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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Evening Workout

Monday Evening

Well, it's 10:00 and I just got home.  I had taken an extra portion of what I had for lunch today just in case I had a late night this week.  I didn't expect to need it tonight because my boss left at 2:00 and wasn't coming back.  And he didn't.  But I had to help an associate get a Motion for Summary Judgment filed in my boss's name.  At least the paycheck is going to be better for the next couple of times.

As I said, I had another serving of the Green Enchilada Bake for dinner.  Since it so late, I'm going to just let it go at that and save the calories.  Wasn't I saying I wanted to eat less this week?  Perfect opportunity.  (Actually, I had a few walnuts (just a few) because I was feeling like I had not eaten enough carbs and was starting to crash.  It brings on these withdrawal type feelings, which would make it hard to sleep.)

I'm tired, but I would like to have a little bit of an evening.  Plus my pets are all excited with me just getting home, so they probably won't settle down very well just yet.  My dog just won't eat.  He acts like he feels fine and he certainly wants my food and he wants his treats when we go walk (which is the only time I give them to him, for the most part).  I guess he will eat when he gets hungry enough.

I probably will go in to work a little late tomorrow.  I'm not going to want to get up at 5:15.


Well, I didn't go to work late.  I was afraid someone would need something for the hearing this morning and nobody would be here.  Sure enough, when I got here at about 8:45, I was the first one from our group here.

Since a couple of you have asked about some recipes I have been making, I thought I would share the info about where I am getting them.  These are for a low-carb diet, which is NOT a low-fat diet.  The recipe I mentioned yesterday was called Green Enchilada Bake.  I am getting the recipes from a site called Linda's Low-Carb Menus & Recipes.  The Green Enchilada Chicken Casserole I made last week was from this site, as well as the stuffed mushrooms, the Korean meatballs last week, the pork chops I made over the weekend, and the Green Enchilada Bake.  Everything I have tried has been awesome.  I think making different things is crucial for Atkins because you could get bored pretty easy.

I still crave carbs occasionally.  I realized yesterday what would do it for me.  I miss fruit.  When I am off of sugar, fruit is what satisfies me.  I am thinking about having 1 low-carb fruit on the weekend, which would give me something to look forward to.  And I could do that without spiking my blood sugar too much.  Something like a peach or some blackberries.  I cannot imagine that would be bad for me.  I will not eat the fruit by itself.  It will be after a meal or paired with something like cheese or peanut butter.  After I get to the next phase, I can have fruit more regularly, but I think this will help.  If I am craving something, I can tell myself I can have the fruit on the weekend.

Breakfast this morning was the Ham & Swiss Pie.  It's easy -- just warm it up.  That's good on mornings like this.

Work is still busy, busy.  However, my boss says he is leaving at 5:00 because he wants to work out.  I just might leave early too, so I can go work out.  It would be the perfect opportunity to go to the gym and I could be home by my usual (or supposed to be usual) time to get home (around 6:00).  I still have not tried the rowing machine and I could also swim, since I got my pool shoes.  I really wanted to get more workouts this week and try to push past the 250's.

I set a goal in about June to be down to around 220 by the wedding that is on October 5.  I weighed pretty much what I do now.  And I have worked pretty consistently since I set that goal several months ago.  I thought it would be "no problem" to at least get below 230.  But it has gotten very difficult to make the scale move.  I have not binged in I can't remember when -- since I got off of sugar, which was on June 24.  During the last few weeks of WW, in spite of staying within my points limit, and going under a number of days, I gained weight.  That has never happened to me before.  I think I can chalk that up to age (being post-menopausal) and, from what I have learned, stress and increased cortisol levels.  That is one reason I did not feel bad about opting to get a little more sleep this morning instead of getting up for a workout.  Lack of sleep and stress have a real effect on being able to lose weight.  Hopefully I will be able to get the workout done this evening.  Just because my boss says he is leaving at 5:00, I have learned not to count on that.  But I feel fairly positive he will.

My puppy-dog finally decided to eat.  I guess he figured out I wasn't going to give him anything else, so he ate the cat's food and his food too, in that order.  I knew he had to be hungry.  I am feeding him what he has been eating for quite a while, but he suddenly started turning his nose up at it.  It was hard not to fix him some kind of alternative, but then he sure wouldn't go back to eating his own food.  Walking him more would help his appetite (and help him to not be so picky), I am sure.

Okay, I've okayed it with my boss and I am leaving in just a few minutes (it's 5:00).  I wish I had my gym clothes with me so I wouldn't have to get my dog all excited that I'm home and then leave again.  I wish I weren't so empathetic.  He will be fine.  I just feel like I leave him enough and it's hard to leave him more, but taking care of myself is important and I feel like if I don't go to the gym, I probably won't get a workout done.  So I'm off!


It's 7:42 and I am done with my workout, dinner and walking Cas.  And my legs feel like they need a break.  I didn't do the rowing machine.  There were a lot of people there and, since I had never done it, I felt self-conscious.  I got on the treadmill and set the time for 20 minutes.  I started out slow with only a little incline.  I kept bumping up the incline until I got to 4 and left it there for a while.  My max speed was 3.2.  I know that is slow, but that's where I am right now.  Walking on the treadmill is a little difficult with my hip and leg issues.  I'm really feeling that "waddling gait" associated with spondylolisthesis.  My hips feel like they don't want to move and my legs feel very heavy, for lack of a better way to describe it.  I kept my heart rate in my target range.  After 20 minutes, the treadmill started into cool-down, but I decided to keep going, so bumped it up again.  I went 30 minutes with little problem except the feeling described above.  I didn't work up that much of a sweat, but the air was blowing on me.  My face was good and red when I got done.

So, I had a 10-minute walk to the gym, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and 10 minutes home.  I was feeling pretty empty by that time.  I ate a salad I had already prepared and another serving of Green Enchilada Bake.  I was thinking I would have something else, but I was too tired and hungry to fix it.  As soon as I finished dinner, I got up and walked Cas, so that was at least another 20 minutes of walking.  So I think I have done pretty well today.  By the way, I like the scales at the gym much better than mine.  They weighed me about the same as what I weighed this morning on mine, with it being the end of the day and more clothes on.  There is at least a pound difference, maybe more than that.  I have always felt like mine weighed me heavier after changing the batteries.

It feels good to have gotten my workout in, even though I didn't do it this morning.  And I saw someone I knew at the gym and she asked me if I was going to come every night.  I told her I would try, but I was working a lot.  But knowing someone there makes me want to more.

I woke up to a very bad dream this morning.  I hate it when that happens.  I cried, it was such a bad one.

After working extra hours last night, the late hour of getting to bed and the workout tonight, I'm beat.  I'm going to veg a bit longer, pick up after myself, and hit the hay early.   Good night.


  1. Thank you for posting where your recipes came from! I'll be sure to take a look at the website! :)


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