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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I am Working On

Monday Evening

I did everything on my Victory List today.  This included an AOS (Arms of Steel) workout.  I did the first one on the video, which a lot of the time used your own resistance, with a little work with hand weights.  This was not overly hard, but challenging enough.  It was 10 minutes long.  I also felt it working my chest and upper back, and even my abs.  I will do it maybe 6 times before moving on.  There is an arm slimming 5-minute workout that I might either add to it or alternate days on (2 days on one, 2 days on another).  Is that too much arm work?  I would like my arms to look better by October, although I know they won't truly look good until I lose more weight.  But at least I can get them more toned so that as the fat is lost, they will be looking good and any loose skin can be filled in a little better with muscle.

The last workout on AOS was a yoga workout.  Maybe I will use that for now for the other yoga workout (besides my class).  She uses some of the same moves I have been learning, and I'm sure I will be learning more of what is on this video at my upcoming lessons.  Looks like good stretching.  I also want to get one specifically for my back.  And I want to look like those girls on the video -- long and lean.  Not to compare myself to them.  I just want to be my best self with the body I have.  I will likely be a little curvier than them, although some of my curves were surgically removed.  :)

I got my 30 minutes of cleaning done.  As I often do, once I get going, I go longer because I get on a roll.  But I just want to build consistency of working those 30 minutes a day at first, and if I do more, that's a bonus.


My lower back was hurting last night and I took a muscle relaxant.  Consequently, I overslept a little.  I hate that!  I bet you're thinking I didn't get my workout done.  That would be wrong.  :)  Within 15 minutes of opening my eyes, I was starting my Walk & Firm video and did the whole thing.  Actually I cut the cool-down short, just a little, because I knew I would be walking Cas next.  I notice as I am doing this video how much pain and stiffness I have in my left hip and quad.  When I sat down after my workout, I could tell that is coming from the lower back.  Something to talk to my MT and YI (yoga instructor) about.  I've been noticing how very stiff and sore my hips always are.  I know what that will mean.  More of those hip stretches that don't feel very good, but that's why we have to do them.  If I don't stretch them, they will never get better.  I'm going to do some stretching outside of my appointments, except a little less intense, to try to help them along.

Time to get moving.

Breakfast this morning was the last of the frittata and some sausage patties.  I drank a good bit of water before leaving home today, so I am ahead of the game (at least what I usually do).

I forgot to say yesterday that my feet are doing better.  They don't feel too good when I am barefoot, which is seldom, but after wearing my athletic shoes with inserts all day Sunday, they were feeling a lot better, and even more this morning.  My MT showed me a stretch to do for that too.

I have been trying to pay attention to the little things I leave out and accumulate over the week which contribute to a less than clean looking home.  I am trying to put up my stuff before going to bed and before leaving for work.  The realization about being overwhelmed is a revelation.  I don't mind cleaning someone else's house, that is already in pretty decent shape, nearly as much as cleaning my own.  That is because cleaning mine usually starts from a mess instead of maintaining a relatively clean and orderly home.  With mine, I feel overwhelmed, so I just sit and watch TV sometimes (which, of course, is a vicious circle).  I also recognize this from family gatherings.  After a big holiday meal, a lot of people would pitch in and do the kitchen cleanup.  You would think that would help me, but it actually overwhelms me because I don't know what to do.  In recent years, I started trying to start cleanup before everyone else so I could snag a job to be mine and only mine -- like manning the sink.  This helped me a lot.  I got criticized by my stepmother one time for leaving work for everyone else, but that was why.  There were already too many people in the kitchen, so I would go elsewhere in the house and pick up, like put away bedding, etc.  She didn't know that; she just knew I wasn't there in the kitchen.  That's when I started trying to snag an early job.  But it was all because I felt overwhelmed with too many people trying to do one job.

