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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Productive Weekend

I haven't done a workout yet this morning, but it's been an "active" one.  Who knew bombing for bugs was such a chore.  I got a "deep penetrating" bomb, so smoke alarms had to be disconnected and things put away that could be contaminated.  Three hours out of the day, plus prepping everything and then cleaning.  I just hope this takes care of it and I don't keep getting chewed on all night.  However, I have enough to do it a couple of more times, if necessary.

Also on the agenda is lots of cleaning, including shampooing the rugs, cooking and preparing food for the week, laundry, etc.  At least I am being productive, which feels good.

I have some work to do this week if I am going to meet my DietBet challenge.  However, I missed a couple of days of my BP medication, which always makes a difference, since it has a diuretic in it.  I plan to do high protein/low carb this week to hopefully move things along.  I'm going to have to get some workouts in, and I should probably spend some time in the hot Texas sun and sweat, sweat, sweat.  I know I have lost some weight that isn't showing up on the scale yet.

Breakfast this morning was pepper bacon and scrambled eggs, along with a banana.  For lunch I made a stir-fry chicken dish.  I would say this one was a success.  I usually don't like mine as well as what you can get at a restaurant.  I never can get as much flavor.  But this turned out good.  It had chicken, onion, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, orange bell pepper and I added a Fresno chile.  It had a slightly sweet sauce using honey and soy sauce, among other things.  There was also fresh grated ginger and minced garlic in the stir-fry.  I thought it needed a little more heat, but a little Sriracha on top took care of that.  I didn't have it over rice, as I usually would, since I am going low-carb.  It was very tasty and satisfying, though.

I got the living room rug shampooed and it's time to put my room back together after the bug bomb.  Lots more work to do!

As of 6:20, I've pretty much worked all day so far, with periods of rest.  Everything is much more pleasant around here.  It's interesting, but I have not had a lot of appetite.  I haven't craved bread, etc. at all today.  I have had some fruit, as in a peach after lunch and some grapes after dinner.  I had a 100-calorie bag of almonds mid-afternoon.  I had the leftovers from the stir-fry for dinner.  Oh yeah, I had a little cottage cheese after lunch.  That's it.  I'll eat something else this evening if I am hungry and I won't if I'm not.  This feels good.

So, as it got later in the evening, I was feeling a little hungry, but more than that, I wanted some carbs.  I thought about eating some crackers -- I had the points for them -- but I really want to meet my goal on the DietBet challenge, so I want to stick to the low-carb thing this week, anyway.  I counted up my points and I had 14 left for the day.  I ate another 100-calorie pack of almonds and a banana.  That will probably be it.  That's all I'm hungry for.

I'm having some pain the last few days.  I have some plantar fasciitis going on, from walking without shoes every once in a while on my cement floors.  I really don't do it much, but it doesn't take much.  I'm also having pain in the right hip kind of radiating down the thigh.  And sometimes I have some pain in my arm, but not consistently, thank goodness.  I think working out will help this, not hurt it, and I really have to get back to that in the morning.  No excuses.

I made some good progress this weekend on things that were bugging me.  Now I feel more ready to get up and get going in the morning.


  1. "I think working out will help this, not hurt it, and I really have to get back to that in the morning." You bet it will help, especially in the long run (no pun intended). No excuses girl, get moving! :)

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    1. Thanks Michelle! Reporting for duty -- on the recumbent bike. Here I go!


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