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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 2 - Atkins

I am struggling a little this morning.  Not on eating off plan, but on eating in general.  I feel unsatisfied.  I think it is my body switching over from burning carbs to burning fat, which is the object of the first couple of weeks of Atkins.  My body is wanting carbs and that is why I am not satisfied.  Your body first burns off all its glycogen stores before it switches to fat burning, and I am sure that is what is going on.  So I will just have to tough it out.  I am writing to kind of motivate myself for that.

I was hungry when I first got up, but didn’t want to eat too much, so I ate a couple of celery stalks.  I had no idea celery stalks had 1 gram of carbohydrate each!  Then for breakfast I had 2 sausage patties and 2 scrambled eggs (0 carbs).  Mid-morning I had an Atkins snack bar (2 carbs).

Grocery shopping was a lot easier, in some ways, last night.  I didn’t have to debate over getting this or that.  If it was carbs, it was a no.  I just had to check the carbs in certain meats (like sausage) and buy meat and vegetables.  It was a little difficult to pass up all that delicious summer fruit – it looked extra good to me yesterday.  The first thing you see when you walk in the door is watermelon.  All the fruit looked so good and was calling to me, only because I cannot have it right now.  But getting moving is more important to me.  This phase is just temporary.  Meat, cheese and vegetables – that’s what I bought.

I am having a lot of pain issues right now.  I don’t know what is up with that.  I had gotten spoiled to feeling better, and now I am having to deal with it again.  In the meantime, I went for my massage today and she explained that this is expected with the massage and yoga.  I am persuading my body to move in different ways than it was before and it is going to hurt while I am getting adjusted to it.  Plus it releases toxins from those areas that have been all tightened up.  So that is good to know for sure.  I knew my body was hurting from the massage and the yoga, but you get to thinking it is a bad thing – like you are doing something to hurt yourself – but it’s more like having sore muscles after exercising.  She explained that someone who is running a triathlon or marathon would not want to have deep tissue massage any closer than a week before the event, for this reason.  Your body needs time to deal with the toxins and the soreness.  Plus you have persuaded your body to move in a different way (the correct way, but different than you are used to), so you are not going to perform as well at that point until your body gets used to it.  So I will quit worrying about the soreness and know that it is all part of getting better.

She was stretching out my hip and inner thigh with a certain move that had my foot on her ribcage.  She told me to push and hold it for a bit, and then release.  She made me laugh because she was enjoying it more than I was.  She said the pressure from my foot on her ribcage felt really good.  I told her I was glad to help out.  I really do like this girl (she is a woman, but we’re all girls, right?).  She is such an encourager and I just like her as a person.  She could turn into a good friend, as well as my MT.  She says I look different every time she sees me.  She says the difference in the way I look now from when she first met me (3 years ago or so) is phenomenal.  Not just because I have lost weight, but she says my countenance has changed so much because I am getting well on the inside.  I can’t tell you how much that means to me.  After being diagnosed with battered wife syndrome, that means almost as much to me as losing weight.

I think the massage therapy and yoga are as good for me mentally as physically.  The act of doing something so positive for myself on a regular basis is very healing.  I am taking care of myself more than I ever have in my life.  It has been a long time coming.  J

I picked up a salad at Potbelly for lunch.  I should have brought something from home, but didn’t get it together in time.  I only got most of the groceries put away this morning.  The salad was the one I usually get except, this time, I did not ask them to cut the bacon and I got ranch dressing instead of the vinaigrette.  I looked them up and the dressing with the least carbs was the ranch.  The vinaigrettes, especially the fat-free one, were the worst!  I had already started eating my salad when I checked on how many carbs it was going to be.  It was going to be 9 like I ordered it, which was still more than I wanted to have, so I took off each ingredient, one by one, to see which saved the most carbs (on the nutrition calculator).  The tomatoes was one of them (which I already left off because I don’t like them).  The other thing you might not guess – the cucumbers.  It added 2 grams of carbs, so I left them.  See?  I had to use another half a container of salad dressing (I think they shorted me), so it still came out to 9 carbs.


Surprisingly, my favorite kind of dressing has almost the fewest carbs, and that is blue cheese dressing.  I bought some at the store last night, but didn’t have it with me today.  Next time I will use it.

I am realizing how much sugar I was still eating, even though I wasn’t eating sweets.  That salad seemed like it needed a little something sweet, either in the dressing or with some dried fruit or something.  Of course, I will get used to it.  I like things like honey mustard, and I know I like them because they are sweet.  I will have to watch for that added sugar in everything.

My friend was telling me I will start seeing the weight fall off.  I really hope so!  If I lost the 15 pounds they say you can lose in the first 2 weeks, I would be at my lowest for many, many years.  I plan to keep going on this phase as long as I am able to keep going with it and keep losing.  Eventually I will be gradually adding more carbs until I find my limit.  Someone told me they wouldn’t do Atkins because yes, you lose weight, but they gained it all back.  That is because they went right back to eating like they were.  I will always need to eat low-carb; I just have to find how much is too much for me.  It has to be a lifestyle, because I don’t ever want to have to do this again.  Of course, there is going to be a meal here and there when I don’t want to think about how many carbs I am eating, and that is okay, as long as it is once in a blue moon.  For the most part, I am going to have to severely limit my carbs compared to the average American diet.  And I am okay with that if it gets me where I want to go.

Snack this afternoon is an Atkins shake (1 carb).  I am going to a Rangers game this evening.  I’m not sure if I will have an opportunity to eat anything low-carb (I’m trying to think what I can get at a ballgame), but I do have an Atkins meal bar with me, just in case.  I will center on having fun at the game and the people I am with, rather than the food.  I don’t like to spend tons of money on food at the ballgame anyway.  I often pick up something to take with me, but I don’t know if I will have time this evening.  I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m a little late.

I found out from my daughter about plans for the evening.  I have looked over the menu of where they are going to eat before the game, and if I get there in time to eat, I will have a steak with the steamed veggies.  I could have the chicken smothered with cheese, but you never know what they marinate it in that might increase the number of carbs.  A steak and veggies should be very little carbs (depending on what their steamed veggies are).  If I don’t get there on time, I will just eat my meal bar.  I will be fine with that.

I’m going to get this posted, since I will be getting home late and I won’t want to do it then.  We're over the hump now.  Come on Friday!

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