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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dog Mischief and Fleas

Whew!  What a busy morning before work!  I feel like I’ve put in a full day already.  Just being real here, but I am having a flea problem.  It actually started before I moved.  I won’t go into it all, but we had it pretty well contained (we thought), but there must have been a little left when I moved because they have started getting bad again.  I know it could be Cas bringing them in, but he is basically an indoor dog.  Anyway, the last couple of nights I felt like I was being eaten alive.  I would take my sheets off and either wash them in hot water and dry them in a very hot dryer, or just put them in the dryer.  Today I crated Cas and the cat and put them as far away from the bedroom as possible.  (I hope my neighbors are working because Cas was putting up a protest when I left.)  I closed the bedroom area off and set off a couple of bombs.  I stood my mattress up to hopefully get to any hiding places.  I do have protective covers on my mattress, box spring and pillows.  I will have to vacuum, vacuum for the next few days, and maybe bomb again.  I haven’t had the problem in the living area because we haven’t been spending much time in there.  Fleas like live, breathing things to pester.  I hope this helps.  I will go home at lunch and let the pets out.  I also put flea powder on them, and will probably take them to get flea treatments.  I have some of the stuff you put on the back of the neck for Cas, but I am concerned about it because the cat grooms him sometimes (they are so cute).  Incidentally, I crated them together (my daughter had left her big crate at my house).  There are probably not too many instances where you can crate a cat and a dog together.  But mine are good friends and I think will be comfort for each other.
I woke up HUNGRY this morning.  I still have eaten very few weekly points, so I decided to have a little more breakfast than usual.  I made the same type of breakfast sandwich as yesterday, except I used two eggs and two slices of reduced fat cheese.  This was yummy!  I almost forgot it under the broiler and the cheese got browned and puffed up, but it actually made it even better.  This sandwich came up to 11 points (instead of 8), but I do feel more satisfied than yesterday.  I had cantaloupe along with it.
I did another 30-minute workout on the recumbent bike, 5-20-5.  On the middle section, I added some arm work with hand weights, 3 sets of 15 on shoulders, biceps and triceps.  When I wasn’t doing that, I upped the resistance to 8.  This made it plenty challenging!  One thing I like about doing this is it makes it go faster.  You are not so focused on how long the bike part is because you are focused on doing the sets with your arms.  I need to work more toning into my exercise routine, but this is a start.  I can feel my core working when I do this too – pedaling while doing the arm work.  I definitely feel like I’ve had a workout, but in a good way.
I still didn’t sleep good last night.  It’s the flea thing.  Hopefully that won’t happen tonight (and I might take something to help me sleep this time).
So, has anyone ever tried the Total Gym?  There are not a lot of strength training machines in our fitness center, and I do well doing my workouts at home.  I am wondering how this does for someone with back problems.  I probably won’t do it, because I don’t want one of those machines that sits around and gathers dust, but I’m just curious.  I use my recumbent bike regularly.  I wish our fitness center had some leg machines.  I have also done well in the gym setting in the past, but I do like being able to get it done at home.
I found a toning workout recommendation for beginners that does not require any equipment except some hand weights, which I have.  I will watch the videos of each move being demonstrated at home tonight and get started on them tomorrow.  Hopefully I can do them all on my bedroom rug.  If not, I may have to get me a mat (I have cement floors).  I guess I could do them in the fitness center (with the hope that no one else was in there).  J
I went home for lunch and had a tuna salad wrap with some baby carrots and Pop chips.  After eating, I spent the rest of my lunch hour doing chores.  I like doing it during this time.  I put in some concentrated work and I feel better about relaxing some at night.
Don’t you wish on those days when you don’t have much going at work that you could just elect to take the day off?  I don’t have those days very often, and there are always things I can do – organization, etc. – but sometimes you would just like to be able to mosey on home.  Today is like that.  I am really sleepy from not sleeping well last night and the increased workouts.  A nap would be really nice….  Not to mention there is a ton to do at home.  I have to put my room back together.  I stripped off all the bedding this morning and stood the mattress on its side.  Underneath, Aslan had shredded up something that I haven’t had a chance to pick up.  My room is so small, the least bit of mess makes it look like a disaster area.  And I will have to give it a good vacuuming because of the flea bomb.

I have to tell you what I came home to.  I had crated Cas and Aslan since I was bombing my bedroom for fleas.  There were pee pads on the rug in front of the crate and Cas pulled them in and demolished them.  He had all this white stuff in his fur mustache.
It looked like snow and icicles.  It was so funny!!  I tried to brush some out and I couldn’t get it out!  It’s going to make some interesting comments when I take him out for a walk.  I tried to comb it out and he won't let me and he won't let me cut it, either.  Oh bother.
So, it is getting around my class at church that I can sing.  (Have I told you I can sing?  I can.  I sang with the Dallas Symphony Chorus in 2009.  I am a first soprano (a very high voice) and I have kind of a classical sound.  I haven’t re-auditioned because life got really busy, and the neck surgery affected my voice for a while – still does, some.  Anyway, I’ve been singing all my life, until the last few years.)  People sitting next to me in church could hear me and now they are telling other people.  The anthem the choir did at church Sunday made me want to sing with them.  But I really want to get on top of this headache thing.  And being too busy still makes me feel kind of crazy.  Being busy at home and work is one thing; being busy on top of that is another, especially on work days.  I am going to have to get used to this.  After a long day at work, I want to go home.  Even if I am cleaning house and working out, etc., I just like being home.  But at some point, I want to start singing again.  Probably as I get more fit and lose more weight, I will start having more energy to do more than I feel like I want to do right now.
Dinner tonight was steak.  It was a rib eye.  The store had them marked down.  There were three medium-sized steaks in the package, so I cooked one, trimmed of fat.  This has quite a few points, and I wasn't sure how much of it I would eat, but I have plenty of weekly points available, so I thought I would use some on that. so I ate the whole steak.  I had roasted potatoes and some fresh green beans with it.  This was the best steak I have ever made.  I was still hungry a little later, so I ate some Greek yogurt and some almonds.  I still have only used 11 of my 49 weekly points.
I didn't do a workout tonight.  I'm really tired from the lack of sleep.  There is no law that says I have to do one every morning and night.  I'm going to put the sheets on my bed and hit the hay.  After I take something that will help me sleep better tonight, I hope.

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