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Friday, September 27, 2013

Practicing Being Hungry

Setting that 5:15 alarm did the trick.  In fact, I got up before it went off.  Just knowing it was going to happen kept me from falling back asleep   There was plenty of time to get stuff done this morning.

I am going into the weekend with things in decent shape at my loft.  That means two weeks of maintaining in the books.  It feels good.  I agreed to have a jewelry party at my loft on Friday the 11th.  It is such a big step for me to invite people into my home.  I will want it to be in as good of shape as I can get it.  So I will be working on it this weekend and next.  When I signed my new lease at my loft, they raised my rent.  I came back at them to see if they would keep it the same, just to see if they would.  They would not because everyone gets a 3% raise in rent each year.  But they did offer me two free housekeeping sessions.  So I might use one of those next week (hopefully Friday during the day) to get things all polished up.  I wonder how Cas will react to that, lol.

Despite dropping down to 251 earlier in the week, this morning I am in the 252 range.  I hate it when that happens.  I want to keep my calories down, since tomorrow is weigh-in.  For breakfast, I had breakfast sausage and an omelet, but instead of two sausage patties, I just had one.  I probably should do that every time.  I am chugging the water this morning, partly to help me feel fuller.  Lunch is going to be another serving of the Chicken Monterey I had yesterday, with a side salad.  This evening I want to have another veggie besides salad, because salad dressing twice in a day can bump up the calories.

I really want to bump up my exercise a little (as in add some strength training), but it's difficult with working late so often right now.  That is a goal for next week, but I will be flexible and forgiving of myself if my work schedule does not allow it.  I am planning to go to the gym tomorrow, though, and I plan to do a strength training workout, as well as some cardio -- possibly swimming.  As hard as it is to make my weight move right now, I feel like I have to add a little more to the mix.  Of course, just doing my usual workout more consistently should make a difference (as in 5 times a week instead of 3 times).  I have 4 so this week, and will get one tomorrow.

I need to get back to class and church.  People have been concerned about me.  I had been so overwhelmed, I just felt like adding one thing back to my schedule would make me crack under the pressure.  But this is a positive thing to add back.  I have to train myself to not get so overwhelmed by doing extra things away from home besides work.  I need to be with other people and I need the strengthening my faith brings.  Not that I don't practice my faith outside of church.  It is an integral part of my life, but church adds a dimension nothing else can.  My plan is to go Sunday morning.

I am trying to schedule lunch dates for my boss with various people next month and there are almost no dates available.  Between hearings, meetings and other lunches scheduled, it's tough!  It should let up some after the end of October for our work schedules.  We have to be ready for trial by the end of October, although the trial date itself was moved to January.  But none of the other dates associated with preparation for trial were moved.  That's why we have the crunch now.  I hope I can take a week off in November, although there is another case that will start amping up some then.

I am hungrier than usual this morning.  I have some pork rinds in my desk, but the sodium might affect my weigh-in, so I want to stay away from that today.  On top of being hungry, someone brought bagels from Einstein's today.  I'm not overly tempted, but I have to admit that sounds good.  I can hold out for lunch, though.

When lunchtime got here, I got my salad and was warming up my chicken when Jerry came in and called me to work in his office.  Darn!  So I had to wait a bit to get to eat it.  But I did, and I made it and it was fine.  Maybe I won't get hungry as soon now.

I am having a significant sciatica flare-up.  I don't know if it is the work we did at massage therapy yesterday, or a delayed reaction from the treadmill workout, or what.  I've been having quite a bit of hip issues, but now am having the radiating pain.  Ouch, that hurts!  But, you know what?  I can walk and I am thankful for that, even if it does hurt.  A few months ago, walking was pretty difficult and, at times, almost impossible.  So I'll take a little pain as I work more and more toward my goal.  I went to an empty office and did some yoga cat/cow stretches in hopes that would help something release.  Nothing yet.  I would have been really embarrassed if someone walked in on me.

I am planning my snacks for my jewelry party on the 11th.  I am going to have options for most anyone.  I'm going to make a hot artichoke dip that is low-carb, and I will have chips to dip in it, but also celery sticks and any other veggie I can think of that might be good.  I am also thinking about some bacon wrapped jalapenos with cream cheese.  I think I will have a cheese tray, too, along with some fresh fruit and a little bowl of candy corn, since the consultant is planning a kind of Halloween theme.  I'm not big on Halloween, but I'm sure it will be fun for everyone who likes that kind of thing.

My radiating pain did not improve throughout the day.  At least I got off nearly on time -- 6:20.  I got pretty hungry this afternoon.  I did eat 4 pieces of the pork rind at one time (which was not much).  But later I kept remembering that I needed to practice letting myself be hungry and knowing that I was not going to die (lol) and it would dissipate after a while.  It never did, but I made it until I got home.  I was feeling very hungry by that time and ate a cheese stick while my dinner was cooking.

Dinner is the other hamburger patty from last night, except I am adding some bacon to it.  I am so hungry, I don't think just the sirloin patty will be enough.  I am waiting for my Brussels sprouts to finish roasting and then will put it all together and eat.

Then, I'm going to go walk Cas, in spite of the pain, and I might spend some time in the hot tub this evening, if I feel like it.  But I might just rather hang around my loft.  We will see.

That's it for today.  Have a great weekend!

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