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Monday, August 12, 2013

Six Week Focus

It feels too dark at 6:00 a.m. these days to walk Cas to the park.  Especially since there are usually homeless men sleeping there.  I just didn’t feel comfortable doing that this morning, so I switched things up and did my workout first.  I did 39 minutes on the recumbent bike.  I warmed up on 4 resistance and upped the next 29 minutes to 7 and even 8 at times.  It didn’t feel that difficult this time.  Then I cooled down for 5 minutes at 4 resistance.  Then I walked Cas to the park.  That worked pretty well, although I had to push it to get ready for work on time.  Since I will be expecting to do it that way tomorrow, I can get started a little earlier.
I think I need to start mixing up my workouts a little, both because I will get bored and because my body will get too used to them and it won’t work as effectively.  The trouble is, my back has been hurting me lately.  It has been a while since I have woken up with a back-ache.  I wasn’t even having that problem when I was having the radiating pain.  I’m not sure what is bringing this on.  Perhaps too much sitting the last couple of weeks.
I need to start stepping up the activity to see if I can get my weight moving more efficiently.  I would kind of like to do an extra workout this evening, but I didn’t make it to the store this weekend and I am pretty much out of fruit, so I’d better go do that after work.  That will leave me not much time for a second workout, but I will try to do something.  Tomorrow night I have yoga, which I guess is kind of a second workout.  So it will be Wednesday before I can really do one.  I think I will try my Walk & Firm video that has mini squats and lunges on it and see how I do.  If I feel too twinge-y, I may not be able to do that.  I wish our fitness center at the loft had a leg press machine, because I feel like it would be less likely to make me flare up than the squats and lunges, but they don’t.  I don’t want to join a gym at this point, so I will have to find ways to do leg work without that.  We’ll see how I do.  Hopefully I can tolerate these and move on up to full squats and lunges in the not-too-distant future.
I found a calculator online to calculate how many calories I should eat to lose weight.  You can either designate what date you would like to reach your goal or leave the date blank and it will supply it for you.  When I left it blank, and chose my rate of activity as “light,” it said I needed to eat 1,700 calories a day to reach my goal in December 2014 at the rate of 1.5 pounds per week.  I wasn’t sure whether to term my current activity as light or moderate.  Perhaps moderate is more appropriate with one workout 5 times per week and the amount of walking I do (walking to and from work, sometimes twice if I go home for lunch, and walking Cas twice a day).  I was trying not to overestimate.  If I say my activity level is moderate and I want to reach goal by August 15, 2013, which is one year from now, it says I should eat 1,700 calories per day.  If it is “light,” I need to eat just under 1,500 calories per day.  My activity level NEEDS to be at least moderate, and I want to work up to heavy activity.  I will start at 1,700 calories per day and see how I do.  I will see how that meshes with the amount of points I am allotted on WW.
One thing I want to do to make sure my activity level is up where it needs to be is make my recumbent bike workout a little more taxing.  So tomorrow I may do one of the built in programs and see how I do.  It needs to be a little bit hard.  Although when my mind is not where it needs to be to motivate myself, sometimes I give myself permission not to push it.  At this point, just doing it is better than pushing it.  I need to develop consistency, perhaps, before pushing it too hard so that it makes me not want to do it.  Any input on that anyone?  I will say if I am not struggling with motivation on any given morning, I will work on pushing it.  If I am, just getting one done is the goal.
Sometimes I don’t understand the WW point system.  For instance, a banana is 0 points when you enter it in the tracker, but when you enter it in a recipe and leave it as the only ingredient (like for Yonanas frozen dessert), it says it is 3 points.  That makes no sense to me.  The same with blueberry topping I put on my protein waffles.  The recipe is pretty much just blueberries with a little cornstarch (1/2 tsp.) mixed in to thicken it.  If you enter those ingredients separately, it is 0 points; if you make it a recipe, it is 3 points.
So, I had protein waffles for breakfast.  They are made from 1 egg, 1/3 cup cottage cheese and 1/3 cup oats, plus a little baking powder, vanilla and honey.  I had no idea oats had so many calories.  That 1/3 cup oats is 200 calories!  I will be rethinking this breakfast in the future.  I spent more calories on breakfast than I would have liked.
I am due for more injections on my knees.  I am beginning to feel it more every day.  However, I may be only able to have 3 injections per year, so I am going to wait a little bit to get another.  I have to say my anti-inflammatory is not doing much good that I can see.  Perhaps another kind would work better.  I have an annual check-up coming up, so I will see about it then.
