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Friday, August 30, 2013

Thursday's Post

I managed to get to bed near on time last night, and consequently, no oversleeping this morning.  It is still before 6:00 a.m. as I write this, which is when I start my workout.  I am tossing around in my mind whether to do the Walk & Firm video (which is what I had planned) or the recumbent bike, mainly because of how my body feels this morning.  I'm pretty sore.  I think I am going to do recumbent bike this morning and I can do Walk & Firm tomorrow morning.  That will give me another day to recover.  Those squats and lunges are hard for me with my sciatica, etc.  I am giving my medicine a little time to work before completely deciding, though.

Just to show you how my thinking goes sometimes, after writing the above, I gave some thought to how my body is really feeling.  Yes, I am sore from the new exercises I have been doing.  Other than that, I really was not hurting any more than usual.  If I wait until I quit hurting, I won't get anywhere.  So I did the Walk & Firm video and did fine with it.  I implemented the tweaks my yoga instructor showed me (tightening my abs and tucking my bottom while doing all the other moves is the hardest thing to remember), and I felt good.  The only significant struggle I have is on lunges when the left leg is back.  I really feel the sciatica then.  However, because of the way my YI showed me to position my feet and widen my stance, it felt a lot better than last time.

I now see how supremely important it is for us to keep moving as we get older.  I think more pain in our backs and joints comes from that than most anything.  Stretching is especially beneficial.  We need to be stretching every day no matter how old we are.

My new habit I am working on of cleaning 30 consecutive minutes a day is going well.  I am amazed at how much better my loft is looking just this week.  Of course, I always did chores here and there, picking up after myself, washing my dishes, etc., but devoting the 30 minutes without stopping a day is making a big difference.  I am getting things like sweeping and mopping and vacuuming, etc. done more consistently already.  This, along with the cleaning I do on weekends, should keep things in much better shape.  Plus, since things are looking better, I work harder at maintaining than I do when I am feeling overwhelmed.  I was tired last night and wanted to blow it off, but I did it for me.  I feel so much better when things are clean, orderly and pretty.  :)

On the agenda tonight is a yoga workout.  There is a short yoga workout on the end of my Arms of Steel video, so I am going to do that.  I feel a little apprehensive about it, but really, I just have to do what I can do and no more.  That doesn't mean I don't push myself a little, but if something is too hard, I modify it to my level.  That from my yoga instructor.  She keeps telling me I am really more flexible than a lot of people.  And I showed her the balance exercise that is on my Walk & Firm video and she said I had much more balance than most "new yogi's."  That is good to know.  I will be finding one yoga class to go to at my new gym next week so I can ask my instructor any necessary questions at my last appointment.

My daughter just called.  She continues to have concerning symptoms and says she feels suspiciously like she did last summer after she had the first obstruction and before the second one (which was actually the first never being fixed properly).  This makes my stress want to rise significantly, but that will do me no good.  I have to release it and just take things as they come.

My backup at work is doing things that are bothering me.  She has access to my boss' e-mail, and instead of allowing me to be the one to report on things that come in when he is busy with other matters, she jumps in and does it herself.  It feels like she is invading my territory.  I don't like feeling this way, but I do.  I would never do that with the attorney she works for.

I had another massage appointment today.  I am learning more and more.  If you have pain issues, I suggest you find someone who understands myofascial release.  I just know I am feeling better and better and learning why all these things are helping me.  The fascia of the body (which is the connective tissue all over your body, including your skull) tightens up over time and squeezes the muscles, nerves, organs, etc. and causes pain.  Scar tissue builds in the fascial system, so when injuries occur, it affects the fascial system.  I know before I started all this, I had a very tight feeling all over.  My body is starting to feel more loose and open and, as a result, pain is decreasing.  I am going to order a book that teaches me what to do at home (my MT also tells me stretches to do).  I am determined to get better and stay better.  This stretching has to be a way of life and I would rather be able to do it myself, as much as possible.  She was telling me my left hip is higher than the other one.  I asked her what caused it and she mentioned ways you sit that begin to form holding patterns.  Crossing your legs can do it, as well as one leg stretched out ahead of the other.  I am trying to be careful of the way I sit, but also want to learn how to release that area each day so that it does not create a problem.  At my desk, I tend to pull my feet back under my chair and cross my feet, left over right.  I can see how that right there would lift the left hip.  Also the way I sit in my recliner at home.

After writing all of the above, my daughter called and said she was tanking at work and was going to the doctor at 2:15.  She did not feel she should drive because of the way she was feeling, so I went and got her and took her to the doctor.  She is just not bouncing back from this last surgery.  No real answers yet.  She was in tears as she talked to the doctor, she is just so frustrated, which made me tear up.  After that, I had to get back to work, so got back at 4:30 and worked until 7:30.  I just got home and got me some dinner, when she came over to get something.  She stayed until 10:00 talking about her situation.  So I did not get my yoga workout done last night.  Sometimes life just happens.

My heart is heavy about Stephanie.  She just wants to feel better and get on with her life (and not have this keep happening).  I'm trying not to hold on to the stress this creates.  Breathe and release....  And pray.

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