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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just Stuff

Saturday Night

I was feeling kind of lonesome Saturday night.  I was reading some blogs, but no one was posting much on the weekend.  I decided starting a post might help.

I ordered the B-12 supplement I mentioned.  I ordered over the phone to get the free box they advertised.  Turns out you had to buy 3 boxes to get the 1 free box.  I went ahead and did it.  They do have a 60-day guarantee.  My daughter is really struggling with feeling weak since getting out of the hospital, so I may share some with her.

Do you ever do this?  Sometimes when I am thirsty, I do everything to quench my thirst but what I need to do, which is to drink water.  Sometimes I eat cereal because the cold milk tastes good.  Sometimes I eat fruit.  But what I need to do is drink my water.  I don't know why that is so hard to do sometimes.  But I do have my bottle of water and am drinking it now.

I'm watching an episode of Weight Loss Makeover.  This girl began obsessing over the numbers in phase 2 of the program.  She would starve herself and then began to binge and purge because she was not seeing the number on the scale move as fast as she thought it should.  Chris' answer was to not give her a number in the third phase, except this:  6 days a week of eating 1500 calories a day and fulfilling her exercise promises each day.  Maybe that would be a good thing for me right now.  I'm frustrated over the scale not moving.  Maybe the next month I need to do something like this.  Should I weigh just once a week or once a month?  I don't know.  Fluctuating numbers day to day don't tend to bother me.  But it would bother me if I went through another month and didn't lose significant weight.  It's something to think about.  I do think I need to eat more.  Eat a little more and move more.  I would love to have access to a pool like they gave this girl, though.  That pool looked amazing -- you could do all kinds of workouts in it.

I couldn't settle down to sleep, so stayed up until 1:00.  Oh brother.


I slept in too long to go to church.  I was not set on going this week, anyway.  I am just so tired.  I started out the day getting some things done around my loft.  I wasn't motivated, but I would tell myself "just do this," and later, "just do this."  It helped to get some of the badly needed chores done -- like taking out trash, cleaning out the litter box, etc.

My daughter came over a little after lunch.  They don't have a washer, so she comes over to do laundry.  I helped her do laundry all day.  She is still not doing very well since getting out of the hospital.  She doesn't remember feeling like this the other time, but she feels very weak and cannot eat without feeling nauseous.  She looks very pale.  She said she gets ready to go somewhere, and she is already done with her energy.  She talked to her boss and her boss encouraged her not to come back until she was ready.  So much better than where she worked before.  Thank goodness for the AFLAC coverage she had, which is covering her missed work.  Her short term disability kicks in now, too.  So she will have some money coming in, anyway.

I didn't do that great on my eating today.  I wasn't really trying.  Of course, I didn't eat any sweets, so it is never as bad as it used to be.  I had (a little too much) Raisin Bran for breakfast.  It lasted until late afternoon, though.  I wasn't hungry again until then.  My daughter wanted some pizza, although she couldn't eat much of it.  I ate more than I needed.  At least it was thin crust, which made it a little less damaging.  But tomorrow is another day and I will get back on track.

This weekend did not go like I had planned.  I hate it when I do that.  I need to control it instead of it controlling me.  Of course, the new week is here and I am not feeling ready for it.  But I never do.

I know this is a little boring, but sometimes I just need get it out of me.  Better wind it up.  I need to get the sheets back on my bed and hit the hay.  Have a great week everyone!


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  2. That episode hit home with me too - while I knew I did the work, I was obsessing over the scale to meet the Dietbet goal.

    I am now kicking the scale to the curb - get this - UNTIL OCTOBER 1! I am just going to continue on with what I am doing and not let the daily/weekly number determine my success.

    Here's to both of us having a great week!

    1. I'm not going to stay away from it for that long, but I think I will wait until the weekend to weigh again and concentrate on fulfilling each component of my plan all week. This includes eating enough calories, but not too many, and getting at least one workout in a day, and two if my schedule permits, drinking all my water, etc.


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