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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Frustrated With the Scale

I’m frustrated.  I got on the scale this morning and I had gained weight.  Granted, I had eaten a banana earlier and had drank a little water, but I had also done my workout and I usually weigh before my workout (I sweat, so that makes me weigh less).  I am not eating enough to gain weight.  I was right on with my points yesterday.  My only issue was I didn’t get all of my water down.  I know the body has natural fluctuations, but this is almost 2 pounds above last time and I never have dropped back down to my lowest weight I recorded on DietBet.  As far as I remember, I did not take my BP med yesterday morning because I was out, but I did take it in the afternoon when I picked it up.  I don’t remember missing any other days.  If I did, that could account for it.  I am willing to do what I need to do.  I just want to get moving.  This probably has everything to do with being 53 and “at that age.”  L
I just don’t know what I need to do.  I did go overboard on the cereal this morning, but that was after I weighed.  I brought me an Atkins shake for lunch, so that should make up for it.
I really didn’t feel like I was going to make it on my workout this morning.  My stomach was gnawing and I was really sore from yoga.  But I kept at it and did 39 minutes on the recumbent bike.  It seems like it should count extra when it is that hard.  J
I am still struggling with sleepiness.  I fell asleep in the bathtub this morning and really struggled this afternoon until Jerry called me into his office to work with him.
I did get things in a little better shape around my loft yesterday.  I still have plenty of cleaning to do, but at least it is improved.  It feels better, anyway.
I read the second day in The Beck Diet Solution.  These are all things you are supposed to do to prepare for success.  Ideally you are supposed to do them two weeks before you begin, but since I was already working on it, I’m not going to take two weeks off from what I am already doing.  The first day you were supposed to make a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight and you are supposed to read over it two times every day, at the very least, and every time you struggle with temptation.  I have been expanding on that by making some visuals.  I want to get this really ingrained in my mind.  The next thing is you are supposed to choose two different diet plans to follow.  That way if one of them is not working for you, you have a backup plan.  My first plan, of course, is Weight Watchers.  However, with my current struggles, I don’t know.  The second one I have chosen preliminarily is South Beach.  It is one of the high protein plans that is not as strict as Paleo or Atkins (I think).  Of course, I can follow a high protein plan on WW.  That may be what I need to move to consistently.  I don’t really want to have to give up dairy and grains completely, but bottom line, I want to get this done.  I want to be healthy and full of energy and without all these physical restrictions.
I had my massage today.  She really stretched my hips today, which we did at yoga too.  Hopefully this will begin to help my pain issues.  As always, she worked on the tenderness in my neck and shoulders.  It is always so tense.
I was not hungry at lunchtime and did not drink my shake.  By the time I did get hungry, Jerry had called me into his office and we stayed there until 8:00 or so.  So I never ate lunch.  I did eat some fruit, though.  I finally got home and, since I had thawed out some chicken, I pan sautéed it in a little olive oil and had a baked potato (in the microwave) with it.  I didn't get a veggie going, but had some grapes.  That'll do for the day.  I am trying to get down some more water.
Judging by how much I had to run to the restroom today, I must have been retaining water.  We will see how it affects my weight in the morning.
My boss was asking me about yoga and I told him about it, and he asked me how much weight I had lost now, etc.  I showed him a picture of before I started.  I was working for him at the time, but had just started, so he doesn't really remember that I was that big.  He was taken aback at how much smaller I was.  He is not an obese man (although by BMI standards, it would probably say he is), but he is very tall and needs to lose a few.  He is working on his weight too.  He was never overweight in his early years, so this is newer for him.  I am just thankful he made the way for me to go to yoga.  He said it has done amazing things for him.
I have to make a decision about whether I am going out of town this weekend.  I don't want to, but I do want to be there for my niece's wedding.  I wish I had the money to fly.  It would make it so much easier.  Do you know I have never flown in my life?  I want to; I've just never really had the opportunity.  If I had known my kids weren't going to go several months ago, I would have booked a ticket earlier and it would have cost a lot less.  If you've never been to Texas, a trip across the state is a long, long trip!
That's it for tonight. 


  1. Have you considered HRT? Prempro has been a miracle for me. Also do you take Vit D..see DR OZ page for dosing. These 2 things alone can restore your energy and sleep. :)

    Katie ( 48 yo RN )

    1. Thanks Katie. I wasn't sure my symptoms were enough for HRT. However, I have historically been low on Vitamin D and have had to take massive doses of it a couple of times. That might be one of the problems. Thanks for reminding me! I have an annual check-up coming up soon, so I will discuss it with my doc.

  2. Well unfortunately, you can't count on the scale "rewarding you" when you think you've done all the right things the day you want it to.

    Think of the scale as just one TINY tool in your weight loss goals. Do you actually know how many calories you eat in a day, or do you just guess? Portion sizes are also key - I weigh everything - from rice, to pasta, to almonds - because what I "think" is a portion size usually ends up being twice as much!

    When we drove to Austin in May, when we reached the Texas border we yelled "we are in Texas!" And finally got to Austin about 5 hours later - ha!

    1. I try not to get too worked up over the scale, usually. It's just that I went through that whole month on DietBet doing so well (I thought) and I lost a few and just stopped and it even crawled back up a little. Then I decided I probably was not eating enough, because I was not eating all my points (trying to do better for DietBet), so I was very careful this week to eat my points allowance, and I gained. I tracked calories one day and they were about what I planned on. Usually I just track points on WW. I have been stuck right around my current weight for months, with only a brief time dropping lower. That is why I am frustrated.

  3. The scale only shows one blip in time - it does not define you or what you are doing, only in the broadest sense over a long period of time. Just do what you are supposed to do and see how it goes. Do track your food if you don't, just to make sure you are eating enough/not eating too much.

    1. Thanks Lori. If you see my comment above, I have been hanging around this weight for months. That's why I am frustrated. I have really been on track for the last 5 weeks and am still stuck. I am about to change up what I am doing (which I will talk about in today's post). I think my body is different now than it has been in years past (it's my age), so things that used to work don't work as well. But I'm not giving up. No ma'am. I will find what works eventually.


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