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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weigh-In and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Today is weigh-in day and I am down 2.8 since last Saturday.  Not quite the pace Atkins said is possible for the first two weeks, but I am just glad to be moving again.  I suppose there is quite a difference for someone who just started trying to lose weight and someone who has been working at it for a while.  You don't have all that water weight lost at the beginning.  And water weight is not what I am interested in losing.  I am happy with 2.8 pounds of fat lost.  And I am starting to notice a little difference in my body from the exercise.

I walked down and got my membership card from my new gym last night.  I would like to do some kind of workout there today -- perhaps a swim.  I think I will find a schedule for beginning swimming workouts.  I feel better about swimming now than I did a couple of months ago.  The range of motion in my shoulders and neck is so much better.  Swimming seemed like it would be tough the way I was before.  I also want to get in that yoga workout I had scheduled for Thursday night and was not able to do.

Stephanie was over again last night.  She just doesn't want to be at home alone so much.  Her sister is involved with her boyfriend, etc., so is rarely home.  So I spent time with Steph.  She had a test done on her adrenal gland (system?) and it had some strange results.  So she is being referred to a an endocrinologist.  It could explain why she is so worn out.  I hope it is something that is highly treatable, if it is anything.  It is a little disconcerting, to tell you the truth.  You want answers, but you don't want bad answers.  I have thought for a while that Stephanie shows signs of significant hormonal imbalance.  I don't mean just female hormones, but things like the adrenal gland, insulin resistance, and other things I can't think of right now.  I have wondered if all the surgeries she has had in the last 10 years have messed up her system.  I pray for answers, but fixable answers.  This situation should have had me on my knees more, years ago.  I don't know why I have been so slow to commit this to consistent prayer.  But there is a lot of stuff tied up in that part of my life that have to do with my ex-husband and my resisting anything that was too much like him.  I knew I had swung too far the other way, but I also knew it was just a process I had to go through, to get back to a pure faith that was not tainted by his abuse.  Does that make sense?

Now, I'm going to take a break from writing this post to go walk my restless dog.

So, the plan for today is to clean, do at least one workout, and possibly go through some of the clothes in the bins in my closet to see what kind of wardrobe I will have in the next 10-15 pounds.  Other than that, I want to read and I am not sure what else.  Oh yeah, I also need to go pick up the recliner I ordered.  It is smaller than the one I have and will fit the space in my room a lot better.  That one can be moved back to my living room.  I am pretty sure there will be some assembly involved, so I will have to put it together, but I hope it will make my bedroom feel a little less cramped.

My first bit of chores involved getting my room ready to be bombed for fleas again.  I must have done something wrong last time, because the bombs were much more heavy this time and no way could I stay in the apartment, even with my efforts to seal off the room.  So I had to quickly get me and the dog and the cat out.  I put the cat on a leash, just to have a way to keep him from running away if he got difficult, and boy, did he.  I tried to hold on to him, but was getting scratched too much, so put him down on the leash while trying to get to my car.  He twisted, and twirled, and howled and tried to climb my body more than once.  Ouchies!  Lol.  Once in the car (we just sat there a bit with the air conditioning on), he settled down and was much more calm than Cas.  Cas gets very car sick, and he got very anxious even without the car moving.  I finally had to give Cas a break and take him outside for a bit (left the cat in the car and he did fine; it was still cool when I came back).  Before getting the cat, I went back in my loft and the fog had let up and I opened windows and put a fan at the window and turned the a/c back on.  I felt okay to come back in the main part of the loft, but not my bedroom, so I went and got the cat out of the car, this time with a box.  I'm not that dumb, to do it a second time.  I hope this does a much better job than last time because, honestly, I have been getting chewed up at night.  I change my sheets often and wash them in hot water on a long cycle, and dry them a long time on the hottest setting, but it's not long until I am getting bitten again.  I also have my mattresses and pillow covered with protective covers.  They also are in my recliner.  I spray around the room often, but it was not working well enough.  Cas is at the groomer right now, getting a flea treatment, and Aslan is getting an oral flea treatment, so hopefully I will start getting on top of this now.  I will bomb it as many times as I have to.  I can't keep living with this.  I made a mistake the last time I bombed, I realized, and it didn't release the gas as well as it should have and that's why it never fogged up the rest of my loft.

It's a great day for a swim.  Hopefully I can get down to the gym in a bit and take advantage of that pool.  It is a lap pool, totally.  No kids playing in it that I have seen.  They also have an aquatic Zumba class at this gym, which I would like to try.  Hopefully I can make the time work for me.  My swimsuit is getting huge on me, but I have another one in the bins in my closet that I should be able to wear pretty soon, so I don't want to buy another one.  So I will just make this one work.


I did go swimming (go me!).  It was hard to make myself go, but I didn't want to just talk about it and not do it.  I used to be a pretty decent swimmer (not competitive, by any means, but decent).  It is going to take a while to get that back.  I was hoping I would be alone in the pool, but no such luck.  I was kind of self-conscious.  The first length down, I swam the breast stroke (is that what it is called?) and almost lost my swimsuit bottoms.  Lol.  They are tooooo big.   I wasn't doing very well at that.  So I did a number of laps with my version of a side stroke and a couple with a back stroke.  I also did a lot of walking laps and duck walking laps (the pool is not very deep), frontward and backward.  Those are actually pretty tiring, especially when I use my arms to create resistance.  I also did some stretching that is easier to do in the water than out of the water.  I was pretty sore by the time I was done.

Then I went to pick up my recliner.  I had to stand and wait a while and I was kind of hurting.  I was having a hard time not tensing up or standing on leg (which is bad for my back, the way I do it).  I paced around and it felt better.  I finally got the box and they loaded it in the car.  I got it home and got it in my loft myself.  It had a nylon strap on the box and dragged it in, since it weighed 80 pounds.  After all that, I was ready to sit about.  Soon I need to get started on putting my chair together so I can enjoy my room.  I can't really read or watch television in bed.  It bothers my neck.  I need my recliner.

Even though my loft doesn't look much like it yet, I am having a pretty productive day.  I just need to hang in there and keep going.

Breakfast this morning was bacon and a 2-egg omelet with sharp cheddar cheese.  I had a snack bar mid-morning and lunch was a taco salad (who knew you could have a low carb taco salad?) at around 1:00.  Another snack bar later in the afternoon.  I may have another taco salad for dinner.  That was really good (ground meat with taco seasonings, lettuce, onion, avocado, shredded cheese, salsa and ranch dressing)!

I have a ton of things left to do, so I'm going to get this posted.  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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