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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review - ELEMentary Weight Loss by Jonathan Spillman

I was asked to do a book review.  I agreed and the author sent me the book.

The book is entitled ELEMentary Weight Loss, with a subtitle of Eat Less Exercise More (or ELEM) and it was written by Jonathan Spillman.

The e-mail I received had this description of the book:

ELEMentary Weight Loss is both the title of a book by Jonathan Spillman and a concept of hope for everyday people. Mr. Spillman wrote his book after reflecting on his personal weight loss journey of losing 83 pounds after college. After perusing countless fitness books, he realized that most of them where either gimmicks or so technical that the average reader wouldn’t be able to get much out of reading. ELEM is based on the idea of Eat Less and Exercise More.

Honestly, I do not disagree with anything the author said in his book.  It is a fast read, and I like that.  However, for people like me, it goes nowhere near far enough.  If you are like me and have had a near lifelong problem with weight, your problem is not in knowing what to do.  It is finding the strength to do it and keep doing it.  The book does touch on how to motivate yourself, but for me, it would have never been enough to get me where I need to go.  If I could have done it by simply eating less and moving more, I would have done it a long time ago.  My problem lies in finding what has kept me and sometimes continues to keep me from doing that.  The problem goes much deeper.

So, I would recommend this book to perhaps young people who know nothing about how to go about losing weight.  But to those like me whose issues go far beyond knowing what to do, the information in this book is only the tip of the iceberg.

I did find the section at the end of the book about Weight Loss Resources and Tools to be helpful.  There were some websites and mobile apps I did not know about and I may make use of some of those.

*The book ELEMentary Weight Loss was provided to me by the author.  The opinions are my own.

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