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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I woke up dragging this morning.  Actually, I got up a little better than I have been.  I walked Cas, got back home and fed the pets.  It was a little before time to start my workout, so I got on the computer “for a minute.”  Big mistake.  I looked up and I was 20 minutes past my starting time.  I tried to talk myself out of doing one, but it didn’t work.  J  No excuses.  I thought about just doing a short one, but the end of my challenge is coming up and I need all the help I can get to reach my goal.  So I got on the recumbent bike and did 37 minutes plus arm work – 3 sets of 15 each of shoulder raises, bicep curls and tricep dips (what do you call the triceps move?).  I use the 5-pound weights while I am on the bike; 10 pounds is too heavy to do while pedaling.
You would think that would have gotten me going, but I got in the tub and almost fell asleep in there and then sat down to put on my makeup and fell asleep doing that.  I’m tired.  Thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere tonight.  I’m praying I don’t have to work late.
As I said in yesterday’s post, I really liked the yoga class.  I’ve already been doing the deep breathing stress release sitting here at my desk.  Not that this morning is overly stressful, but it does help keep tension from building up.  My instructor said two things that took me aback.  I told her I had lost about 70 pounds from my heaviest.  Later in the session she said, “You obviously have self-discipline if you have lost 70 pounds.”  I guess that is true.  But I have always thought of myself as someone with no self-control because that is how society labels people who are obese.  “Just stop eating so much and you wouldn’t be so fat.”  Like it is as simple as that.  The other thing she said was that I have relatively small feet for my height.  I do?  Lol.  Not that I think I have overly big feet, but I rarely think of any part of me as being “small.”
I was pretty hungry when I got up.  I had a banana before working out.  I was still hungry after that, but made it through the workout okay.  Breakfast this morning was an Atkins shake.  I was afraid this would not be enough, since I am already pretty hungry, but it satisfied me.  And it didn’t taste that bad either.  I had a peach with that.  I plan to have another either at lunch or snack.  Then I will have a protein bar for the other meal and a regular meat and vegetables dinner this evening.
The scale is starting to move downward.  I pray that continues with my efforts this week.
Holly of 300 Pounds Down drinks Atkins shakes daily.  From her description, she was more of a food addict than I am, but she cannot place much importance on food.  In other words, she can no longer allow her life to revolve around food.  She just eats to sustain her body.  Shelley said kind of the same thing in her blog yesterday.  I like the convenience of the days I either eat protein bars or drink shakes during the day.  I don’t have to give any thought to what to fix for meals.  I am always surprised how well a protein bar or shake holds me until the next meal.  Anyway, I hope it helps me reach my DietBet challenge goal.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
I was just looking at the Atkins Diet.  I know that I do better on low carb and I am considering doing something like this.  I still plan to do WW, but incorporate the mix of foods from Atkins or something like that.  I may end up doing paleo at some point.  At this point, I am not excited about giving up the dairy and grains.  But if I am not getting results and am not feeling better, then I may move on to that.
I got pretty hungry today.  I had a protein bar at about 11:30, because I was very hungry by then.  I kept on having that ravenous feeling.  I haven’t been eating all my points lately, but I said if my body asked for it, I would give it to it.  So I did.  I ate another protein bar.  That seemed to calm me down and it is after 5:00 now, so that held me until dinner.  I get to go home on time tonight, thank the Lord.  That is only 3 points more than I intended to have by this time of day, so I am completely okay with that.  I will eat a good dinner and hopefully my hunger will settle down.  I think I got so hungry because I had just a protein bar last night and my bigger meal for lunch yesterday.  But if I am genuinely hungry, I am going to view it as my body needs more food.  My appetite has gotten pretty regular now (as in, like a normal person), so if I am extra hungry, I am going to believe it.  It’s not about cravings.  If it were, I would not trust it.
I was pretty hungry when I got home.  Too hungry to take very long to fix something, so I had breakfast for dinner tonight.  I cooked some bacon in the oven.  While I was waiting, I ate some watermelon and some crackers.  With the bacon I had a small omelet with RF pepper jack on it.  Then I had a little more watermelon.
I've been falling asleep while reading blogs tonight, so I'm going to chug some water and go to bed.  Hopefully I can catch up a little tonight and not be so tired tomorrow.

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