When I was reading over the weekend about chronic disorganization, a couple of articles said that obesity and chronic disorganization are often tied together.  In other words, many people who struggle with one, struggle with the other.  I know that is not always true, by a long shot.  But I always thought I was just lazy and there has always been much shame associated with my housekeeping.  But this article was not painting it in that light.  Many of the emotional things obese people struggle with also are the root cause of the chronic disorganization.  Such as depression.  And it is very common when people are trying to lose weight that they want to overcome in this area too.  For me, I think one root of my bad housekeeping is it is a way for me to hide.  It keeps people away.  I am too ashamed to have people over, and since I already tend to isolate myself, it is another barrier.  It can actually be a cushion of my own making.  A way of closing myself off from other people.  But I don't want to be closed off anymore, so I want to overcome both of the things that keep people at arm's length.  Does that make sense?  Of course, when it gets down to it, changing in both areas boils down to developing new habits and the choices you make each day.  That is what I am working on.

Someone shared an excellent article on Facebook this morning.  It talked about inflammation and its effect on your body.  It shows me I am on the right track, and it also comports with my own experience.  In 2009, I lost 60 something pounds.  I was working out almost every day and sometimes two and three times a day.  I was basically following a low-fat diet.  When I had my annual checkup late in the year, I was 1 point below being diabetic for the first time ever.  My blood sugar had jumped significantly during that year.  The only weight loss efforts that have worked for me longer term were to stop eating sugar.  I needed to carry it further with other simple carbs and processed foods, but I lost significant weight and kept it off for quite a while by not eating sweets.  I have done a lot of reading about the danger of the low fat diet, and this explains it very well.  I need to do some tweaking and make sure I am not using any of the wrong oils, at all (I mostly use olive oil and butter).  I also need to start eating grass fed beef and naturally raised poultry and pork, etc. and watch the preservatives.  After menopause is when many women start having heart problems, so it is very important I get this straightened out now.  And Alzheimer's is prevalent in my family, and he even mentions that in this article.  I'm feeling good about what I am doing.  As I go, I will tighten up on the other areas.  I am in the process of getting off grains (haven't had any in a week), so when I start adding more carbs back in, I want them to be from starchy vegetables and fruit most of the time, instead of anything processed.

I made a decision today.  I used to belong to a nice fitness club downtown.  It is where I worked out faithfully in 2009-2010.  We have a discounted rate through our firm at almost half what an individual would pay.  Since I am going to want to continue yoga classes after my instruction, and I want access to a pool where I can swim laps, and for other reasons, I have decided to rejoin the Texas Club.  I have a good mental association with this place.  I probably will not do morning workouts here (like I did then), because I have my dog to take care of, but I can go for after-work workouts and on weekends.  And for specific classes.  It is only $40 per month and I would likely pay that much for yoga classes a lot further away.  If I'm going to spend my money anywhere, I want to spend it on getting healthier.  I will give some thought to going there for my morning workouts, since that is when I have historically been the most faithful about doing workouts, but I would have to get up a lot earlier and I already get up at 5:00 a.m.  And if I am going up there to do a recumbent bike workout, for instance, I might as well do it at home.

Lunch today was a salad with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, broccoli, zucchini, avocado and blue cheese dressing.  It tasted just okay today.  I don't know why.  I did my 30 minutes of cleaning while home for lunch.  I have yoga tonight, so I wanted to make sure I got it done.  I would actually like to get a little more done this evening, but at least I have done my minimum.

My muscle relaxant from last night is catching up with me.  Very sleepy....  Actually I decided I was carb crashing again (but I didn't do anything about it).  I was feeling shaky and weak for a few minutes, as well as very sleepy.  But it passed after a while.  I didn't really have anything I could eat, anyway.

For dinner I had a "hamburger" with a lettuce bun.  I put the ground sirloin, pepper jack cheese, onion and avocado between lettuce leaves.  I different kind of lettuce might have worked better, but it was good.  That was all I ate.

Then I went to yoga.  I told her what I had been doing and she wanted to see different moves in my routines.  She showed me how to better do some of them so I got more good out of them and didn't hurt my back.  They made a lot of difference.  We did a few more new stretches.  I have two more lessons and she wanted me to try going to a class at Texas Club before my last one so I could let her know if I had any questions.  Once again, it was a very positive experience and I was glad I went.

I have a little more to do to finish my Victory List, so better get this posted.

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