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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Off the Wagon and On Again

I was frustrated yesterday.  My weight was back in the 253 range.  I have to admit I totally fell off the wagon, including eating sugar.  I did learn something.  I didn't take a bite of anything and think, oh my goodness, that's what I have been wanting.  Nothing tasted that good to me.  The sugar I ate was jelly beans.  Me and jelly beans go way back.  I love them.  I did have to fight the rest of the day going to get some more -- just today, of course, was what I told myself.  But I knew if I got more yesterday, it would be easier to get more today, and off I would go.  So, I'm back today, doing what I know to do.  I got on the scale this morning and weighed exactly the same as yesterday.  But it may take my body a few days to get back to fat burning instead of carb burning.

I had a lot I wanted to get done this weekend.  I want my loft to be in good shape when I have guests on the 11th.  I got my closet in good shape.

It wasn't bad.  The bag is stuff I am collecting to give away.  The chair is a shower chair that I hate to give away because my daughter could need it again and it's the only chair in the house that is not bar height, so I need a chair to climb on to reach something, I use this one.  I have to walk through my closet to get to my bathroom, so it can't be all cluttery on the floor.  But the shelves were looking a little jumbled and I hung the clothes more neatly, etc.  I know people will want the whole tour, so everything needs to be tidy.  It would be nice to have one more closet in this place, but I just have the one.  It's fairly big, but I could use more.  I have stuff stored in my shower stall in one bathroom, since I don't use it.  I usually take a bath, and if I want to shower, there is one in that bathroom too.  I need to organize that too.

I was feeling kind of down on myself for not getting more done yesterday.  One thing I did was I bombed for fleas again.  That meant I had to get me and the pets out of the house for quite a while.  So I had to cut myself some slack.  I can't be doing cleaning in the loft if I am out.  I am going to bomb again next weekend too and hope that will take care of things once and for all.

To take care of the flea problem, I also have to treat my dog and my cat.  I have been trying to do that, but nothing is working with the problem I have in the loft.  I asked at Petsmart what was the best stuff to get.  They said K9 Advantix and the equivalent for cats.  A box of K9 Advantix cost me $84!!!!  And the one for my cat was $60 something.  But I have to get this taken care of once and for all.  Once I get the problem taken care of, I don't think I will have a problem.  Cas is not outside that much and the cat is totally an indoor cat.  The problem came with me from my old house -- long story I think I've told before.

So, my focus today will be on getting more done in the loft.  I need to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning -- wiping down cabinets and appliances, etc.  Otherwise, it was not in bad shape.  I also want to shampoo my rugs, and again next week, so everything is fresh and clean when people come over.  And give the floors a good cleaning.  I will wax them next weekend.

If you walked into my house right now, you wouldn't think I had been doing much work.  Sometimes you make mess to clean up mess.  Guess it's time to distribute those things where they go.


Things are starting to look really nice around here.  I've been working off and on all day.  As is often the case, once I get going, it's hard to stop.  I am feeling so much better about my housekeeping and the atmosphere of my home.  It is so much more peaceful and I feel so much better about myself.  I will keep doing this and that until bedtime, in between watching episodes of Castle.  I have seen these episodes before, but I did not see them in sequence and they make so much more sense to me now.  I love that show.

My eating has been great today.  No problem getting back on track.  The only thing not so good was I drank a Diet 7-Up.  I don't want to make that an everyday thing again.  I haven't done a workout, but at least I have stayed busy all weekend and haven't been a couch potato.  The progress I have made on the loft should leave me more free to do workouts this week.   I know all my talk about housekeeping doesn't seem like it has anything to do with a weight loss blog, but these things are all tied together for me.  It's all part of the metamorphosis I am going through.

That's it for tonight.  Have a great week everyone.

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