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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Re-Establishing a Routine

I am feeling better – motivation-wise, and dare I say it, headache-wise (at least at this moment) this morning.  I did better about getting myself out of bed.  The AD (antidepressant) is working.

I walked Cas first.  My knee was bothering me just a little bit, so I opted for a recumbent bike workout, this time at home.  My recumbent bike is “geared” a little tighter than the one at the fitness center.  In other words, a resistance of 4 is tougher on mine than on the other one.  I did the first 5 minutes on 4, the next 10 minutes on 8, and 5 more on 4.  I was wanting to take that middle one down, but I stuck it out.  I worked up a good sweat.

My dinner last night was soooo good.  I had a salad with all zero points ingredients except I added about a teaspoon of dried cranberries (which was zero points), and shaved some romano cheese on it (2 points).  I made a faux fried boneless, skinless chicken breast, using an egg dunk (only using one-half an egg) and some panko bread crumbs.  I calculated points on the generous side and counted 7 points for it.  I sprayed it with olive oil from my oil mister, plus some olive oil on the bottom side (1 point) and baked it in the oven.  I sliced it on top of my salad.  Then I made the vinaigrette from last week (garlic paste, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, a little sugar and olive oil).  I estimated on the generous side of that one too (using the recipe builder), and counted 5 points for it.  The only other thing I ate last night was some grapes.

This morning, I went for more protein.  I had 2 slices of bacon, cooked on a rack in the oven, and two scrambled eggs with about a teaspoon of romano cheese grated on top.  Otherwise, I had a banana and that was it for breakfast – a total of 9 points.

For lunch, my boss is hosting a going-away party for a girl that has worked with us on our big case.  We are going over to the City Club for lunch.  We usually eat off of the buffet, so there should be some things on it that are good choices.  If not, I may ask to order off the menu.  No reason to use it as an excuse to overdo.

I am so happy to have Thursday off, but I am a little bummed about not having Friday off.  Still, I am thankful for what I can get.  I don’t think there will be much resting Thursday, since the kids are planning an outing beginning at around 5:00.  Maybe I can get a few things at home done before then.  I really can’t see many attorneys being here on Friday.  It is looking like none of mine that I work for will be.  I don’t know why they don’t just at least give us the option of taking a personal day, even if they don’t make it a holiday.


I am back from lunch.  I did pretty well, but not perfect, by any means.  We started out with soup.  My boss recommended the poblano pepper soup.  I asked them if it was a cream soup; it was, but it sounded so good, I ordered it along with everyone else.  It was delicious.  However, the serving was only about a half cup, so hopefully that didn’t do too much damage.  I got a salad and didn’t get anything too fattening on it, except the dressing was not a fat free or low fat dressing.  I only used a little, though.  On the entrĂ©es, I got a slice of beef tenderloin, a small serving of a pork stir-fry that I only ate a couple of bites of (I didn’t like the seasoning), some lemon orzo pasta (I didn’t eat much of this, either) and some braised baby carrots.  I also had what was basically a cornbread cookie off the bread tray.  I did not get any dessert.  That was not too bad, and I was satisfied.

Sitting here after getting back, I am soooo sleepy.  I hate feeling like this when I don’t have anything pressing to do.  Don’t get me wrong – there are things to do, but they are things that I have to be self-motivated with.

Headache is definitely better today.  It is still there, but responding to medication much better than usual.  Definitely improved.  My mood is also much improved.

I did do a second workout last night – 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I did 5 minutes at a speed of 3 mph, with no incline, then 10 minutes with an incline of 5 at a speed of 3.2 mph and then 3.4 mph.  The last 5 minutes I decreased both speed and incline gradually.  My heart rate got up to 134, which is a good range for me.

This morning, I was feeling good about doing that second workout last night.  After doing one this morning, I started thinking I would set a goal to get 10 workouts this week.  Then I thought, “Hold on, Nellie!  Too much, too soon!  Let’s just try to re-establish a routine for a while."  I would like to get to where I am doing extra workouts while working toward this October 5 incentive, but let’s give a little time to get going again.  I am not feeling as ready to do another one tonight, just because I feel extremely tired and sleepy.  We will see how it goes.  That’s one thing I do not like about the muscle relaxants.  They make me so draggy and sleepy.

Tomorrow night, I plan to go back to choir practice at church.  I never want to go anywhere after work, unless it is a Friday, but I would like to be in the choir.  I just hope my voice will hold up.

If some random person was paying attention, they might think I had been beaten up lately:


I don’t know what’s with all the bruises.  The thing is, I only know where and when I got one of them, and that was the bigger one on my arm.  I have no idea how I got that one on my hand.  And it doesn't even hurt.  The doctor saw them Saturday and said if I see more popping up to let her know.

I got home feeling pretty tired.  I fed the pets and made my dinner -- some turkey smoked sausage cooked with potatoes and onions.  I meant to cook them with peppers too (Anaheim peppers), but I could find them.  I bought them, but don't seem to have gotten home with them.  Last time I made something like this I drizzled some olive oil on the vegetables and tossed them before cooking in the oven.  This time I just sprayed them from my oil mister (a new purchase) and they were a little dry and bland.  I need to add a little more oil and seasoning next time (and the peppers).

I am feeling very tired tonight, so there won't be a second workout.  But I did go walk Cas.  The knee is feeling a little better tonight, so I will try for a treadmill workout tomorrow morning, most likely.  Some other walking today was we walked to the City Club where we had lunch.  It is not a long walk, but I was wearing 3-inch heels.  My hip was hurting me by the time we got back, but as soon as I sat down a bit, it quit and never came back.  Something about walking in the heels, I think.  If I had remembered this morning, I would have worn some different shoes.  It tired me out because the heels kind of slip on my feet and I have to work harder to keep them on.

I think I will try sleeping without the muscle relaxant tonight and see how I do tomorrow.  I am hoping my new sleeping position is making the difference.  It is basically flat on my back with my neck pillow.  It seemed like sleeping in the reclined position I had been sleeping in was the thing making my back get out of place, which caused muscle tension from there up and contributed to the headaches.  We will see.  I am some better today.  But you never know; I may be right back like I was tomorrow.

Good night all.

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