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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hospital Happenings

I am here at the hospital, waiting in Steph's room for them to bring her from recovery.  They are having a hard time getting her pain under control, so it is taking a while.  Bethany is asleep on the chair that folds out into a bed.  She took Steph to the ER and stayed with her through the wee hours of the morning and then came and got me to the hospital, etc.  She still has mono and is worn out.  So I have my two sick girls.

I am sitting in a chair that is nowhere near comfortable.  It has a low back, so I can't lean my head back to rest.  At least I can prop my feet up on Bethany's "bed."  Still, I am feeling pretty good.  No pain to speak of, so that is good.

I had a protein bar for breakfast.  That's it.  I didn't have any fruit that didn't take some preparation time -- time I didn't have -- so that's all I ate.  I was so happy I did that 30 minutes of concentrated housework last night, since I won't be getting to do any today, other than a little more I got done this morning.  I guess I am excused from executing my Victory List on days like today.  Still, I will do what I can.

I did a few things at home this morning, knowing I might not be home much the next few days.  I wish I had time to wash the pans in the sink, but I didn't.  I did get all the trash out, so it won't get all smelly while I am gone.

I got to the hospital and Steph had not yet gone back to surgery.  Beth and I joined her in the pre-op room, along with my cousin and cousin-in-law, who came to be with her before I could get there.  We got Steph off to surgery and went to the surgery waiting area.  My cousins are in the ministry and have such insight and good counsel.  We had a very good conversation while we were waiting.  Teaching on how bitterness and unforgiveness can affect us physically.  Stephanie has been through so much in her young life, you have to believe there is something beyond normal going on with her.  She had some very traumatic things happen to her as a young child and I think they have taken their toll.  Forgiveness is not for the person who did the wrong.  We forgive because that releases us from the harmful effects of bitterness.

The doctor came out and said he was kind of baffled why this keeps happening.  He had done something last time this happened that should have guarded against it happening again, but it did.  Something about the opening they made in the intestine that gave the contents plenty of room to flow through.  He said he did double that this time in hopes it will not happen again.  Stephanie started the paleo diet last Monday and he did say the fruit and nuts, etc. she had been eating probably had a harder time flowing through the small opening that had been caused by the scar tissue.  So it just got stopped up.  All I know is that Stephanie has always scarred very heavily and she must be like that on the inside too.  That is why she keeps having this problem.  We are covering her in prayer that this will never happen again and that all these physical ailments will stop.  My cousins gave me much good instruction in this area.  They are very dear people.

I got up to Steph's room at about 12:30 and Beth and I were hungry.  I had another protein bar and Beth went to the hospital grill to see if they had anything "paleo friendly" (she is doing paleo too).  This hospital has very good, nutritious food.  You cannot even buy candy in vending machines.  They have protein bars, nuts, trail mix, etc. -- fairly healthy kinds of things you can buy.  So that is good.  Bethany was able to get her some meat and vegetables for her lunch and me some fruit to supplement mine.  I had another protein bar at around 4:30.

I got an e-mail today asking me to review my first book.  That's kind of exciting, I guess.  I told them if they would send me the book, I would be happy to review it.

I ordered "room service" for dinner, which was a sirloin burger on a wheat bun with grilled onions and mushrooms, a "squash medley," which was sautéed zucchini and yellow squash, and fresh fruit.  It was all very good and I was satisfied.

I've got a grouchy girl who just wants to go to sleep, and we all know hospitals are the worst places to get some sleep.  When she settles down, I will go home and tend to my pets and sleep in my bed.  Then back tomorrow for some more fun.

I have had a good day and followed my eating plan.  I did not have a formal workout, but I did get up and walk around fairly often.  I will try to get a workout done before coming back to the hospital tomorrow.  I do need to drink more water, so maybe will do that on the way home.

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