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Monday, July 22, 2013


Started off Monday morning at work with a staff meeting.  Those can be a beat-down, but it didn’t turn out to be so bad.
I had some trouble sleeping again and got my best sleep after getting up from my bed at 5:00 a.m. and moving to the recliner.  My back was hurting, for some reason.  I didn’t wake up until 6:30, which is too late for a workout.  I really have to get one done tonight.  These headaches are rough.  I have massage therapy at Noon and hope that will help.  I kind of wonder if that was what set it off this time, though.  I think what she is doing will ultimately help, but I wondered if it made some things flare up in the process.  I think my lower back was probably hurting because I sat too much yesterday.  I did get up and walk Cas this morning.
As I said yesterday, I do not have meals planned out as I should.  This morning I had a Potbelly ham, mushroom, egg and Swiss on a wheat square for 10 points, along with some fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon, honey dew and grapes from a fruit tray I bought; just a little of each).  I will go somewhere for lunch, too.  Since I have a massage appointment, I won’t have a full lunch hour to go home.
I just checked in on Bethany.  Remember she has mono.  She is not feeling well at all, but went on to work today.  She said her throat is hurting so bad she could barely sleep last night.  I think she needs to see a doctor, so got her in with my doctor.  I hope they can help her at least be able to rest more comfortably.  Even though she is grown up, the mother in me still comes out so much when one of my kids is this sick.  I just want to help her feel better.
I have now been for my massage.  I told her I have had a headache pretty much for 3 days with little let-up.  She did some acupressure to start with, and I could feel it let up a little while she was doing that.  Basically she said my trapezius muscle on my left side was not a happy camper.  She did some pinching on it and it hurt like the devil.  She said she could tell by feeling that I was tender and inflamed in that area.  She did all her work and then told me to ice the area.  She also told me that when I start getting these headaches to ice my neck as soon as I can.  And if I can, to put my feet in warm water and put an ice pack on my neck so it will pull the toxins out of there and down away from the area.  She also worked on my lower back and bottom some.  She said I carry tension in my bottom (that I probably tense those muscles when I am stressed).  She definitely found some tender places in my lower back and she worked with them.  I do feel better and do not have a headache at this moment.  By things she was saying throughout the massage, she said my problems were a lot more complex than most people who have a headache.  She said she had been thinking about me this weekend (that makes me feel good).  She said she was really proud of me for how I was working on myself and my health and weight, etc.
I looked at a picture of the trapezius muscle and it definitely looks to be the area where I am having continual problems.  When she pinched it, I could feel the pain shooting up the neck.  When she had been doing some work earlier, I could feel pain from where my collar bone joins to my shoulder, all the way across my back to that point on the other side.  I am going to work on a couple of exercises to stretch that muscle and strengthen it.  Maybe that will help.  I think I will start with the stretching (very gently) for a bit before trying to do any strengthening.  It is likely pretty flared up.  I was reading and the source said that a big thing that causes problems with this area is sitting at a desk all day and jutting the chin forward.  I definitely catch myself doing this.  Sometimes I am trying to look through the bottom of my trifocals.  I have to try to watch for that and guard against it at all times.  If I could get this settled down, it might be the answer to the headaches I have had all these years, which incidentally started in earnest after I went back to work full time in an office 20 years ago.
I have done this work for many, many years.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be a good idea to find another line of work.  But it would seem difficult to find an occupation that does not involve sitting at a desk all day where I could make as much money as I do now.  I'll have to give it some thought.
For lunch I had  a Potbelly Farmhouse Salad with no bacon.  I got a container of their Potbelly Vinaigrette and a container of their non-fat vinaigrette.  I poured as much of the Potbelly vinaigrette into the non-fat container as it would hold and mixed it up.  Then I poured a little more than half of it on the salad.  That actually was enough.  Their non-fat vinaigrette is so sweet, I know they have replaced the fat with a ton of sugar.  That is one reason I wanted to blend them.
I worked most of the afternoon holed up in an office with Jerry.  Half of the time he was shooting the bull with two other young attorneys who came in there.  So I read a blog while I waited.  During the afternoon, my headache began to build until it felt like the worst.headache.ever.  I don't know what's making them so bad right now.  I do think I am on the right track with massage therapy.  One thing I am trying tonight is to wear my neck collar the whole time I am home to see if it makes a difference.  If it does, I will have to consider wearing it at work too.  Lovely.  But it would be better than having a constant headache.
No way was I feeling like fixing dinner, so I stopped at Subway and got a roast chicken breast with cheddar on a wheat, with some Baked Lays.  After that, I had 2 points left for the day, so I had some string cheese.  I really didn't think much about eating today.  I ate my meals, and got hungry once in the afternoon and ate a banana.
That's it for tonight.  I hope this breaks tonight.


  1. I am one of those people who have probably had a headache probably 4 times my whole life - my heart goes out to you, because I know they can slow you down. Here's hoping today is a better day!

  2. Thanks, Biz. I am trying something today that seems to be helping so far. Has to do with posture sitting at the computer.

    I am one of those people that, no matter what the ailment, it is going to come out in my head. Even a urinary tract infection. I may have no other symptom but a headache. Very strange.


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