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Thursday, September 26, 2013

All Work and Not Much Play

I overslept again! It's time to do something about that.  I have an alarm at 4:00 to take pain med if I feel I'm going to need it before a morning workout.  I have one at 5:00 to wake me up and give me 15 minutes to get ready to get out of bed.  But I keep falling hard asleep again and don't wake up at 5:15, so now I set one at 5:15, which means get up now.  I've never had trouble getting up when I need to in the past.  In fact, I have had this internal alarm clock that often woke me up before the alarm because I don't like being startled awake by it (when I used a clock radio alarm).  Most often, when I knew I had to get up, I woke up.  But I am extra tired right now, working longer hours, the workouts, etc.  So I'll do what I need to do to make this work.

I have opted not to do a workout this morning and to pick one up Saturday.  I have not been good at all lately about getting one done on the weekend, but that doesn't mean that has to continue.  It will be a good chance to go to the gym and swim.

The reason I am doing this is because I need to catch up on a few chores.  I need to do a little maintenance to keep things more peaceful and pleasant around home.  I haven't cooked, so there are not many dishes, but I have put my dishes in the sink and they need to be put in the dishwasher, the litter box needs attention, my rug needs vacuuming, etc., etc.  It is important for me to keep developing these habits and it is good for my stress level.

If I get off on time tonight, I may take Cas for a longer walk and push the speed a little as an evening workout.  He needs it and there is no reason I can't combine the two.  My right foot is bothering me this morning, so hopefully that won't be an issue this evening.

Another thing I needed to do this morning is prepare some lunch, as well as breakfast.  I don't want the same leftovers again and otherwise, I would have to get another salad or something out.  I've already gotten quite a bit done, but I better get up and get to the rest of it.  And Cas is whining for a walk again, so here I go.  More later.


Breakfast was some breakfast sausage and an omelet with some sauteed onions, poblano pepper and mushroom and pepper jack cheese.  I made the vegetables for the recipe for my lunch, so I made a little extra for my omelet.  Yum!

A quieter day at work today.  I like that and I don't like it.  I like being busy, but it's nice to have a few minutes to think.

Back to massage today.  My soreness is better, at least in my shoulders and neck.  I have come to the conclusion (again) that one thing that causes problems is when I put my arms above my head at night.  I have to keep my shoulders down and I have much less soreness that way.  But sometimes I wake up and they are above my head.  My hips are still sore, but I really think that is the spondylolisthesis.  I'm not sure how much stretching my hips is going to help that (although it certainly won't hurt).  It is caused when the top disc slides forward in relation to the one below.  It narrows the space where the nerves run through and pinches the sciatic nerve sometimes too.  My best help for that is losing more weight in my lower abdomen and strengthening my core muscles.

Massage was good, as usual.  How many of you have an MT that gets on top of you and digs her knees into your butt?  Lol.  Mine does.  Low back and mid back/shoulder blade area were very tender.  It's my profession that does the latter, unfortunately.  The long hours don't help.

Lunch was a new recipe from the low-carb website I told you about yesterday -- Chile Chicken Monterey.  Basically a grilled B/S chicken breast which you top with sauteed onions, mushrooms and green chiles (I didn't have any, so I sauteed some poblano pepper), then top that with pepper jack cheese.  This is definitely a keeper!  I had that with a side salad from Chick-Fil-A.  Yummo!  I'll be looking forward to having the other serving of that soon.

I am hoping not to have to work so late tonight.  I know my boss has been wanting to get away for a workout, so maybe he will save the reports he usually wants to do on Thursday afternoon/evening for tomorrow.  One can only hope!

I saw a recipe for pesto stuffed chicken breast which I want to try soon.  It looks great!  I need to buy some pesto, which I would just as soon do as make my own.  There are so many things you can do on Atkins that you cannot do on a low-fat diet.

I just saw a recipe for a "breaded" baked chicken breast using crushed up pork rinds.  Interesting.  I have another one using parmigiano reggiano and almond flour that I am going to try.

I got hungry again this afternoon.  I had a few pork rinds.  I'm glad I did because...

No such luck on getting off on time.  I worked until 7:45.  I got home and was feeling too tired to cook.  I had left my other serving of what I had for lunch at work, so it was more Green Enichilada Bake or cook something.  So I first had a salad for my veggie, and cooked a sirloin patty seasoned with a blend and a little Worcestershire sauce. and topped with a slice of pepper jack.  I cooked two, but decided I should see if my hunger was satisfied enough with one.  It was.  So I can have the other one tomorrow night.  I just have to do my breakfast and my veggies for tomorrow.

That's about all I've got tonight.  I'm tired.  I'll be glad when we are done with this phase of this case, although I have to admit I enjoy the paychecks during times like this.  But it's hard to work this many hours and focus on getting better as much as it takes.  But all in all, I think I'm doing a pretty good job, all things considered.  Atkins has helped a lot -- I don't have to fight cravings nearly as much.  I've got a piece of fruit to look forward to this weekend.  :)

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