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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Blogging Community

It was another good morning.  I actually didn’t sleep that well last night (Cas was not sleeping and when he heard people in the hallway, he would launch himself off my bed, barking up a storm; he did that twice).  Consequently, I did not get up as readily as I did yesterday, but I still got up and walked Cas and then did 25 minutes on my recumbent bike.  I am supposed to be doing 5 minutes of warm-up, 15 minutes with a “somewhat hard” to “hard” PRE (perceived rate of exertion) and 5 minutes of a cool-down.  This definitely qualified as somewhat hard to hard.  I had to keep telling myself I could do it, only __ more minutes, etc.  My conditioning is way down from 3 years ago, but you have to start somewhere, so here I am.  I can tell I had a good workout the rest of the day when I breathe in deeply.
My sister pointed out to me in an e-mail that I often talk about Cas (my dog) in terms of how much work he creates, but not much at all about how happy I am to see him when I get home, etc.  She suggested that I might want to give him to someone who has more time for him, etc. if he is creating too much of a drag on my daily life.  I have thought about this.  When I talk about him in that way, I don’t mean to be complaining.  That’s just how life is right now.  I do love him dearly and I do enjoy that he prefers me to anyone else – he actually chose me.  He was my daughters’ dog.  But while we were living all together, he became attached to me, and when we moved into separate homes, since we had three dogs (all of them my daughters’), it made sense for me to take him and the girls take the other two when they moved.  He definitely challenges me.  I have never really had a dog before, especially an indoor dog.  I wish I knew as much about dog training when we got him as I do now.  He is a lot of work.  That’s one reason I never personally wanted a dog.  I knew they required a lot of work and I already had enough to take care of with being a single mom.  Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) says you don’t always get the dog you want, but you always get the dog you need.  Cas does require things of me and challenges me in ways that nothing else does.  When I want to crawl into my little hole at home and not come out, just the fact that he needs to be walked and taken out doesn’t give me that luxury.  He is teaching me to have a strong, calm energy and to own my space when I walk into a room.  Sometimes I would like to give him to someone else and not have all the responsibility he requires, but I am not ready to do that at this point.  I want to work on further training him and then see how I feel.  But if he continues to be something that causes me to isolate myself, I will do what is best.
Breakfast this morning was a peanut butter sandwich with 2 slices of reduced calorie bread and 2 T. of peanut butter, for 7 points.  I really need to plan out some better breakfasts.  But this one is quick and only 7 points.  With that I had some cantaloupe (this time I picked a good one).  I was hungry before my workout this morning and had a stick of light string cheese (1 point).
I had a fairly productive day yesterday, although I have a lot left to do.  I had to tell myself that what was important was what I got done yesterday, not what I didn’t get done.  I had almost no unproductive time during the day.  I watched one TV show while finishing up my blog post.  Then I turned it off and cleaned up dinner mess and spent some time reading a new blog (300 Pounds Down).
Speaking of which, I have been reading Lori’s blog for a long time.  She posts almost every day and her blog dates back to 2008 or so, so there was a lot of reading to read all her archives.  I read all she wrote about how she lost her weight.  I got up to 2012 and decided I would keep following her current posts, but that I would shift my focus to the archives of another blog that is during their weight loss period.  I think that will help with motivation since that is the phase I am in now.  But it was hard to make myself stop reading Lori’s all the way through.  I’m just like that.  I follow several bloggers who are in maintenance phase and I will keep reading their current posts.  Michelle, Shelley and Lori are three of my favorites.  I read through so much of their lives that I feel like I know them.  And Biz has been inspiring me lately (plus she has so many good recipes!).
Now I am reading about Holly in 300 Pounds Down.  She has lost much of her weight, but is still in the weight loss stage.  After I finish reading her archives, I will keep following her in the present and read through another person’s journey.  It helps me immensely.  There is so much to be learned by what others have gone through.  Who else can better understand my struggles?  That’s why I love the blogging community.  Now I have been inspired to join a DietBet group through one of the blogs I read.  I have discovered yet another tool to help me keep going where I want to go.
