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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Atkins - Day One

Today is the first day of Atkins.  As with any plan, the first day is extremely important.  You can't have the many successful days you need to accomplish a goal if you never get through the first one.

I'm really not wanting to go to work today.  I'm sleepy, for one thing.  And no SF Red Bulls today.  But I can do this.  I am ready to get moving!  I may have to step down on the SF Red Bulls because of the caffeine.  However, I can get the kind that have zero carbs (which I really do not like much).  I will wait until/if I have a caffeine headache.  I sure am wanting one right now though.

I was hungry when I first got up so I took some deli ham (4 thin slices have 1 gram of carbs) and I wrapped each slice around a half of a dill pickle spear.  I'm not sure where I heard about this as a low carb snack, but it was pretty good.  Total carbs:  1.  I used a kind of deli ham that did not have preservatives.

For breakfast I had an omelet with 2 eggs, deli ham and some RF cheddar.  Total carbs:  2.8.

For snack mid-morning I had more of the ham wrapped around pickle spears.  I never went to the store this weekend, so am using what I have on hand.

I cleaned out my cabinets and most of my refrigerator yesterday and either threw out or put away all of my carby stuff.  I stored the popcorn, dry pasta and rice elsewhere, but I didn't see any sense in throwing it out.  It will not tempt me.  My meals were fairly carby yesterday.  I was trying to use as much stuff as I could, but decided I was ready to go ahead and get started.

It's not even lunchtime yet, and I am definitely already craving carbs.  Probably as much a mind thing as anything.  I'm also craving a SF Red Bull, of course.  Sometimes I think you get started on these things and you forget that your body and your mind are going to protest.  I have to remember that opposition is expected.  I peeked ahead on what the next few days' topics were in The Beck Diet Solution.  One of them is that you need to build up your tolerance to hunger a bit.  Just because you are a little hungry doesn't always mean you need to eat.  I know I have had enough food this morning.  My tummy is asking for a little more, but it's more my mind than anything.  Making myself wait a bit will not hurt me.

Yesterday's topic in The Beck Diet Solution was to find a diet coach.  I'm not quite sure where to go on that one.  I get a little bit of coaching from the comments on my blog, but you need to have someone you can go to at any given moment if there is a struggle.  Some of the people I might talk to now are not necessarily right for being my diet coach.  They are not having success themselves right now and will probably be a little too sympathetic, and I don't always need sympathetic.  I need people to tell me the truth, even if that is not what I am wanting to hear.

I went home for lunch and stopped at Salata to get me a salad.  I got a salad of spring mix greens, baby spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms, bacon bits (real), boiled egg, blue cheese, avocado and ranch dressing.  It was very good, but it needed something a little sweet, like some dried cranberries, but that would have added too many carbs.  As it was, it came out to about 10 grams, which is about half a day's allowance.  I will need to eat stuff for dinner that has next to no carbs, since I have a little under 15 for the day so far and my limit is 20.

One of my sisters told me this weekend that she had recently started HRT.  I actually had someone mention that in a comment the other day.  My sister said she is feeling noticeably better, including less hot flashes, more energy and better mood.  I might talk to my doctor about it at my annual check-up, which is coming up soon.

The same person also commented that I might benefit from some therapy.  I almost poo-pooed that comment, but gave it some thought.  I do think I would benefit from some therapy.  I want to do everything I can to reach my goal and to change my lifestyle so that I never have to do this again.  The question is if I can work it into my budget.  I am checking into it, anyway.  I found one that does cognitive behavioral therapy, like The Beck Diet Solution I am reading.

I have yoga tonight and am not looking forward to it much.  But I know once I get into it, I will be glad I went.  I'm just tired.  But then, I am always tired.  :(  Just then, when I thought about that, my thoughts progressed to one of the things on my list of why I want to lose weight.  One of them is that I want to be an energetic person -- to have more than enough energy for all the things I need and want to do.  It is hard now, but as I consistently do what I need to do to get this weight off, I will feel better and better.  I have to keep that in the forefront of my mind.

I ended up not going to yoga.  My daughter called and wants me to go to a Rangers game with her and her boyfriend and his family tomorrow evening.  I didn't feel like I could turn them down.  But Rangers games on a weeknight are tough.  They really take it out of me.  And I need to get groceries.  I just didn't feel like I could do it all.  So I postponed my appointment until next Tuesday.

Dinner tonight was a grilled steak.  I also baked some zucchini and melted a little parmesan on it.  It feels weird to be able to eat this on a weight loss program.

I went and bought groceries.  I carried them all in and put away anything that would spoil.  The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.  Why can't I seem to get everything done?  I don't know, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

I seem to be struggling more with pain right now than I had been.  I don't know if something I am doing is causing it or what.  This particular bout seems to have cropped up after my massage appointment yesterday.  She really stretched my hips and I have been having a lot of radiating pain today.  It's pretty annoying.

Time to shut things down and get to bed.  Tomorrow's going to be a long day.

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