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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Well, I was fairly successful at my goal of a busy weekend.  Today was church and class, and then lunch with the class after church.  I had a good time.  Class starts at 9:15 and I didn't get home until 3:30 or so!  It takes a long time to serve that many people in a group -- 35 -- and split up the checks, let everybody pay, etc.  I had to catch a ride since my son is borrowing my car, so had to wait to leave.

I got home and basically crashed and burned.  I was sooooo tired.  I don't know why, but ever since swimming yesterday, I have been wiped out.  I took a nap when I got home this afternoon
and still feel abnormally tired.  I almost feel under the weather.  I never get sick, so I will be surprised if that is the case.  However, I am kind of sniffly and coughing from an irritation in my throat.    Not sore, but kind of tickly.

There are chores I need to be getting done.  That's the plan for the rest of the evening.

Eating was pretty good at dinner.  I ordered a grilled pork chop with peaches.  It had a kind of sauce made with the peaches that tasted kind of mustardy.  It was good, but I tried to eat only a little of the sauce since I wasn't sure how much fat it had in it.  The sides are served family style at each table and I had a little bit of mashed potatoes (probably 1/3 cup), a half-ear of corn and some broccoli.  They bring bread at the start of the meal and I had a 2-inch square of cornbread.  For the appetizer, you could order salad, fresh fruit or soup.  I chose the fresh fruit so I wouldn't have to put any salad dressing on anything, and the soup was not a low-fat option.  It was a small slice of watermelon and a slice of cantaloupe.  It was all very good and I didn't feel stuffed at all.  I did not order dessert (pretty much everyone else did).  I got to meet more new friends, and it was a nice time.

It has been rainy today, which is nice because it cooled things down.  But not great for walking Cas.  I did walk to church and just used my umbrella.  Cas is kind of whiny (I don't know why I am adding y's to all my words tonight)., and he has been placated by a fresh bone that he is gnawing away on.

Dinner tonight, if you could call it that, has been this and that.  I haven't overdone, especially since I have all my weekly points available, but it wasn't a planned out meal.  I felt too tired to do much fixing.

That's all for today.  I may go to bed early tonight to get ready for a busy week.  I want to hit the workouts strong starting tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hope it isn't turning into a cold - summer colds are the worst! Here's to a great Monday!


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