I read in another blog the other day (Nutmeg Notebook) how great the Yonanas machine is for making soft serve “ice cream” from just frozen bananas.  She convinced me, and since I am not eating sugar now, it will be a nice way to have a frozen treat.  You can also mix in other frozen fruits.  I absolutely love eating frozen cherries and had been thinking I would like to see if there was a sugar free recipe for some kind of sorbet using the frozen cherries.  I can use it in the Yonanas machine and it is supposed to do a much better job than just your food processor.  I ordered me one today and can’t wait until it comes in!
Speaking of sweets – before I decided to get off sweets for good, I was excited because they were putting in a new cupcake shop right under our lofts.  I knew that was good and bad, but I had been craving cupcakes.  Now that I am off sweets, I won’t be visiting that shop.  Last night when I got home, I saw the announcement that our loft community was sponsoring a taste test for this new cupcake place and there were free cupcakes in the lounge.  Good grief.  Guess who walked right by that lounge and ignored those cupcakes on the way to the gym?  Me!  Instead of cupcakes, I had a 20-minute treadmill workout.  As far as breaking my sugar addiction, I feel like I am getting close.  Not that I don’t ever have a craving, but my mind is getting set and I just don’t think of it as an option.  I have been pretty frustrated with myself for how I have been floundering around the last few weeks, but really, this is a huge accomplishment.  I think now if I ate something sweet, it would be just because I decided to do it; not so much because of the addiction.  I could be wrong and have a lot more to deal with, but I feel pretty set in my mind about it.
I was pretty stiff after walking on the treadmill last night.  My back was hurting and I was grabbing it a lot for the rest of the evening.  I put the incline on the machine up to 5 during the main workout, and that requires different muscles than just walking flat.  I was hoping it was just a case of using muscles in a different way than I had in a while and not that I had caused a flare-up.  I am sore today, but it is mostly my leg muscles that are sore, which is to be expected, and some general stiffness all over.  My back is only mildly aching, at times.  Nothing I can’t deal with!  Yay!
I am so thankful for the encouragement I am getting already from joining this DietBet group.  This is going to be good for me.  I was looking for some kind of challenge and hadn’t really found what I needed on the WW community site.  I need everyday feedback from people who are doing the challenge and I think this will be just the trick.
My massage therapist is still out of town.  I sure need her to come back.  My shoulders and upper back feel like I have been beaten.  And, of course, this is where the headaches come from.  I haven’t been taking my muscle relaxant nearly as much because they make me so draggy, but I am definitely feeling it today.
Lunch today was a Skinny Pair from Potbelly.  That means a “skinny” sandwich (has less bread, meat and cheese) and a side of soup (I chose Garden Vegetable).  I asked them to put pickles on it, and instead they put hot peppers.  It was good, but my mouth was burning a little after that.  J  I rounded out lunch with some baby carrots and some more cantaloupe.  Lunch was a total of 11 points.
I didn’t get the planning done that I intended to on my menu, so I ended up having Chipotle.  My daughter was coming over to help me with my full length picture for DietBet, and she picked it up for me.  I can eat 2 tacos (soft corn tortillas, chicken, fajita veggies and pico de gallo, with a tablespoon of guac on each) for just 7 points.  That seems like a pretty good deal.  After that I had a slice of watermelon and then later some popcorn to finish out my points for the day.
This post has gone on long enough, so good night all.  I will submit my weigh-in pictures to DietBet tomorrow morning, then it begins on Saturday -- 28 days to lose 4% of my beginning weight.  That will be somewhere around 10 pounds for me, so no small goal there.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Sheryl! I appreciate it! Our of the 30 people in the DietBet I am happy 17 are from my blog - love that I already "know" more than half the people in the group!

    My Mom was the same way about her cats. Every time I talked to her she'd be telling one cat to get off this, one cat to stop doing that. I finally asked her if she actually liked having the cats and the bottom line was? No. She finally gave them back after a year and now couldn't be happier!


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