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Friday, August 16, 2013

Making a Change

My weight is still right where it was yesterday.  Except for one day of eating too much cereal, but making up for it later on points, I have stayed on plan all week and have gained weight.  I have decided it is time to do something different.  I want to get moving.  (I do think I am retaining fluid, since my feet are kind of puffy today.  I don't know why.)
So, I have decided to try the Atkins Diet.  It is a low carb diet, but not as strict as paleo in some ways.  And once you go through the induction phase, you add back carbs 5 grams per day as long as you are losing effectively.  I am already off sweets, so that part is no problem.  I am not going full-fledged on it until I eat the supply of fruit and bread I already have, but then will go for it with this next trip to the grocery store.  It says you can lose up to 15 pounds the first 2 weeks.  That would be nice – just losing 5-6 pounds would be fine – just to get moving again, but mostly I want to get to losing consistently so I can keep moving on my journey.  I have been stuck right around this weight waaay too long.
This means I will have to get off SF Red Bulls.  Not that I didn't already know they weren't good for me.  I could drink the zero ones, but I don’t like them much.  And they are so expensive, it is a good thing for me to get off of them (if for no other reason).  Hopefully I will start having more energy.  Someone reminded me about Vitamin D (thanks Katie), and that has been an issue in the past for me, so I need to get on a supplement.  I also have the B12 supplement, which I think is helping a little bit.  Anyway SF Red Bulls have 4 grams of carbs each.  I only get 20 grams per day in Phase 1, so I don’t need to be spending them on that.  I have a supply of those I will finish off too.  Trust me, it won’t take long.
So I will be eating a lot of protein, and you don’t worry about fat too much on Atkins (although it cannot be hydrogenated, which I don’t eat anyway).  It’s just low carb. I can even have bleu cheese dressing on my salad, which is my favorite.  I can also have cheese.  I have said before that if I am going to binge, it was usually on sweets.  80% of the time it was sweets.  The other 20% would have been on carbs, though.  So hopefully all urges to binge will cease.
I got up and did my workout this morning.  I did 39 minutes on the recumbent bike.  I started the first 5 mins. on 5R, bumped it up to 7R, with 1-min. intervals every few minutes at 10R, and doing arm work during the 7R – 3 sets of 15 of shoulder raises, bicep curls and tricep extensions with 5-pound weights.  The last 3 minutes I did at 4R to cool down.  After that, I did another set of 8 reps of shoulders, biceps and triceps with the 10-pound weights.  10-pound dumbbells are heavy!  I barely made it through the tricep extensions, especially on the left arm.  I think I will do those with 8 pounds next time, to work up to 10 pounds.  Anyway, I felt like I got a good workout this morning.
Breakfast was a (messed up) omelet with smoked turkey and pepper jack cheese (2 eggs).  I put a little salsa on it.  Yum!  I had a banana and some cottage cheese when I first got up – too hungry to do a workout without something.  I had a peach mid-morning.  I went home for lunch and had a hamburger made with ground sirloin and Orowheat Sandwich Thins.  Need to use up my bread.  I had some baby carrots with it too.  I don’t think you can have carrots on Phase 1 of Atkins, so need to use them up.
I am going out of town this weekend.  I asked if I could have Monday off and can, so that will help.  I am driving my car to Granbury, where my sister lives, and riding to Midland with her and her husband for the wedding.  This will be kind of fun without my kids.  I don’t often go anywhere out of town without them.  It’s time to cut the apron strings a little.  My daughters can’t go – Bethany has too much going because she’s been working a lot of overtime with her new job, and Steph is still recovering and wants to be rested before going back to work on Monday.  My son has to work.  I will leave tomorrow morning at about 6:30 and we will leave Granbury at 7:30.  I will be back sometime Sunday afternoon, I imagine.  My daughters will watch my dog and the cat will be fine as long as I leave him food and water and litter box.  Then I will have Monday to get chores done, etc.  So much better than having to be to work Monday morning.
I worked on a little project today (might have mentioned it yesterday).  I wrote down my reasons for wanting to lose weight, one on each page of a small spiral notebook.  Then I found pictures that illustrated the thought and taped them on the page.  The visual helps me really get this ingrained in my mind and actually builds my hope and confidence (and vision) that this can really happen for me.  I had fun making it.  Here is a picture of my first one:

I want to be free from everyday pain.
 I got off on time today.  I had set the stove timer at lunch to come on and bake a sweet potato for me (trying to use those up before switching to Atkins).  It was almost ready when I got home.  I baked some tilapia and roasted some fresh broccoli to go with it.  I had some watermelon for dessert.  All very yummy!  (Someday I will remember to take pictures of my food.)
I plan to take a little food with me on the trip.  I want to have things available that are healthy for me to eat.  I will try to just eat lean protein and vegetables, other than the fruit I am bringing.  Since I am not Atkins low-carb yet, I will stick to lean meat to try to keep things balanced out.
I guess I'll close for tonight.  I have some packing and getting ready to do to leave early in the morning.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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