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Monday, August 5, 2013

More Drama

Goodness I had a hard time getting myself off to work this morning.  It wasn’t because I overslept or anything, and I didn’t feel like I was moving that slow, but I got to work later than I ever do, although it is still “on time.”  My technical hours are 9-6, but I like to be here by 8:30; however, it has been 8:45 lately.  I need to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier.
I did get up and do a workout this morning.  If I had not missed my workouts last week (because Steph was in the hospital), I was due to up my time to 37 minutes, so that’s what I did today – on the recumbent bike.  I did not push the resistance much today, although it was enough to work up a good sweat and feel like I got a good workout.  I woke up with my back pretty flared up, some pain in my shoulder (feels like a nerve is pinched somewhere) and plantar fasciitis pain in my right foot.  I’m going to have to wear my athletic shoes all the time at home for a while, to get my foot healed up.  I was limping pretty bad with just my flip flops on (they are orthotic flip flops).  With my athletic shoes on, once I got kind of warmed up, I did okay.  However, it bothered me a bit in my platforms at work.  Probably if I had had on heels vs. platform wedges, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much.
I got a short walk with Cas done this morning too.  There is this guy, almost every morning, who drives by with his window down and his music blaring, just staring at me while I walk Cas.  He drives by really slow, just watching me.  The creep.  I’m not really scared of him, but sometimes I can’t believe the nerve of some people.  There are plenty of people on the street where I’m not worried about it, he’s just kind of creepy.  I get more of a sense that he is full of himself – thinks he’s God’s gift to women – more than dangerous.
The scale is being really stubborn right now.  I can only hope it rights itself by the end of the week.  I was watching a recording of Extreme Weight Loss Makeover (is that what it’s called?) yesterday.  One thing he had this girl do is he had a jar of marbles – the same number of marbles as she had pounds to lose.  As she lost pounds, she moved over the number of marbles as pounds she had lost to another jar.  I thought that was a good visual motivation.  I thought about doing that, but maybe using pennies or something.  And then I got to thinking, why not make it more motivating by using $5 or $10 bills.  Then, when I got to goal, I would have a little chunk of money to spend on a new wardrobe.  I don’t know – just an idea.  I don’t know, maybe that would make it feel more like I was “paying” for success, like a punishment.  Anyway, I like the concept.  It would be a lot more motivating if someone else was putting the $5 bills in the jar, though.  J
I’ve got some strange sore muscles today and I don’t know how I got them.  Kind of under my arm and at the side of my chest, plus my bicep, all on the right side.  I am thinking it was those 10-pound barbells I bought.  I lugged them into the basket at the store, out at the checkout, back in the basket, out of the basket into the car, and out of the car into my loft.  Plus some bicep reps. Who knew 10 pounds was so heavy?  I’m hoping to get a massage today.  I need it, since I’m kind of hurting all over.
Breakfast this morning was two pieces of turkey sausage and scrambled eggs.  I had a banana early, since I woke up hungry and needed to work out.  I had a peach when I got to work.  I may have to get lunch downstairs since I didn’t bring anything and I will probably get a massage.  If so, it will be a Potbelly salad, most likely.
You know what one of my goals is?  It is to sleep a reasonable amount of time and wake up feeling rested and ready for my day.  I can’t remember the last time I have felt like that.  I wake up tired, like I barely slept at all.  I don’t know what causes that.  I know some of it is medication, but that’s certainly not all of it.  It makes it so hard to face a new week.
I got my massage and she really worked me over.  I told her about all the issues I mentioned above.  She even worked on my feet (and got them to pop a lot!).  She recommended I freeze a bottle of water and roll it under my bare foot every night to help with inflammation.  She also said stretching my calves would help.  She was right – they were extremely tight.  She said high heels can cause that, as they shorten the muscle in the back of your leg.  I am going to have to stretch it regularly to counteract it.  She also said that causes cramps in the feet, which I have fairly often.  Good to know.
From what I am learning from her, here is a conclusion I have come to.  We would have a lot less pain issues if we stretched regularly.  And anything that you do repeatedly (motion-wise) can create a kink.  Like moving your mouse with one hand when you have to reach in front of you to move it.  It can pull your spine out of alignment.  Of course, I do that all day.  I am trying to put my mouse as close to my side as I can so it is more of a natural position.  Just that one thing can knock my spine out of alignment, which helps trigger the headaches.
I told you about my boss paying for private yoga sessions, didn’t I?  I have my first session tomorrow evening.  This will involve a lot of stretching, which I am gathering will help a lot.  I asked my MT if there is anything I should remember or be careful about.  She said, first, don’t forget to breathe.  Breathe deeply and exhale with each movement – deep down into your belly.  Many people only lift their chest slightly to breathe.  I know about deep breathing because I am a singer.  The diaphragm has to be involved.  She also said to be sure and speak up to my instructor if a movement needs to be modified.  She said they can often adjust almost any movement to a beginning level and get the result they are wanting.  My instructor is supposed to be very good, so hopefully she will know that.  My plan is to go to the five lessons and then use what I learn on my own, for the most part, but also there are yoga classes sometimes at my loft community, so I can attend those and know more what I am doing.  I could also get a video if I need it to keep me going.  I just think the stretching is going to help me feel better, which will allow me to exercise more with less pain.
Lunch was a Farmhouse Chicken Salad from Potbelly, cut the bacon.  I used the regular vinaigrette instead of the fat-free, which is full of sugar, you can tell.  I think the healthy oil is better for me than the sugar.  I had a peach after that.  Hopefully I can go home for lunch tomorrow.  During the afternoon I had some Greek yogurt.
You're not going to believe how I spent my evening.  At the hospital.  It was Stephanie again, but not for what you think.  She was bitten by a dog.  She took her two dogs to the little dog park at her apartment complex.  There was another dog in there that her dogs usually get along with.  But Junior got over-excited, and that spooked the other dog and he snarled.  Junior got him by the collar, which is how he plays with Tucker, and the other dog didn't understand his intentions and they started fighting.  Steph was trying to get Junior to let go of the other dog's collar (a lab mix of some kind) and the other dog bit her on the wrist..  It didn't turn out to be too bad, but she thought it was broken when it happened and it was pretty bloody.  It was really one big puncture wound that was doing the bleeding.  It is not broken and they don't see any significant damage.  They gave her a tetanus shot, a shot of antibiotics and a prescription, plus pain med (which she was already on) and she is wearing a splint until it feels better.  It upset her, as you can understand.  What am I going to do with this girl?  I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but I won't share them here.  I just pray that things begin to smooth out for her.
I didn't get to eat dinner before I joined her at the ER.  I got home at about 10:25 and I ate a little bit of rotisserie chicken and some crackers.  It's too late to eat anything else, so that will be it for tonight.  I'm tired and am heading off to bed.

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