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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I overslept again this morning.  Of course, I went to bed an hour and fifteen minutes after I needed to, too.  Just trying to get everything done on my list and spent too much time catching up on FB.  I was sore and tired today, but I got on my recumbent bike and did 30 minutes.  My back was hurting when I got up and it actually felt better after the recumbent bike.  Then I took Cas for his morning walk.

I was kind of empty when I got up this morning, but I wasn't really hungry.  I didn't eat anything before my workout and felt fine.  My weight is starting to drop a little each morning. Yay!

My chapter from The Beck Diet Solution day before yesterday was to set reasonable goals.  She recommended that your goals be 5 pounds apiece.  When you reach that, set another 5-pound goal.  And reward yourself each time you reach your goal.  That way you don't get discouraged by looking at how long getting to your ultimate goal is going to take.  I am .4 pound from my first 5-pound goal.  I'm not sure what the reward should be.  My chapter yesterday was to learn to recognize true hunger, vs. desire and craving.  So I will be working on that.  Right now I am moderately hungry.  My stomach is gnawing, but I don't have any real craving and no desire to eat just to eat.  I'm liking this program.

Breakfast this morning (a little later after writing the above) was bacon and a 2-egg omelet with a little minced onion mixed in (the dehydrated kind) and some sharp cheddar cheese.  This was so good!  I only added the onion because it caught my eye in the cabinet and I thought I would see how it tasted.  I actually liked this a lot better than the frittata the last few days.

I did join the gym yesterday.  I signed up by e-mail, so haven't been by there yet.  Probably won't make it before the weekend, but maybe tomorrow or Friday evening.  I'm feeling pretty tired today, and want an evening without somewhere to go.  However, I do plan my 10-minute AOS workout this evening.

It is 10:20 a.m., along about the time I usually have a snack bar.  So I am trying to assess my hunger.  I'm not hungry at all.  I must confess, I think sometimes the reason I have a snack bar when I do is because I like the way they taste.  Some of them are pretty good, and they helped with the carb cravings, even though they were low carb.  Right now, I am not really hungry and I could take or leave anything, so I will leave it for now.  When I get hungry, I will have one.  I think I have probably switched over fully from burning carbs to burning fat.  You are supposed to be much less hungry then.

Okay, I did have a snack bar at around 11:30, because I was hungry.  I ate it, and 30 minutes later, I am really hungry!  I don't know if it's the snack bar, or if my hunger was just a delayed reaction.  At least it is almost lunchtime.

I didn't feel much like doing my concentrated cleaning during lunch today.  Although I did a couple of things, I will save the 30 uninterrupted minutes for this evening.  I'm feeling tired.  Lunch was sautéed cabbage with sausage.  I didn't have as much sausage as I needed, so I added a little bacon too.  Usually when I have made sautéed cabbage before, it was when I was on a virtually no extra fat diet.  This way is much better.  :)  I wonder how much damage that no extra fat diet really was doing.  Actually it was fairly low carb too -- it was a pretty extreme diet.

I’ve been thinking about the four large bins of clothing I have in my closet.  Most of the clothes are the next size down from where I am – size 16 pants, size 14-16 blouses.  Since faith is building that I am now on my way again,  I was thinking it would be good for me to go through those bins and see what kind of wardrobe I am going to have when the clothes I am wearing now are getting too big.  I will have quite a bit of clothes, but I am sure there will be gaps here and there where something is needed to pull things together.  I will have more than enough jeans, thanks to my daughters who cast these aside, although one is still wearing this size, I think.  I don’t know how many pairs of dress pants I will have, so I may need to buy some.  It might be good to visit some consignment shops every couple of weeks and see if I luck out and find some in a size 16, before I need them.  Several pairs of the pants I am wearing are actually size 20, which are getting rather roomy on me (most 18’s are plenty roomy already).  Okay for now, but too big when I drop a size.  I am pretty sure there are quite a few blouses I should be able to wear and some I have now will work for a while.  I don’t mind them being a little big while I am moving through them.  This should be fun!  Kind of like coming home with a whole new wardrobe.  J  I have never worn any of these clothes.
Another positive thing about this is it is going to clear out a lot of storage space in my loft.  My plan is to donate the clothing that becomes too big.  That’s a little scary.  But I don’t have room to keep it hanging around.  Should be a deterrent if I start getting stupid having trouble again.  I only have one closet in my almost 1,100 sq. ft. loft, so I can use all the space I can get.
My boss just told me I’m a “little wonder”.  I think I like the little part as well as the wonder.  J
When I look back over the time since I started that DietBet challenge up until I started Atkins, I just don’t know what happened.  The little weight I did lose I gained back immediately, and yet I was following my points guidelines with WW.  I have not had a day of really out-of-control eating in a couple of months, and yet I have made no progress (until the past week).  And I was exercising a lot of that time too.  I bought this outfit a couple of months ago that I just needed a few more pounds off to get into, and it is still hanging there waiting for me.  I can’t think about this too much, because it frustrates me.  But I should be able to wear it in maybe the next 10 pounds.
Today I am just a big blob of sore muscles.  Sore muscles are kind of fun in one way.  It makes you feel like all your muscles are showing because they all hurt.  Lol.  My arms and shoulders and upper back are all sore, but in a good way.  And my butt and legs are close behind.  So are my abs, which is partly due to what the MT did to me last time and partly because these workouts work my abs a little too.  I just wonder how long it will take before I see a difference in toning.  I think I will take my measurements tonight.  I haven’t done that in ages.  But it will give me something to compare it to.  Actually, I get two complimentary personal training appointments with my gym membership and they will take measurements.  On the form I filled out for this, it asked for my present weight, what a weighed a year ago and what I weighed five years ago.  I weigh 255.6 right now; I weighed probably around 285 a year ago (I was in an off period and wasn’t recording, so I took halfway between when I stopped and when I started again in January of this year).  Five years ago I weighed somewhere around 325.  So at least I could report that progress.
I got home and was feeling pretty tired.  I fixed my dinner and ate it and was watching a TV show and nodded off.  I didn't sleep long, but I woke up not wanting to do my AOS workout or my 30 minutes of cleaning.  I about talked myself out of it, but I knew I would be disappointed with myself if I didn't.  And if you open that door once, it is too easy to do it again.  So I got up and did the 10-minute workout and it seemed like nothing.  Duh.  Then, without sitting down, I did my 30 minutes of cleaning (which turned into 35 minutes or more).  I keep telling myself that I am doing this cleaning for me, because I deserve to have a nice, peaceful environment to live in.
I am so glad to do those things.  Now, I think if I do one of my neck stretches, I will have finished my Victory List for the third day in a row.  Yay!
Thursday, here I come!  Bring on the 3-day weekend!  :)

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