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Friday, August 30, 2013

5 Pounds and a Reward

Life got in the way, so my Thursday post was late.  So there will be two posts today.

 I was so looking forward to getting through today and getting to the 3-day weekend.  I am pretty fed up with the way my family has been beat up over the last few years.  This needs to stop.  I need to be more serious about praying over the situation.  Enough is enough.  When my daughter talked to me about all those things last night, my normal reaction is I just want to fix it.  But I can't fix this, try as I might.  But I know the One Who can.

I am doing my best not to hold onto the stress of this.  I am feeling so much better in a lot of ways.  I was marveling this morning over the range of motion in my neck.  It hasn't been this way for a long, long time.  And I am having very few headaches.  As far as the rest of my body, most of what I feel today is muscle soreness from the exercise and my thighs are tired from the workouts.  I can deal with that.  My MT did a major stretch on my feet and the backs of my legs, for the plantar fasciitis.  I was amazed at how much my left leg fought it.  I tried to stop resisting, but I couldn't.  I didn't realize how much I was fighting it until she took her hand and pushed my left knee down.  Then the sciatic pain started kicking in.  She said I had probably developed a protective mechanism from the sciatica.  Ouchies.  When she did my right leg, I was able to see the difference -- I didn't have any trouble keeping that leg straight and not fighting what she was doing.  She showed me more stretches to do on my left hip.  There is only so much I can tolerate, because it really causes the radiating pain to kick in while I am doing it.  But I don't seem to have any residual pain today, thank the Lord.  So I will do these several times during the week, just a little at a time.

Despite the goings-on from last night and the heaviness of my heart, plus getting to bed later than I like to and oversleeping, I did my recumbent bike workout.  That means I have gotten 8 workouts this week, even though some of them were small.  They count.

I have now passed 5 pounds lost, so I can set another 5-pound goal.  The Beck Diet Solution says you should reward yourself for each goal met.  Perhaps I over-indulged a 5-pound loss, but these 5 pounds were a long time coming.   Here is my reward (my pets insisted on being in the pictures):

This will go with a blouse I have
(among other things)
This will go great with a dress I have.
If I wear jewelry, you know I am feeling pretty decent about myself.  I am collecting quite a lot of costume jewelry like this.  There is a kiosk in the basement of our office building that has great stuff.  These were $15 each and both have earrings with them.  They also have great purses.  I also love Charming Charlie -- a wonderland of accessories.  If I go more than a few days without wearing jewelry, you know I am feeling pretty crappy about myself.  I just don't make the effort.  So jewelry is a good thing for me.

Today turned out to be pretty busy.  But that's good -- it makes the day go fast.  I got off on time.  I have been feeling a little bored with my food the last couple of days.  I looked at some Atkins recipes, and with all the sauces you can make, there is no need to have some plain, tasteless meat for dinner.  I got a grilled chicken breast from the cafeteria downstairs at work, and it just seemed like it was missing something -- to me it need a little sweetness in the seasoning, but you can't do that much with Atkins.  I only ate half of it for lunch.  And the broccoli I got was really bland, so I only ate a couple of bites (but I did eat a salad).  So I had those for dinner and made a little cheese sauce with cream and some cheddar melted in, with some seasonings added.  Much better!  I printed off a lot of recipes for sauces and salad dressings.  If I could have just dipped the broccoli in salad dressing, that would have made it better, but I didn't have any.  I know all this sounds funny for a weight loss diet, but that's Atkins.  We have been fed a line of bull about low fat diets.  I try not to go overboard on what I am eating, but they encourage you to eat good fats for satiety.  And I am losing weight.  When I am ready to go to the next phase (after I have completed at least 2 weeks), I can add more carbs, but not too much.  It's working, so I am not going to argue with success.  The good thing is, my appetite is just not that big eating like this.

That's it for tonight.  I think I am going to walk down to my new gym and pick up my membership card.  I will take Cas and just carry him while I go in to get the card.  He will enjoy the walk.


  1. WooHoo on the 5 pound loss!!!
    I love both of those necklaces!!! Gorgeous and you totally deserve them!! I hope that you wear them a lot in the coming weeks!!

  2. Hooray for 5 pounds!! You should be so proud of yourself - and non-food treats are awesome!!

  3. Thanks Biz! I am so happy to be moving again, and to have my appetite under better control.


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