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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lowering Your Cortisol Levels

I overslept again this morning.  Gah!  I know you're probably thinking, why can't she get a handle on this.  But you have to remember that I am having to take a muscle relaxant, which makes it much easier to oversleep.  Plus I was extremely tired from working 13 hours Monday and then the workout last evening.  So, instead of 5:15, I got up at about 6:00.

The good news is, I did my workout!  I always need a few minutes to work some stiffness out in the morning.  The morning is my highest pain time, typically.  But I got on the recumbent bike at a little before 6:20.  I thought, even if I just do 15 minutes, that's better than nothing.  But, as usual, once I get going, I'm okay, so I did my full 30 minutes doing intervals.  My legs felt very tired when I started, but it got better and, actually, that's a pretty good way to work some kinks out.

I spent a few minutes trying to talk myself out of doing one this morning.  I thought, I'll do one tonight.  But I never know when I am going to get off and we have a deposition in the office today.  Plus, I have much better energy in the morning typically.  I knew if I didn't get it done this morning, there was a good chance I wouldn't do it today.  So, it is done and if I don't do any more formal exercise today, at least I have done that.

The scale was down this morning.  I am at 251.  So, a little more than a pound more and I am in the 240's.  I did do the colon cleanse on the weekend.  I took what they tell you to take before you have a colonoscopy (I have never had one).  That was fun.  It made no difference on my weight Monday morning.  I'm actually kind of glad for that.  I feel like what I am doing this week is working and that it is not just the cleanse that is doing it.  Even if that played a part, it will help me psychologically to finally move out of the 250's.  This is a very tough spot for me to move past, it seems.  I totally forgot to do my liver cleanse drink yesterday and this morning.  I may have forgotten Monday too.  But I have read it should work better after a colon cleanse.  I hope things will start moving better now, weight-wise.  I am eating less and still feeling pretty satisfied.  I have to be careful that I am eating enough carbs.  I am getting leg cramps, which sometimes happens on a low-carb diet.  I need to make sure to take my potassium/magnesium supplement every day, which will help with that.  But I also tend to have withdrawal symptoms if I do not eat enough carbs.  Since I am not eating snacks, for the most part, I need to make sure I get enough with my 3 meals.

Cas is whining for a walk, so I'm going to go walk him and then get ready for work.  More later.


Another busy day at work.  My pain is up a little today.  That is probably from the treadmill workout.  I don't feel like I triggered anything; I'm just sore and stiff.  My legs are feeling it today.  But the more I get into the day, the more I am feeling it, so I am thinking treadmill is not a good option for a while.  Maybe when I get some more weight off.  Carrying weight in my lower abdomen pulls my back more out of alignment (the spondylolisthesis).

Breakfast was the last of the Ham & Swiss Pie.  I'll have to cook tomorrow and Friday morning.  I didn't bring any lunch today.  I could have brought some more Green Enchilada Bake, but I think I need to give that a rest.  I was trying to decide where to go get a salad, and I decided on Salata, where I can have one made up to my specifications.  Those can get a little expensive, but they are good.  I am trying not to eat a main dish salad as often, because the amount of salad dressing pushes up the calories a lot.  But without a snack, I think I am all right.

I ended up having a snack, though.  I got hungry late afternoon and I have to work late, so I went downstairs and got some jerky.  I got a big (individual) package, and the whole thing has 130 calories, so not bad.

I was reading on how to lower your cortisol levels, and I realized I am doing a lot of what they recommend.  Just a few more tweaks, and I should be making some good progress.  I am betting watching murder who-done-its is probably not the greatest thing, although I always enjoy the puzzle of figuring them out.  And I have never been one who gets fearful over these kinds of things.  One thing on the list was listening to music, so I want to do more of that.  I need to develop my relaxation ritual, every night, even for just 15 minutes.  Massage therapy was on the list, as well as yoga (this kind of exercise is better than, say, running because running increases your heart rate which can raise cortisol levels; not that you shouldn't run).  Getting enough sleep is a big one.  Drinking black tea is also good (something in the tea is good for that -- like the English people's ritual of afternoon tea).  Making changes to your diet is first on the list, including reducing caffeine and eliminating processed foods.  Drinking enough water and getting enough fish oil is on the list.  The last one is laughing -- being with a friend who makes you laugh, watching a funny movie or listening to a funny story.  I'm doing much better on a lot of these.  I guess I'll have to drink hot tea this winter.

One thing I am doing for myself is keeping my house cleaner.  It really makes me feel more peaceful.

I finally got to go home at about 8:20.  I had been planning to pick up some dinner at Iron Cactus.  But it was so late, I decided to just eat another serving of leftovers and leave it at that.  It's a good thing I worked out this morning!

I'm going to do a little picking up and head to bed in a bit.  I need to stay well rested.  We're over the hump!


  1. Sounds like you're doing great and dealing with everything pretty well! You have a lot of great suggestions. I have heard of taking fish oil too. Maybe I should try it. The ham and swiss pie sounds good. I agree that sleep is very important. When I don't get enough sleep it does affect my weight loss. And the same with keeping the house clean!!!

  2. It's tough when you are working 55 hours per week and trying to get everything else done! I hope you are dong well, Holly!

  3. Did you think you would drop weight with a colon cleanse? Just curious about that one! And good for you getting those 30 minutes in! :D

    1. If you were really full of poop you would! My daughter can do one and drop a few, but she has the problem with blockages, so sometimes she gets backed up. :) I know I can say it like it is with you, Biz.


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