in a house -- just more doors to navigate through.  I always wish I had help to bring them in, but at least I am burning calories as I do it.

I was just investigating the possibility of being part of a health food coop here in Dallas.  I found one that offers grass fed beef, pastured chicken, etc.  But everything is so expensive.  I would like to get to where I am buying that quality of food, but I'm not where I need to be financially enough right now to be able to do it.  But I will when I can.

With all my reading on PTSD and cortisol, etc., I ordered a supplement for my daughter to see if it might help with her bottomed-out energy.  I just talked to her and she said she thought it was working.  She is starting to feel better!  Yay!!!  I couldn't even tell you what the supplement is at this moment, but this is so encouraging.  She is also going to do the liver cleanse.  She was diagnosed with fatty liver a while back and I read that 80% of the body's thyroid function occurs in the liver (not sure if I said that correctly, but you get the idea).  So, even if your thyroid level is sufficient, it might not be doing the work it is supposed to if the liver is overloaded.  I think this will be a great thing for her too.  I also read that some people drink this cocktail (described above) all the time -- once a day -- to maintain good health.  I think that is a good idea, if it works.  For now, I have to take these pain meds and hopefully it will help with the buildup there and possibly make it easier when I get off of them.  I will probably have increased aches and pains while detoxing, however.

Speaking of which, I took a step while bringing in groceries and had a big spasm in my back.  Time for some cat/cow stretching.  ;)

That's it for today.  I'm getting my dinner going and picking up around the loft, and taking some rest breaks in between.  Have to walk Cas in a few minutes too.  No formal workout today, but I bet I have had enough steps to count as one today, not to mention all the lifting.  Happy Saturday!


  1. Your plate looks good. And losing a pound is better than not losing a pound at all :)

  2. You are so right, Kyanna. I am just happy to be moving again!


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