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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sore from Swimming

I may have overdone at the pool yesterday.  I did a lot of stretching, and I could take it farther than normal because I was in the water.  My back is a little upset with me, and I felt it right after that.  Not a big flare-up or anything.  My feet are bothering me too.  Do they have supportive water shoes you can buy?  Surely I am not the only one with this problem.  Actually my feet started bothering me a little more when I walked down to the gym Friday evening and wore my orthotic flip-flops instead of my athletic shoes.  When they are already trying to flare up, those are just not enough.

I weighed at the gym yesterday afternoon, and I weighed less then than I did first thing in the morning without clothes (except my little nighty I wear).  It seems like my scale has been different since I replaced the batteries in it some time ago -- it has weighed me heavier.  I don't know if it is "wrong," but it didn't seem consistent with what it was before, which is what I was looking for.  My weight had dropped some more on my scale this morning, however.  :)

My dog does not like my new recliner.  It is not a roomy chair like the other one and he feels like there is no room for him.  I do like it much better for the space, though.  And I can pull it out easily when I make my bed, which makes that a lot easier.  Otherwise, it was closed in on three sides.  I was a little concerned when I saw the chair in person that it was not big enough for my bottom, but it was.  I am not as big as I used to be.  I put it together myself -- not too difficult, thank goodness.  I have always done that kind of thing, even when married.  I think I was better at it because I actually read instructions, lol.

I have a lot to do today and tomorrow.  I didn't necessarily plan to do this this weekend, but I would like to get the loft all the way clean, so then I just have to maintain during the week.  If it happens, that's great; if not, I will keep working at it as I have been.  I just want to keep busy with it.  I was pretty productive yesterday, but it does not show yet.  I had to take some things apart to bomb for bugs, and get out of the house for a bit, plus I brought the chair home and put it together and that took some time.  I do try to take breaks when pain levels are up -- my back gets to hurting -- and I think there is nothing wrong with that.  I just don't want to have largely sedentary days, and I did not do that yesterday at all.

I am supposed to have a meal with all of my kids today, so we will do that sometime.  I'd like to get some things done first, though.


I'm not sure what I did when I was swimming yesterday, but of all the body parts to be sore, it is my hands.  My forearms too.  I'm not sure if some nerves are stirred up in my neck that are affecting my arms or not, but my hands are sore enough it hurts to hold my book for very long when I am reading.  Go figure.  :)

My loft is getting cleaner.  Hopefully I can get the rest done tomorrow to have it in really good shape.

I did have a meal out with all my kids.  I can't even remember the name of the restaurant, but Jacob suggested it because he had wanted to try it.  He works at a nice steakhouse in Arlington and he said the chef at the restaurant we went to today was in competition with the chef where he works to get the job at his restaurant.  We all agreed we liked the food much better at the place Jacob works.  I had some skewered shrimp, a mushroom hash (pretty much all vegetables) and sautéed squash and onions.  I didn't care for the squash that much.  I usually love squash, especially cooked with onions, but this was seasoned with dill, we think, and too much lemon.  But I ate it.  I have overeaten today.  It has not been on really bad things -- I didn't carb out, really -- it was on things I can eat -- just too much of them.  I've kind of paid for it with an upset digestive system this evening.  Cas needed a good walk tonight, but I was afraid to leave the house with my stomach acting the way it was.  I'm not doing that tomorrow.  It's not worth it.

I plan to do my regular workouts tomorrow, even though I will be off my routine.  I find this really challenging, so I will have to push myself.

That's it for today.  So glad tomorrow is a holiday!

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