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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Atkins - Day 3

I'm wishing I could stay home today.  I had a great time at the ballgame last night, but I am paying for it today.  The Rangers won with a walk-off run!  We had met at a restaurant (didn't have time to eat) and then rode a shuttle to the ballgame.  After the game, the line for the shuttle was so long, we walked back to our cars.  That was at least a 2-mile walk!  My foot was bothering me a lot yesterday (plantar fasciitis - self-diagnosed).  I iced it some while we were sitting at the game (I had frozen a bottle of water and I rolled it under my foot while we sat there).  I had worn my athletic shoes with arch supports, knowing there is usually quite a bit of walking at the ballpark.  My foot and everything felt fine for the walk to my car.  In fact, I left everyone else in the dust.  I was wanting to get home and they were walking too slow for my taste, so I moved on ahead at my pace.  I did that the whole way to the car -- everyone was marveling that I had kept up that pace.  So I got a good workout last night.  However, this morning, I am having a lot of radiating pain in my left leg and my right foot is bothering me a lot.  I got to bed at Midnight and slept in a little, but I'm still worn out and hurting. to work I go.

I’m at work now, and I am still having significant pain -- nerve pain from my left hip down my leg, and it is there even when sitting.  Guess I am flared up.  I don’t like it.  I think the way my MT is stretching my hips is causing it.  From what they (my MT and yoga instructor) say, the muscles spasm, which pinches the nerve, which causes the pain.  Whatever the reason, it hurts and is not fun to deal with.  Have I whined enough yet today?
I am always hungry when I first wake up in the morning.  I used to have fruit then, because it was zero points.  Now it’s not points, but carbs, I have to count.  The zero carb stuff is basically protein.  Can you eat too much meat on Atkins?  I am trying to watch it.  I had a sausage link early.  Then I had eggs and sausage for breakfast.  I had an Atkins snack bar mid-morning (these are pretty darned good!).  I went home for lunch and made some parmesan crusted chicken and some roasted Brussels sprouts (yum!).  I just took a boneless, skinless chicken breast, pounded it out a bit, put a little salt on it and a little parmigiano reggiano on one side, seared it in a little olive oil and butter, turned it over and seared the other side (I had put the cheese on that side too).  It was a fairly big breast, so I finished it in the oven while the Brussels sprouts were cooking.  It was actually so big that I couldn’t eat all of it and gave the last few bites to the dog and cat.  But it was very tasty.
Since we didn’t get to eat at the restaurant last night, I ate the Atkins meal bar I had with me.  I was still hungry and ate a hamburger patty (ordered a hamburger without the bun).  I am sure I need more vegetables, but last night was kind of different circumstances.  Tonight I get to go home, so I will try to get things planned a little better.
I really surprised myself with the walk from the ballpark to the car last night.  I guess all the walking downtown and the recumbent bike workouts are doing their job.
I did some reading on plantar fasciitis.  I feel sure that is what is wrong with my foot.  One of the factors is being overweight.  That’s good, in one way, because as I lose, it should improve.  I may have to get more rugs down in my loft.  At the very least I have to be extra careful on walking on the concrete floors.  I plan to wear my athletic shoes with arch supports at all times, except in the middle of the night.  But even then, I have to slip on some supportive shoes just to go to the bathroom.  I really do not want to have to get an injection, but will if I have to.  In the meantime, I will keep working on icing it, stretching and massaging it, and wearing supportive shoes.  I don't want it to get out of hand.  I have to walk too much to put up with that.
The afternoon got busy (I'm glad).  I worked an hour late and am home now.  Dinner was a sausage link, some broccoli slaw with some blue cheese dressing.  I'm not sure that will be enough, but I feel pretty good for now.  I will eat some more sausage or something if I get hungry.
I'm glad to have a night at home.  Even though I didn't work Monday, I feel like this week has been crazy busy and I haven't had time to do much at home.  One more day and I can have some down time.


  1. I used to have plantar fasciitis too - so bad I had to get medical grade foot soles to put in my shoes. I could barely walk in the morning.

    Then I found Classical Stretch - its on my local PBS station - search for it - I have about 12 of her shows on my DVR and whenever I feel the heal pain coming on, I just do her exercise shows and it goes away.

    Happy Friday - and great job on the walking!

  2. Thanks Biz! I have been looking at yoga videos to possibly purchase, so I can keep going with it even if I can't get to a group class. This looks like it would be along the same lines. Thanks for pointing this out!

  3. Were you diagnosed with sciatica? I have that ever since I herniated a disk in my back and it is really painful when it flares.

    1. Yes, I have sciatica due to spondylolisthesis and stenosis. My lower back is in pretty bad shape on several levels. However, spondylolisthesis responds well to weight loss, so I am trying to lose weight to avoid back surgery. I also could not have the kind of back surgery I would need because I am too heavy (they go in through the abdomen and I have too much belly fat). I am hopeful the weight loss will help enough so that I don't have to have surgery, so I am doing all I can do to do that, plus massage therapy and yoga. It has been doing pretty well, but the stuff the MT is doing is kind of making it flare up. That's not unexpected. Sometimes they have to stir it up a little while fixing it. It is just not pleasant. Yes, it is very painful. I also had a double fusion in my neck and have trouble with that sometimes, along with chronic headaches. The MT seems to be helping with that, as long as I keep taking muscle relaxants. All of this has made weight loss tough, but I'm determined to get it done.


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