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Saturday, July 6, 2013


My reclusive tendencies got the better of me yesterday.  I hope that situation will begin to improve.  Today was a lot better.  I got out and walked Cas twice, went to lunch with my daughters and got some things at the store.

My body was really beginning to hurt this afternoon from too much sitting around.  Being outside of my routine is something I am not handling very well at this point.  I have more of a chance to do a workout then than on work days, but I seem to have a harder time getting myself to do it then.  I will work on it.

My eating yesterday was not bad.  I struggled with cravings, but my decision to go off sweets I think is a wise one.  I rarely binge eat except on sweets.  I think it was also good that I did not have any snack foods in the house yesterday.  I was determined enough to stay on track that I didn't go get myself anything, but if I had had it handy, I think I probably would have had some trouble.  That proved to be true today.

My headache was a problem yesterday.  As a result, I didn't feel like cooking last night, and anything I could think of to go pick up would have been too many points.  I ended up making myself a grilled cheese sandwich with two slices of reduced calorie bread and two slices of reduced fat cheese.  With that I had some popcorn.

Today for breakfast I had one and a half slices of bacon, one egg, two slices of reduced calorie toast with a little butter and some all fruit jelly.  I had a couple of tablespoons of craisins later in the morning.  For lunch we went to Chipotle and I had 3 of the tacos I usually get (soft corn tortillas, fajita veggies, chicken, pico de gallo and a little hot salsa; I put a tablespoon of guacamole on each one).  That comes up to 11 points.  Not bad for that much to eat.  I felt like I needed to fill my tummy a little more since I've been going to bed hungry the last two or three nights.  I got a few things at the store while we were out -- mostly fruit.  I had some blackberries when I get home.  Yum!  I love fresh blackberries!  The "bad" thing I did was I got carried away on the Pop chips I bought.  At least they come in small bags, so they didn't do that much damage.  For dinner I had a peanut butter sandwich for 7 points, and some more blackberries.  All in all, not a bad day points-wise.

I knew this evening I needed to get up and around more.  As I said, my body was hurting from sitting around too much.  So I have worked on cleaning this evening.  I always feel better when I do that.

We'll see if I can make myself get up and get to church in the morning.  It seems like the more time I spend at home alone, the more I get into this thing of not wanting to go anywhere.  I am sure I will have to battle that in the morning.  Will this ever get easier?  I hope so.

But I'm battling, and I did lose weight this week, even if it was losing back some of what I had gained the last few weeks.

That's it for today.

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