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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Road Trip

Sunday Morning
I'm at my sister's house in Big Lake, Texas this morning (which is pretty much the middle of nowhere).  What's more, my sister doesn't really live here anymore.  They have moved to Granbury, Texas and are waiting for their house here to sell.  It is still fully furnished, except for no food, no TV and no internet, except Wi-Fi from their phones.  So I have had to find other ways to occupy myself.  Maybe this tells me something important.  Maybe I should have my cable cut off until I am better at making good choices about what to do with my time.  I will have to consider doing that if I don't do better without doing that.
The wedding was in Midland yesterday.  It was a beautiful wedding and my niece was a beautiful bride.  She is the last of the cousins in my family to get married, except for my own kids.  I have three and none of them are married yet.  (The girls kind of lament that situation.  Bethany, however, is on her way there if nothing changes.) 
I left home yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m., dressed for the wedding but without hair and makeup on, and drove to Granbury (which took about an hour and a half).  Then my sister and her husband and I loaded up and drove to Midland (in their vehicle).  It has been a good trip visiting with my sister and her husband.  We stopped at McDonald's en route and I had a Egg White Delight Sandwich (250 calories -- not sure how many points -- probably 6 or 7).  I also had a peach that I had brought with me.
We met up with my other sister and her husband when we rolled in to Midland at about Noon, at a restaurant called McAllister's.  It is a kind of deli restaurant.  I got the "choose two" option, and chose a half sweet chipotle chicken sandwich and a cup of chicken tortilla soup.  I thought the soup would be a lighter choice, but it was not like the normal broth-based chicken tortilla soup.  It was a thick, cheesy soup.  But it was only a cup and half a sandwich, so still not too bad.
After we ate we went on to the wedding, which started at 1:30 p.m.  It was nice seeing a lot of family and celebrating with my niece.  She found her a nice guy.  The reception was only cake and sweets and punch.  The only non-sweet thing they had was some pretzels.  I ate a few of those and nothing else.  I wore a dress I have for work with some 4-inch heel black pumps with a reptile patterned heel.  I got lots of compliments on my dress and my shoes.  My sisters will not wear heels like that and marveled that I would.  One of my nieces was admiring them and said "those are some serious heels."  And I said yeah, but sometimes you just have to do it, and she agreed.  They do have some platform on them, so are not quite as high as they look.  I stood quite a bit, off and on, and they didn't bother me much at all.  And I like the way I feel in heels every once in a while.
After the wedding we went to my other sister's house.  Actually, it is not her house anymore.  Interestingly, they have also moved away from Midland and have sold their house.  The people who bought it wanted all of their furnishings and decorations and paid a pretty price for them.  However, they have not moved in yet and are kind of friends with my sister and brother-in-law, so they told them to stay at the house while my sister and brother-in-law were here for the wedding (they have moved to Fredericksburg).  So we stayed in "their" house and visited for the afternoon, which is not really their house.  I think it is funny that both of my sisters had houses to stay in even though they have moved off to other places.
We visited a while and decided to go have dinner.  We had all gotten into our comfortable clothes and didn't want to go to a "nice" restaurant where that was a problem.  I was wanting a good ol' hamburger, since when I start Atkins, I will not be able to have one.  So we ate at a place called Texas Burger and I had a good ol' hamburger and onion rings.  The hamburger actually did not taste that good to me, but oh well.  Not the best choice in the world, but I had weekly points for it and did it.
After dinner we headed to Big Lake.  Kathi and Russell needed to take care of their yard and do a little spiffying up around the house, since they are trying to sell it.  We got there around 9:00 and we sat and visited for a while.  Russell had made them margaritas and knew I was not eating sugar, so had bought a sugar free mix.  He brought me some over ice, with the bottle of tequila so I could pour my own.  I have never been a drinker and tried to make it as weak as possible, but it was still too strong for me.  I drank a few sips and left the rest.  Guess there is not much danger of me becoming an alcoholic at this point.
I headed off to bed after a bit.  I had no noise fan, but it is a lot quieter in Big Lake, Texas (pop. ~3,500), so no problem with that.  I took two muscle relaxants to make sure I would have no trouble sleeping after all the riding in the car and sleeping in a different bed.  No problem there.  I slept like a rock, except woke up close to 8:00 a.m. with a backache.  I kind of missed my Cassi-Cas, though.
There wasn't much to do when I got up this morning.  There is no TV and I didn't have an internet connection.  I wasn't sure where my glasses were at the time, so couldn't really read.  So I opted to take a little walk.  I got back and did a few of my yoga stretches.  My hips were feeling tight and sore from the car ride.  I had brought some peanut butter and bread with me (trying to use it up), so I had a peanut butter sandwich and a peach for breakfast.  A little later I had a 100-calorie pack of almonds.  I helped Kathi around the house, dusting and air freshening to help keep it attractive to potential buyers.  Russell did the necessary yard work and then we left probably somewhere around 10:30 or so.  We drove to San Angelo and stopped at Rosa's for lunch.  I had chicken fajitas with corn tortillas.  I ate some of the rice and beans (more beans because I put some on my fajitas).  You have to buy chips and salsa separately at this place, so I didn't have that to tempt me.  I like to use corn tortillas because they are usually 1 point vs. at least 3 for flour tortillas.
We are back on the road again, headed toward Granbury.   I estimate I will be home early evening.  Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow.  It has been a good weekend of visiting and seeing family.
I got home at around 6:30 p.m.  I'm tired, but not too bad.  I'm just so glad I don't have to go to work.  I actually had plans to have a little carb-fest this evening.  I am starting Atkins in a day or so.  I was sleepy when we got to Granbury, and stopped at the convenience store and got me some crackers and a SF Red Bull.  I ate those on the drive home.  I even stopped to get something else, along with some gas.  They didn't have what I wanted to eat, so I didn't get anything.  Then I was planning to go to CVS when I got home when I got to thinking, I really didn't know what I wanted and I was feeling full from the crackers.  I was kind of wanting some SF ice cream, but I knew I had cold watermelon at home and decided that sounded just as good.  So I got home and had a peanut butter sandwich and some watermelon.  I will try to use the rest of my perishable carb products tomorrow and get started on Atkins on Tuesday.  I will have to go grocery shopping to stock up on what I need.  But I felt good that I didn't follow through on my plan.  I just didn't feel like eating any more.  :)
The pets were happy to see me and I'm kind of relaxing for a while.  I might get up and do a few chores before bed.  I have to be careful in the morning.  Even though I won't have my usual routine, I need to get my workout done.  Sometimes I don't do as well outside of my routine.  But I am so ready to get moving.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. I am glad you decided to go to the wedding! It kind of looks like your post was twice - I started reading the second half and realized it was the same as the first half! :D

    1. Oops! I'll fix it! Thanks for telling me.


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