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Monday, July 15, 2013

Social Butterfly?

Happy Monday, everyone!  I am feeling better this morning.  I did go to bed early (about 9:30), but I had a terrible time going to sleep.  I dozed right at first, then woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I ended up watching TV for another hour at around Midnight and decided to try again.  It seemed like I dozed fitfully most of the night.  I was sleeping soundly when my first alarm went off, but that was the only time.  I guess it just happens sometimes.
I got ready to take Cas for his walk, looked out the window and it was pouring down rain.  So we didn’t get to do that this morning.  He is getting very restless and needs a good, long walk.  He gets very ornery when he doesn’t have regular walks.  He was barking at everything this morning – me, the cat, people he heard in the hall, the washing machine – you name it.  Hopefully it will clear up by this evening.  I am loving the cooler temp the rain brings, though.
I did a workout on the recumbent bike this morning.  Since this begins a new week, I added 5 minutes to my workout.  So I do a 5-minute warm-up, 20 minutes at a rate that is “somewhat hard” and a 5-minute cool-down.  I felt pretty good.  I think on the middle part I will rotate between 7 and 8 resistance next time.  I have been doing it on 7, and I did work up a good sweat.  I don’t think I could do the whole 20 minutes on 8, so I could rotate them and see how that goes.  I might surprise myself.  8 may be what I need now.  Or maybe I will add some arm work to the lower speed.  My upper body needs some work.
The plan is to do another workout this evening – probably the treadmill.  I will do the same type – 5-20-5.  That will give me 60 minutes today, plus walking to and from work and hopefully walking Cas tonight.  I hoped to go home at lunch, too, but that was not to be.  I did walk down the street to pick up a prescription, though, so there was that.  I hear it is supposed to rain for the next three days.  That’s good and bad.  I'm not sure it got above 80 degrees today.  That's unheard of in Dallas in July.
I was actually kind of sore from the pool on Saturday.  My tummy muscles are a little sore from a little work using the “noodle.”  The pool is not deep enough to do them very effectively, though, but better than nothing.
I got a nice, big paycheck this time.  If we don’t use our sick leave every six months, we get paid for it.  I did not use any of mine.  If I take off, I use vacation, because I like to get paid for it.  I want to save the extra on this check for a trip, even if just a short one.  I need to start having more fun.
I stayed busy this weekend, but I did not get enough done.  I couldn’t believe how tired I was last evening.  It felt hard to walk across the room.
If I had been watching myself yesterday at class and church and lunch, I might not have recognized me.  I have always been friendly, but not the one to take the initiative to talk to people.  I always sat on the sidelines and watched.  If I was invited in, I would participate.  If not, I was out the door.  And it didn’t take long for me to decide I was out the door.  Yesterday I came in and sat a table two guys and woman were sitting at and took the initiative to strike up a conversation.  I was the one drawing one guy out (the other two were up mingling), and he seemed to appreciate it.  We chatted until class started, and the other two joined in when they sat down.  When we were getting up to leave, the guy I had drawn out said, “Hope to see you next time, Sheryl.”  After class, instead of standing there a minute and then hurrying out to service, I struck up a conversation with a lady.  I talked with her a few minutes and then left to make my way to where our class sits in service (a lot of us all sit together).  There was one woman at the elevator waiting that I had met once before and I struck up a conversation with her.  I sat with her in church and with the other lady I had talked to in class.  I asked them questions about themselves.  Who is this outgoing person?  J  I had to catch a ride to lunch, so chatted with another lady on the ride over and then chatted easily with a group of ladies at our table at the restaurant.  I got a ride back with yet another lady (the one who teaches the class) and got to know her better.  Never did I feel uncomfortable or like the conversation was lagging.  They would never know how I have always been.  I had to push myself a little to do this, but not as much as would have had to in the past.  It is getting easier.  And this group is so friendly.  Next weekend we are going to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  That should be fun.  We will go to dinner after that, if I want to join in.  I really don’t know how I am going to get everything done.  I volunteered to bring refreshments for class next week and would have to do the cooking for that (if I decide to go that route) on Saturday.
Another good thing I did this weekend (or didn’t do).  I have had trouble with snacking the last few weeks.  If I had crackers or chips in the house (even “healthy” ones), I would snack on them until they were gone. I could eat a whole bag of Pop chips in one sitting (they are small bags).  I was feeling in a better place mentally, and I do like to have the chips with some meals, so I bought some more Pop chips.  I had thoughts, at times, of getting into them, but I didn’t.  I made myself save them for meals.
I have found that losing weight is so much more mental than it is physical.  At least sticking to your plan is.  If I am in the zone mentally, being hungry doesn’t bother me and having tempting foods nearby doesn’t bother me.  If I am not, then many times I am going to find a way to do what I want to do as far as eating is concerned.  Or I am more susceptible to incidental eating – eating something because it is there.  Until early last week, that’s where I had been the last few weeks.  I was having a hard time getting myself where I needed to be mentally.  That’s when I read about this DietBet challenge and I started thinking this might be a good thing to get me back on track.  AND IT WAS.  Sometimes we just need to do something to flip our switch mentally speaking.  I have often heard it is good to always be working at something – training to run a 5k – that kind of thing.  But my physical limitations have kept me from doing that to a certain degree.  I’m not sure if I will ever be able to run a 5k with my back and knee.  So I needed something else to be working toward.  This challenge is just what I needed.  It’s a way to keep you focused.  And I can do the kind of exercise I have to do given my physical limitations.  Sometime I would like to get going on biking in earnest, but not at this time of year in Texas.  I will, however, try to get my bike to the shop soon and at least do some early morning or late evening riding when I can.
Breakfast this morning was a breakfast sandwich I made at home.  I made it like the ones I get at Potbelly:  1 whole wheat sandwich thin, some deli-sliced ham, 1 slice reduced fat Swiss cheese, 1 scrambled egg and some sliced mushrooms.  I toasted it under the broiler and wrapped it up in foil and took it to work so I could eat it when I got there.  It was really good.  Something about it tasted really sweet, though.  I thought maybe it was the bread and I was just tasting the added sugar more since I have quit eating sweets, then I remembered it was brown sugar ham.  That’s what it was.  Next time I will just buy smoked ham.  I had that with some cantaloupe.  Finally something besides a peanut butter sandwich!
Since I didn’t go home for lunch, I had a 3” turkey sandwich from Subway (5 pts.), Pop chips, baby carrots and some grapes.  I was going to go home, but my massage therapist is back and I am going down for a much-needed massage in a bit.
I’ve had my massage now and it feels so good.  I feel like I can really get going now that she is back from vacation, etc. and I can get massages regularly 2 days a week.  She said I was noticeably thinner, both by looking at me and feeling while she did the massage.  She said it was especially apparent under my chin and neck.  Good to know!  I hadn’t seen her in two weeks.  I can tell too, because my pants are getting too long.  I am wearing hand-me-ups from my daughters.  They wear talls.  I am not really a tall, but on the tall side of average.  If I wear heels, I like to wear talls.  These are getting loose enough that they are too long with my heels on.  Guess I’d better buy me some platforms!  (Not really.)  I need to get moving before my black pants wear out.  I don’t want to have to replace them in the same size I am wearing now.  But I have had them a long time.
There was a break in the rain when I got home tonight, so I decided instead of the treadmill, I would combine my walk with Cas with my workout.  I walked as fast I could for 35 minutes.  Judging by my red face and Cas' panting, we both got a good workout!

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  1. Way to go Sheryl!! I had to change up my workout to walking my dogs this afternoon too - also due to rain. And way to be all extroverted at church too!


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