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Monday, August 26, 2013

Exercise Plan and Too Much Going On

Sunday Evening

Well, I just posted and once again I have more to say.  I was watching Extreme Weight Loss and the girl on this episode said something that I instantly knew was true of me.  When she felt overwhelmed, she shut down and did nothing a lot of the time.  I do that.  That's what is going on with my exercise right now and that is what has been going on for years with my house cleaning issues.  So I need to develop the "just do something" mentality when I feel like that.  I do sometimes.  For instance, sometimes if all I can do is get up and work during some commercials, I do that.  But I also think I need to start working on one habit at a time and build on that.  I think the first one with house cleaning is the deal of working 30 consecutive minutes a day.  It doesn't matter what I work on, but it helps when I put 30 minutes together instead of breaking it up into too many smaller time slots.  So that is the first habit I am going to work on.  I just need to remember this.

For exercise, I am going to work on getting 5 workouts a week done, each weekday morning.  If all I can do is 15 minutes, then I will do 15 minutes.  Most of the time I will keep going if I have gotten started.  But I have to give myself permission to do that if it's feeling overwhelming.

I'm having headaches today, but they feel different.  I think they are probably more about my body throwing off stuff than the usual.


Goodness, it was kind of a rough night.  I had told my daughter yesterday I felt like I was going through some kind of medication withdrawal.  I assessed to see if I had missed any of my medication lately, and I had not, so that was not it and I didn't think much more about it.  In the night, however, I started feeling very strange.  I was awakened with pretty severe symptoms and couldn't go back to sleep.  I finally decided I was carb crashing, which I had read about.  The article I read said if that happened, rather than endure those more severe symptoms, eat some low-carb fruit.  I had some frozen blackberries, so I ate some of those.  I felt a little better, but still awoke again with some symptoms.  I really didn't have much carbs in the house that were an easy fix.  So I ate a few walnuts.  I felt better after that and was able to go back to sleep.  I guess that's what it was.  Hopefully my body can go on now and make the total switch.  The article said that this would eventually go away, but even Dr. Atkins did not recommend enduring it.  Anyway, they were some very unpleasant symptoms for the middle of the night -- jittery, restless, weakness, etc.

I didn't finish counting up my carbs yesterday, but I might have gone under a little.  I need to be careful not to do that.  I did that another day -- only got 10 grams the whole day.  That's not enough.  I needed to eat more vegetables.
I did get up and do a workout today.  I did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike.  5 minutes 5R, 23 minutes of 7R with some intervals of 1 minute each mixed in at 10R, then 2 minutes of 5R to cool down.  I think I am going to stick to 30 minutes right now, unless I feel like doing more on any given day.  Most "experts" recommend 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week for a minimum.  Since I also want to do some strength training and my yoga on some days, I decided to do that so as not to feel so overwhelmed (and then do nothing).  I watched the first two segments of my Arms of Steel video last night (I like to know what to expect before doing it the first time).  The first segment of 10 minutes looks fairly doable.  Even though the title is Arms of Steel, these workouts work other areas, like your chest and back.  So that's good.  I think it will be a good starting workout using only hand weights and/or band.  I'm thinking twice a week on this until it gets easy.  Then there will be yoga one night a week for my instruction, and at least one other time a week of doing the moves at home.  I am planning to get a yoga video to work on this at home with a "coach".  I would also like to do some leg work, and would probably do that with my Walk and Firm video, which starts with mini squats and lunges.  Here is my plan (which was the task I was supposed to do with my last chapter from The Beck Diet Solution):

Cardio – Recumbent Bike
30 mins.
Toning – Arms of Steel
Cardio/Toning – Walk & Firm
Yoga (instruction)
Cardio – Recumbent Bike
30 mins.
Toning – Arms of Steel
Cardio/Toning – Walk & Firm
Yoga (at home)
Cardio – Recumbent Bike
30 mins.
Optional:  Hike or Bike Ride (will do more as weather cools)

The relaxation I am talking about on Friday night is a deliberate "exercise" to try to release stress and relax (like what I attempted last week).  This week it might be spending some time in the hot tub at my lofts, if the weather is not so hot it would make it unpleasant.  Otherwise I will try what I did last time again (this time no smoke alarm and the cat closed up in the other bathroom, where I can't hear him).  :)  Sometime over the weekend I think I will try to get a pedicure too.  Sometimes that is not the most relaxing thing to get to, but I do enjoy them.

Breakfast this morning was leftover frittata and bacon.  Snack was an Atkins snack bar.

I have switchboard duty during my usual lunch today and then massage after that, so lunch will be after that (which I will likely eat at my desk).

I got a chance to do some reading while doing switchboard duty, which was nice.  Now I will want to finish the book, since I started it.  I haven't been doing any reading for pleasure in a while.

The MT gave me a workover.  She said I am going to be sore and to drink lots of water.

Lunch was a Chicken Caesar Salad without any croutons.  Then I had another Atkins snack bar for snack.  I expect dinner will be the other pork chop I cooked and leftover roasted cauliflower.  The mashed cauliflower last night was so good, taste-wise, but not mashed up enough to be "creamy".  Next time I will use the blender or food processor, but I was too hungry to bother.  I added a little cream and some parmigiano-reggiano (so nice to be able to do this).  I was pretty hungry a lot of the day yesterday (at least the latter part), and I am not today, so I hope that means I have gotten over the hump with switching over from carb burning to fat burning.

Steph is not feeling well again (having pain and nausea issues) and they are going to do a CT scan and blood tests on her tomorrow.  She is so ready for this to be over.  So am I.  She says it does not feel like a blockage, just pain.  I don't have any indication that it will, but I certainly hope it does not lead to another hospitalization.  I'm so done with that situation.  Or ready to be.  I never will be as long as my daughter needs me.  Prayers appreciated.

I also got word that my sister-in-law may have breast cancer, so they will have to be dealing with that.  I don't know if they have medical insurance.  Hopefully they have some kind of policy, but he is an independent contractor, so doesn't have any group insurance, I don't guess.  She helps him in his work, so no insurance there either.

On the agenda tonight is 30 minutes of house cleaning (at least), Arms of Steel workout and preparing for tomorrow.  There will be some reading in there somewhere too, and some sort of relaxation exercise.  Too much going on and I don't want to take it on my body.  Or my soul, for that matter.

Over and out.

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