Time to get back to my Victory List this week.  If I am careful to do all the components on the list, the weight loss should take care of itself.  And my life should be a little more satisfying.  Trying to get a little water down right now.  I have a 33-ounce bottle that I refill.  At least, I want to drink two of those.  Ideally, maybe drink one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
So, I have tracked my calories and my points so far today, just to see how they match up.  I have had 809 calories so far, which means I have 791 left for the day – just a little less than half.  I have had 19 points today and have 16 left, a little less than half.  So they somewhat match up.  However, if I were to eat a piece of fruit now, it would use some of my calories but it would not take more points.  I confess I like that about WW.
My massage was awesome, as usual.  I am trying to pay attention to how much I tense up in different scenarios.  I was standing in line at Chick-Fil-A to get my lunch and I realized I was really tensing up my butt muscles.  She predicted that was the case.  She said I had a tight butt today.  I said I guess that’s not always good, huh?  Hehe.  It likely contributes to the lower back pain.  I also noticed how much I tense up when she is working on me – like bracing for whatever she is doing.  I have to deep breathe to try not to do that.  I will have to deep breathe when standing in line to distract myself from tensing up like that.  She said we get in such a habit that it becomes automatic and we have to break it.  She told me one thing to do is put on some peppy music and act like a kid and dance around and let my arms and body flop around.  Lol.  I tried it a little before I left – I kind of thought it would hurt.  But not at all.  What’s that saying…dance like no one is looking?  Lol.
My sleepiness is getting old.  I really need some more energy.  I am literally nodding off at my desk at work when it is pretty slow.  I did not take a muscle relaxant last night, but I did take a half one this morning.  But I am extremely sleepy.  I am hoping the B12 supplement will help.  I had a zip fizz “cartridge” in my desk.  It is supposed to be a “healthy” energy drink.  So I put some in some water and drank it.  Perhaps I feel a bit better.  It says it has a big dose of B12 in it.  I have a few of these left, so will take them until the other supplement I ordered comes in.
If I focused on it too much, I could get pretty frustrated over how long I have been stuck in the general vicinity of where my weight is right now.  I got in the 240’s briefly, but then went through some struggles  andI popped back up to 260 (or close to it).  I really want to stay focused until I drop below 240.  Not that I want to lose focus then, but that is the short-term goal.  However, I want to focus more on doing what I know to do to get me there, rather than the number on the scale.  I would like to set a goal of 6 weeks totally in the zone – eating in my points limit, 10 workouts per week, with at least 5 of them being “somewhat hard” workouts.  Other things that would count toward the 10 would be yoga class, walks of 30 minutes or more, regardless of their intensity, and light strength training workouts.  Drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day would be another part of the focus.  Tracking my points every day should be one of them too.  I will have to think what else.  If I can focus in on meeting those elements for 6 weeks, hopefully I would be at or near 240.
One thing I can feel good about during the last couple of months is I have gotten off sugar and stayed off.  That is an accomplishment for me.  But ultimately, I want the weight loss (and the size loss).  If I am not getting that, I am not really accomplishing my goals.
I got off on time.  My daughter had come over and asked me to pick up a Subway sandwich for her, so I just got me one too.  That was 9 points.  That left me with 5.  I had some popcorn for 4 points and some grapes for 0 points to finish out my day.  I drank 2 bottles of water.  I'm going to drink some more before bed because I feel thirsty.  I feel munchy tonight.  That is because I have had to ration my pain meds and I am on semi-withdrawal.  It always makes me want to eat.  Hopefully the refill will come through tomorrow.  I put off completely withdrawing from them until I could get on a more even keel with my eating.  I am determined not to gain a bunch of weight this time and have to go through it all over again.  My pain levels have been up lately too.  I wish I could go through the withdrawal in the hospital.  I would do that if I had the money.  They take 5 days to strip it out of your system and I think manage your symptoms.  I couldn't do too much damage in 5 days, if that would really do it.
These symptoms are rough, though.  I took a warm bath to try to combat the restlessness.  And I feel very sleepy at the same time.  Fun, fun.

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  1. Check out my friend KT's site - she does a ton of workouts at home - and while she's pretty hard core, you may be able to adapt some of her moves - some she does on a a set of stairs!

    I don't understand the 0 point fruit vs. calories - a calorie is a calorie, but I can see that many people didn't have to go on WW from eating too much fruit!

    Hang in there. Also, I take two ibuprofens before bed every night (can't remember if I mentioned this to you) and I sleep a lot sounder. Hugs!


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