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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DietBet Challenge

I woke up this morning feeling tired of messing around.  I make some progress, and then I regress, over and over.  I want to make some significant headway.  I have been inspired reading Biz’s blog recently.  She is participating in a challenge with DietBet.  You sign up with a group, pay the stated fee amount for that group, with the goal to lose 4% of your beginning body weight in 28 days.  If you lose that 4%, you win a portion of the total amount paid in to your group.  Seems to me, as long as you lose your 4%, there is no danger of losing your investment (although a small portion is held in fees by DietBet), and you have the potential of increasing your investment.  But the real winnings would be the weight loss.  The particular group she is participating in has a $25 fee.  They have a new “session” starting in 3 days.  Money motivates me, so I thought I would try it.  If you are interested in joining, the group is Helen’s DietBet Summer Part 2, and follow this link:  Truthfully, I would like to lose more than 4% in the next 28 days, but 4% is a little more reasonable.  We will see what I can do.  Follow the rules for official weigh-in for at least the beginning and ending weigh-ins.  You can self-report in the middle.
I woke up thinking about this when my first alarm went off at 4:00 a.m.  I take some medication then so when I get up, I am not so stiff and I can better do a workout in the morning.  I kind of thought and dreamed about this for the next hour and a half before my second alarm went off.  I got out as soon as I could get my clothes on to walk Cas, got back, and after feeding the pets, got right into my workout on the recumbent bike.  Although I did not “feel like” doing it, I added 5 minutes to my time, which is what you are supposed to do on your second week of the plan I am following.  The plan is actually for walking, but since I am not always able to get a treadmill in the morning, I am making it work for the recumbent bike.  The more I got through my morning, the more I was feeling determined to get serious and get going on weight loss.  I am working on a lot of things, and making some progress on other things, but the main thing I want is to lose weight.  I want to put in some good, focused work the next 3 months and see how much I can get off.
The temptation is to start in 3 days, to maximize my weight loss for the game period, but my real goal is to lose weight period and I don’t want to lose this motivation.  I didn’t have a bad day yesterday eating-wise, but I am going to have to do a little better to get my weight moving more consistently.  As I said, I am tired of messing around.
I’ve been thinking about how I want to go about this in the next 28 days.  There is the temptation to go back to Medifast or do protein bar days, etc., but I really am still trying to work on lifestyle.  I realize I have been bopping around everywhere lately and not really doing what I need to do to make WW work – not consistently.  I think I need to buckle down with WW and see how it goes for the next week.  I may not use my weekly points, or most of them, to maximize weight loss, unless I am just too hungry and would be in danger of falling off track because of that.  If I am not losing, then I may want to do a protein bar day here and there.  But I should be able to lose on that, especially with added exercise.  I’m going to sit down and make a menu plan this evening.  I need to keep all snacky foods out of the house, since I haven’t been doing well at resisting them lately.  Whatever I do, I just need to stick to it a while and let it do its work.
One conclusion I have come to.  At least for now, I need to stay busier.  Spending too much time at home by myself, watching television, is not good.  It is part of the reason I am down.  I get lonesome sometimes, and it depresses me when I am unproductive.  I need to get out and be with people when I have opportunity, and I need to get out on my own more – shopping, walking, whatever.  Too much sitting at home by myself is not in my best interest.  And when I am home, I need to stay more productive.  I would like to do an evening workout of some sort – I keep talking about it and not doing it.  Even just going up to the pool on the patio would be good.  I am isolating myself too much.  But for me, saying this and doing this are two different things.
I am hungry now.  I have tried to keep my points down so far today.  I had a protein bar for breakfast (6 points), along with a banana when I first got up.  For lunch I had a bowl of Potbelly chili (9 points), some baby carrots and some strawberries.  That means I still have 20 points left.  I think a healthy snack is in order.  I will have some Greek yogurt (2 points) and some fruit.  If I need something before going home, I have reduced fat string cheese.
My plan for dinner tonight is baked tilapia.  I think I will roast some veggies and some Yukon Gold potato to go with it.  There should be enough points left for some popcorn, which is a snack that fills me up, plus I will have some watermelon, which also fills me up.
I am home now.  After feeding the pets, I put dinner in the oven, and while it was cooking, I went and did a 20-minute workout on the treadmill.  It felt good!  I listened to Daily Audio Bible while I was walking, so I did something else I've been needing to do desperately.  If I listen to two days' worth every day, I will still get through the Bible in one year.  Workout time is a good time to do that.  However much I do, it is good.
I have been meaning to get back to choir at church.  I was trying to decide if I was going to do that tonight.  I have had a pretty bad headache all day and just did not feel like going.  And really, I don't want to get started until I know I can be faithful and I feel like I need to get on top of these headaches before that is going to happen.  I asked a couple of people, both singers, if they thought I was copping out.  Neither did, if that was really the reason I didn't want to go.  Actually, if I did go, it would have been because I felt like people expect that of me, not because I feel ready to do it.  So, doing it for that reason would not have been good.  As soon as I get these headaches on a better track, I will reassess.  I don't want the reason I don't go to be because I don't want to get out of the house.  That is behavior I need to confront.  But I am doing that in other ways, so that is not it.
My back is a little sore from the treadmill.  Hopefully just because of new use of muscles.  I find that bumping up the incline burns calories faster than bumping up the speed.  So after my warm-up, I bumped it up to a 5 incline.  My maximum heart rate was 139, and that was in the zone, so that was good.  Hopefully my muscles will get used to it soon and my back won't do this.
I have to walk Cas now that it has cooled down, so I will do that and then spend the rest of the evening doing a little cleaning and a little blog reading.  That makes for a productive day.


  1. Weee!! I am so excited you've joined Diet Bet - I am in a hurry this morning, but I'll be in touch soon.


  2. Thanks Biz! You've inspired me!!! You are doing fantastic with your workouts!

  3. Okay, I've just now had the time to read every word of this post. I will tell you, that when I lost 70 pounds on WW back in 1999? I ate every point, activity point, flex etc.

    The daily points are just a base - you need the extra points, flex points etc to have enough fuel to let your body do what you want it to do. Believe it or not, eating less and working out more is not the right combo.

    Hugs!! (p.s. I added you to my blog roll - I am going to keep tabs on you girl!)

    1. Thanks so much Biz! I really need the encouragement. I've been stalled for a while, and it is time to get going! This challenge is just what I needed!

      I got stuck for a while on WW (several weeks). Actually I had just switched from Medifast to WW. I hope with the added exercise it will be enough to get me losing consistently. I just need to stick it out and let it work.

  4. Hi! Just found your blog through Michelle's blog. DietBet is a fun challenge! I can't wait to see how everyone does. I'm in a challenge at WeightLossWars, but now i might just sign up for DietBet too!!

  5. Hi Kris! You are welcome to join our group. It's not to0 late to join. I was looking for a way to follow your blog and couldn't find the link. I'll keep looking! Wishing you great success!

    1. Hi Sheryl! Thanks for letting me know you couldn't find the link - apparently there was some "code" missing, but all fixed now. AND I signed up for the dietbet challenge - YAY!

    2. That's great, Kris! I'll be checking out your blog and rooting for you!


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