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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I tell you what, these muscle relaxants make it tough.  I just want to sleep in and I drag around during the day.  But I have to admit, I don’t feel nearly as close to a headache as I usually do.  Meaning my shoulders and neck don’t feel so tight.  So, I will keep taking them, and keep doing what I have learned this week – shoulders back, chin tucked!  I am trying everything I can think of to facilitate this.  I lowered my computer screen a couple of inches to encourage keeping my chin down.  I noticed yesterday when I was typing off a paper that was laying on my desk, because I had to look down at it, it made me keep my chin down and I could feel a release of pressure on my neck that way.  Very often I am looking at the screen while typing because I am taking dictation in some form or fashion, or typing from my mind.  At those times I tend to slump forward and stick my chin out, which creates a lot of pressure.  When you think about how many hours a day I do this, you can understand how it has built up over the years and created such a problem.
My eating was good yesterday.  I do need to drink more water, though, so that is a goal today.  I woke up kind of hungry, so I had a cheese stick before going out to walk Cas at about 6:15 a.m.  I got back and gathered up what I needed to do my workout – water, remote, etc. – and got started.  I got about 8 minutes in and my stomach started gnawing.  I felt so empty.  So I went and got a peach and ate that while I pedaled.  It did the trick.  I did 35 minutes today, 5-25-5.  6 resistance still felt difficult enough, and I rotated between 6 and 7.  I’m just not quite up to par this week.
I definitely did not feel like doing a workout this morning.  I had to drag myself out of bed and all I wanted to do was crawl back in.  The rationalizing started, and after a few minutes I shut myself off and didn’t allow that to go on.  If things are going to change, I have to change.  If I wait until I feel like doing things, they are not going to get done.
Even though I am up to doing 35 minutes on my workout, when I walked to work this morning, I felt like I was out of breath and just barely pushing forward.  I guess it is the heat and humidity.  It felt so much harder than my workout.  Someone said it felt like walking through a liquid, brick wall.  I guess that’s kind of it.
I believe DietBet says I am 44% to my goal on my challenge.  Maybe I haven’t said here how I am doing.  The first few days of last week (which was the first week), I dropped over 3 pounds (3.6, I think).  I logged that on DietBet.  Then my weight started fluctuating.  I got to the end of last week and it kept telling me I needed to “weigh in regularly”.  I was weighing in, I just wasn’t reporting it.  It still hadn’t dropped down to where it was when I logged it.  Then, yesterday, I had another drop of 1.2 pounds.  I was happy about that because I had stayed home the day before and my eating wasn’t perfect, by any stretch of the imagination.  So, that looks like 4.8 I have lost.  I have to lose 10.6 to reach my goal (I think that is right).  I am not done with week 2 yet, but I feel the need to step it up if I am going to reach my goal.  I need to get in some more workouts.  I am also trying to do lower carb, which usually makes me lose better.
I was hoping that the weight I had gained recently would come off a little easier.  Sometimes that happens.  But not this time.  I am having to work just as hard this time as I did before.  I just hope I don’t plateau again in the next few pounds, since it will be the same weight I plateaued at last time.
I was feeling a little low in motivation early this week.  A lot of it was because of the headaches, but still.  Then I read a FB post by a friend from high school.  She just started chemo for some kind of cancer (I can’t remember what kind).  She said she was washing her hair that morning and handfuls of it were falling out.  But she was very positive and upbeat and full of hope and faith.  It hit me how much worse things could be in my life.  Yes, having a headache every day is tough.  But I am not in danger of dying from it, and I can still go to work and function.  I still can work out and do anything I want to do.  The enjoyment of it might be slightly affected, but it doesn’t have to be as much as I am allowing it to be.  I just felt really ashamed that I was letting this get me down this much.  I still have my health to a great degree.  I don’t have cancer or diabetes or heart problems.  I want to count my blessings, and as important as that, make the most of my opportunity to improve my health.
I found an article on the internet:  8 Yoga Poses To Help Cervical Spine & Neck Issues.  I can’t do all of these now, and probably can’t do any of them with the full stretch shown, but these are the stretches I am going to start with.  The first one is called “Cow Face Arms” (I wonder where they came up with that name?).

I was in the restroom at work, and although I was not kneeling as you are supposed to, I decided to try the stretch just to see how it felt.  OMG.  There is no way my left arm can reach up and clasp my right.  I’m probably a foot away from being able to do that (I can’t see, so I don’t know).  But just trying to do the movement accomplishes the stretch.  That is where I have to start.  Incidentally, I don’t know if I will ever be able to do that first one.  It seems physically impossible with my double fusion.  I will check with my doctor and my MT before doing any that look too questionable.  I did not have ANY physical therapy after my surgery.  The doctor did not prescribe any.  But I think the surgery, along with being afraid to move too much in the wrong direction, and just day-to-day stuff has made me extremely tight and stiff.  I know after a massage, the range of motion on my neck is soooo much better.  I am just so tight all the time.  So, gentle stretches to start with and I should get looser and looser.
I have a massage today.  I am hoping it makes more difference today with the changes I am making.  This morning I do not have a headache.  I feel tight and on the verge of one, but it hasn’t built into one yet, so I feel like I am making progress.
So, I’m back from my massage.  I absolutely love my MT (Robin).  I wish I could feel all the time like I do when I walk out of her studio.  And she is so full of information on nutrition, stress management, etc.  She showed me some stretches for my neck (I didn’t even tell her about my plan), so I know exactly some things to work on.  And I can do them while sitting down and watching TV (or whatever).  She told me some vitamins to start taking to help with my energy.  My goal is to get off the SF Red Bulls soon.  (That’s going to help my budget a lot too.)  Robin is becoming my #1 encourager and supporter of my weight loss efforts, and all of my efforts to feel better and be happier.  She came from an abusive marriage, so she understands me there, too.  She also weighed a high of 220 pounds at one time, so she understands how difficult it is to change your lifestyle.  She is such a blessing.  I need to buy her a gift that will bless her.  I will also recommend her to everyone I know, and that will help her too.
Breakfast this morning was bacon and eggs again.  A little later I had some strawberries.  Lunch is another Potbelly Farmhouse Chicken Salad, this time I had them leave off the bleu cheese and put on the bacon.  That is more in line with paleo.
So, I did some investigating yesterday about whether yoga might help with my back and neck, and as a result, help my headaches.  My boss takes yoga and it has helped him a lot with his back.  So I e-mailed the lady he goes to, just asking for information.  She answered me yesterday, and I have been thinking it over, but had not responded to her.  I just received an e-mail from her a few minutes ago.  Evidently Jerry had an appointment with her yesterday and she mentioned my contacting her.  He paid for me to have 5 yoga lessons, free of charge!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I have the MOST AWESOME BOSS EVER.  Hands down.  I am humbled and grateful.

I couldn't think of much to eat for dinner.  I had some turkey sausage, a few almonds and a peanut butter sandwich.  I had done pretty well today as far as my headaches, but I did have one building right before I went home.  (I was working in an office with Jerry and probably was not being mindful of my posture.)  Anyway, I just wanted to sit down and get it back under control.  I ended up dozing off.  That's what the muscle relaxant does.

That's it for tonight. Tomorrow is Friday!

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