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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Clothes Are Looser


Things have gotten pretty busy and I am pretty covered up at work.  I kind of like it that way, but I am tired.  I overslept this morning.  I have been having consistent headaches again.  I have been thinking they were related to getting off the SF Red Bulls, but it has been long enough now, I think, where that shouldn't be an issue.  I haven't been taking my muscle relaxants regularly (I don't like to, because they make me drag), and I told myself I was going to remember that if I started getting steady ones again.  The muscle relaxant seems to help more than anything.  I would rather drag than wake up with a headache every day.  I need to work on some more of my stretching exercises on my own and see if I can coax them to ease up.  Plus that is good for stress relief.

I was wanting carbs this morning.  I think it is more of a comfort thing than anything.  I googled whether it was an okay thing to take a day off from Atkins every once in a while, and didn't get the answer I would have liked.  Most people say not to because then you are off and it leads to more compromising, etc., etc.  I wasn't talking about a whole day of eating whatever I wanted; just one carby treat.  But I won't do it.  The scale is moving gradually, my clothes are getting looser, so why would I want to mess that up?  The emotional feelings I was having this morning will pass.

I had breakfast earlier than usual (I was hungry).  I had the last of the Ham and Swiss Pie.  It is sooo good.  I am going to have to make it again soon.  Next time I might make it with ground pork sausage.  But I don't know, that would make it higher calorie and it is so good the way it is.

I didn't quite get all my meals together and packed this morning.  The only thing I lack is a veggie, so I will go downstairs and get a side salad.  I brought my own, homemade salad dressing.  Snack was 2 dill pickle spears, each wrapped in a slice of cheese and a piece of deli ham.  That was pretty good.  I like it better than with just the ham.

I did not work out this morning.  I know.  It was the oversleeping and the pounding headache.  :(

Lunch today is leftover Korean Meatballs with the side salad mentioned above.  Cooking ahead makes everything easy.  I just needed to make some veggies.  I am hopeful I will not have to work so late tonight, but I am not holding my breath.  My boss' schedule is very packed, and we have to take moments to work together every chance we get.

I found something that might help with my cravings.  I found a recipe for Atkins vanilla ice cream  It is made with Stevia and has only 3.8 grams of carbohydrate.  Maybe this will fulfill that need for a treat every once in a while.

I was thinking about these cravings that I am having on occasion.  I got to wondering if it was because I needed to move on to the next phase of Atkins.  Here is what I found on the website:

Move to OWL (ongoing weight loss) if . . .

  • You’re already within 15 pounds of your goal weight. It’s important for you to move on to learn a new, permanent way of eating.
  • You’re bored with your current food choices.
  • You’ve been in Induction for several months and are more than halfway to your goal.

You may choose to stay in Induction if . . .

  • You still have more than 30 pounds to lose.

You should stay in Induction for now if . . .

  • You still have a large amount of weight to lose.
  • You’re still struggling with carb cravings.
  • You’ve not been fully compliant with Induction.
  • You still have elevated blood sugar or blood pressure levels.
  • Your weight loss is slow and you aren’t physically active.
So, there is my answer.  I need to stay right where I am.  I don't know why I am still having carb cravings, except for issues I have already addressed.  I stopped the Atkins bars because of that (and that is not even something they say you need to do).  I stopped drinking Red Bull Total Zero and they don't tell you not to have artificial sweeteners.  I haven't been cheating on too many carbs.  I have cut back my calories a bit.  Perhaps the cravings are more emotional than anything.  I know they were today.  And those are a little easier for me to push away.  I really am not having trouble giving in to the cravings, I just have them sometimes.  I guess other people do too, as many fall off the program.

I went to talk to my friend at work about my struggles and she had some bad news about her dog and was crying. I felt so bad to be complaining about craving carbs at a time like that. But I didn't know.

I'm telling you, I don't know if I am coming or going half of the time.  I sent out some bills to be paid for my boss using his card number, the expiration date of which is 06/13.  I remember thinking, oh this will expire soon.  It didn't even register with me that it is already past June.  I know it's because I have so much on my mind.

