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Friday, August 2, 2013

Being Tired Should Not Lead to Extra Eating, It Should Lead to Resting

Day one of trying to get back to normal.  No, I didn’t get up to work out.  Just didn’t have it in me.  But I’m going to commit to do workouts both Saturday and Sunday.  I’ve said it, so now I have to do it, right?  I have a lot of errands to run Saturday, but I would really like to get caught up on my rest and some house cleaning.  I need to do some meal planning and cooking, too.  I just need a weekend to regroup.

My weight, although dropping earlier in the week, has not gotten back down there again.  I know it is just one of those things, so I’m not too worried about it, but I only have about a week before the end of my challenge.  It says right now on DietBet that I still have 5.6 pounds to lose to meet my goal for the challenge.  I had dropped lower than that earlier in the week and I feel sure I will get down there again (and more).  I am being careful to drink all of my water today and am going to be sure to hit the workouts next week.  No distractions, I hope!  I have done very well on my eating all week.

Breakfast this morning was an omelet.  I had a lot of sautéed onions left over from my fajitas last night, so I put some of those in when I folded it over, along with some part-skim mozzarella cheese (that’s the only kind of melting cheese I had right now).  It was pretty good.  There was a lot of oil on those fajita veggies, but it left a lot in the pan when I took it out, so I hope that helped a little bit.

I could not make a decision on what to eat for lunch.  Nothing sounded good.  So I just ended up eating a protein bar and a banana.  Starbucks had some bananas, so I got a couple there.  Right now I am sated, but I don’t know if that will last until dinner or not.  And my boss has already asked me to work late.  Not too late, he said – maybe until 7:00.  Famous last words.  I can always hope his wife will come up with somewhere she wants him to be earlier than that.

I just had a weird (and revealing) thought progression.  The thought flashed through my head that I was tired, and instantly the thought was to find something to eat to help with that.  I have known being tired is a trigger for me, but it seems my brain thinks that is the thing I should do when I am tired.  Not rest or take a nap, but find something to eat.  We’ll just have to retrain that thought progression!  Of course, I would like to rest or take a nap, but I can’t do that right now.  Or can I?  I realized as I was writing this (which was at around 1:00), I had not taken a lunch and my boss was out, so I went back to an empty office and took a short cat nap, just sitting up in a chair.  There is a wingback chair back there, and if I put my feet up on another chair, I can nap that way pretty well.  I must have been really tired, because I was totally out and woke up with a start at exactly the time I needed to.  I seem to have an inside clock and that happens a lot.  If I know I am supposed to wake up (usually from a nap), I seem to wake up at exactly the right time without an alarm.  It doesn’t always work in the morning, though.  Anyway, I felt somewhat refreshed and that was just what I needed.  I actually had a significant headache building before I took that nap, and now it is gone.  Yes!

WW is big on routines these days.  I think that is something I need to center in on.  I’m going to work on developing a general routine and a housekeeping routine.  I think that will help me a lot.  Routines are my friend.

As I suspected, I got a little hungry late in the afternoon.  My friend had some almonds so I ate some of those. I ate more than I really wanted to spend the points on, but I was hungry.

I’ve got way too much to do this weekend and not nearly enough time and energy.  I guess I will just have to do the best I can.

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