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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to Normal

What a day.  Usually I'm getting my thoughts down throughout the day, but today there was no chance until now. I dragged myself out of bed again, too late for a workout.  I was kind of stuffed up this morning too.  No time to fix myself any breakfast, so I had a protein bar and a banana (6 points).

I got myself off to work, which started out busy.  Then Stephanie called and said the doctor came in and she was being released.  So I left a little before 11 to go to the hospital and get her.  I was hungry and ate a peach on the way there.  We made a couple of stops and had some lunch.  Lunch was two tacos at Chipotle (8 points).  Steph didn't want to go to her apartment, since she would be alone with two big rambunctious dogs, so she spent the afternoon at my loft.  I had another banana mid-afternoon.

The afternoon was jam packed with no time to look up.  I got off at 7.  My daughters were there when I got home, so we went to get something to eat.  We went to a little Mexican restaurant close by.  Bethany and I got fajitas for 2 (shrimp and chicken).  I got corn tortillas instead of flour.  The only condiments I used were the guacamole and pico de gallo, plus some salsa.  I didn't eat the rice and beans, and not one tortilla chip.  That came to 11 points.  I was still kind of hungry when I got home and I don't have much of anything to eat.  I did find a piece of bread and had a tablespoon of peanut butter on it (4 points).  I'm going to leave it there.  I am out of fruit.  I've had to buy what I ate today at the convenience store.  I paid a dollar for one peach and $1.40 for 2 bananas.

I really need to buy groceries.  Everything in my refrigerator (produce) is past its prime.  I wasn't counting on almost a week away from home (basically).  I did eat my fruit, but not my lettuce and some other fresh vegetables.  Some of it is still good, though.

I am so glad things will be getting back to normal now.  I will still be dragging tomorrow, but at least things should settle down now.  The kids have a weekend with the other side of their family (my ex's family), so it should be quiet for me.  (Everyone but my ex and his wife will be there.  My kids actually prefer it that way.)  Cas is a little hyper and whiny tonight.  I'll have to get him some good exercise this weekend.  I'm not promising I will get up for a workout in the morning, but we will see.  I am so worn out.  That's why I didn't eat all my points tonight.  I really want to make sure I lose what I need to for my DietBet challenge.  And I'm just so ready to really get moving.  I'm still making up for weight I gained before I started this challenge, so I am ready to get it off and get moving past where I have been in a long, long time.

That's it for tonight.  I should get to bed early, but know if I will.


  1. I'm so glad your daughter is ok and feeling better. It's so hard to focus on anything but our kids when they're not feeling well. How are your headaches? Are they any better? Hopefully, tomorrow will be a great day!

    1. Thanks Kris! Headache is improved after staying on the muscle relaxants a week or two. It's still there, at times, but it is not so relentless, thank the Lord! Thanks for asking!


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