Snack this afternoon was celery with organic peanut butter.


I just wasn't up to finishing my post last night when I got home.  I didn't work very late, but I was really tired.  I kept nodding off while watching television.

Dinner was brisket.  I didn't have any veggies ready, and didn't feel like fixing them, so I didn't.  But then I ate some nuts later.  Not a lot, but I should have had the veggie instead.  I felt like I was carb crashing because I was feeling withdrawal symptoms.  But I had had all my medication, so it wasn't that.  And I have felt that way a couple of other times when I had not had enough carbs.  The nuts seemed to help a little.  I took a warm bath and went to bed.

I got up with a reasonable amount of energy this morning and was actually pretty productive.  I got my workout done and a few chores done, so that felt good.  I decided that today I was just going to eat meals and not snacks, since I am two days away from weigh-in.  I made sure I was good and satisfied at each meal, with breakfast and lunch, although I got a little empty during the afternoon.

Breakfast was pork sausage and scrambled eggs with spinach and feta cheese, which I topped with a little pico de gallo.  Work was so busy, I didn't have time to think about not having a snack.  It was not a problem at all.  Lunch was Green Enchilada Chicken Casserole and a salad.  My carb cravings are much better today -- no problem.  Thank goodness.  Maybe I didn't eat enough yesterday.  I didn't count them up, but knew I was not overdoing.

If there was any doubt before, there is no doubt today that my clothes are getting looser and I am getting thinner.  The pants I have on today were already a little big, but today they are bordering on being too big to wear.  And the shirt is looking looser too.  I got down below the weight I am at now a few months ago, but I don't ever remember this shirt looking this loose.  But maybe I just don't remember.  I know one way to tell -- soon I will try on a dress I had gotten down to before and see how it is fitting.  Perhaps I am losing differently this way and more fat is being taken from my belly.  I'll be just fine with that!

I have maintained the tidiness of my loft all week and that definitely makes home feel better.  Maintaining is so much easier than cleaning up a mess.  I have more cleaning to do -- dusting, etc. -- but at least things are not cluttered up (at least by my standards).  :)  I still have too much stuff in some ways and need to purge.  But not like sitting around with no place to put it.  Mostly decorative stuff that I have out because I had it already and just found a place for it.  It would probably look better for me to streamline it a little.

I had my massage today.  I am pretty sore from what she has been doing.  It is all for the greater good, but that doesn't mean you don't feel it.  Sometimes I feel like I've had a workout when she gets done -- I just feel all wrung out.  She is going to be out of town until next Thursday, and I am kind of glad I will have the break to work through some of the soreness.  I am doing this to get better, and it is discouraging sometimes to be hurting more than before I did it.  But that is because I am stretching more than I have in a long time.  The muscles have to heal after doing that.  I need to work more during the week on stretching on my own.  The more I stretch (safely), the more things are going to stay in better condition.  I do think I am going to go back to using my neck collar (from my surgery) when I sleep.  I seem to be waking up hurting more.  I am sleeping flat on my back with a neck pillow and not moving in a weird way, but sometimes my head goes to the side and stays that way for too long and that makes me hurt.

Today is an extremely busy day.  I definitely earned my paycheck today.  And I wouldn't be surprised if I took 10,000 steps just at work today.  I'm beat.  I was hungry when I got home at 7:00, but not out of control hungry.  I cooked some hamburger patties with cheese melted on them and roasted some broccoli.  I needed something easy but filling.

That's it for tonight.


  1. Yaay for looser clothes! That's a much more satisfying barometer of success than scale numbers, IMO.

    Morning carb-love is one of the reasons the low-carb lifestyle never worked for me for any length of time. I love my oatmeal and yogurt! :)

    1. For me, the more I eat carbs, the more I want them. I just notice it more now since I am not giving in. I think most of my cravings are emotionally based. That was what I always comforted myself with -- especially sweets. I have to learn a new way to do that.


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