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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Good, Productive Day

Breakthrough today – I got up and did a workout.  I meant to do the treadmill, so went to the fitness center at my lofts.  Someone was on one and the other one was broken, so I ended up doing the recumbent bike there in the fitness center.  If that is the case every morning, I will have to rethink my routine.  I first got up and walked Cas.  I dropped him back at my loft and fed him and the kitty (Aslan or Azzie), and then went to the fitness center.  I just did what my walking plan says to do for the first week, except did it on the recumbent bike.  I did 5 minutes of less resistance to warm up (although maybe I didn’t need to warm up since I already walked the dog), 10 minutes at a resistance that felt somewhat hard, and a 5-minute cool-down.  The middle 10 minutes was fairly challenging and I was ready to lessen the resistance by the time that 10 minutes was over.

I don’t know what made the difference.  I don’t think the anti-depressant has had time to work yet.  I woke up not wanting to do it, and started trying to talk myself out of it.  But I told myself that I would never want to get started.  If I waited until I wanted to, I probably never would.  I have to push through those first days or weeks of it being hard – either now or later, so it might as well be now.  I am sure I will have to do the same thing tomorrow morning.  But I got day one done, anyway.

The headache is still a big issue.  It was intense enough yesterday afternoon that I was getting kind of desperate for some relief.  Not because the pain was so bad – although it was worse than it usually is – it was just that it was so relentless.  I was sitting there resting after I got home from church in a way that should have brought some relief, and even slept some, but the headache would not let up.  I did what I had to do to nip it in the bud.  But it is back this morning, although not as bad.  The MT spent a lot of time Thursday working on this one area of my back that had been hurting a lot recently, although I did not tell her that.  It felt much better after she worked on it, but I noticed the next morning it felt out of place again and it seemed to have to do with sleeping position.  So I am experimenting with sleeping positions to see what helps and what hurts.

My housework left a lot to be desired last week.  It’s these darned headaches.  I just don’t feel like doing much after working all day, and it was a fairly busy weekend.  I will try to take a little extra effort this week – at least a few extra minutes every evening.

I enjoyed class and church yesterday.  I am getting to know more people.

My goal this work week is to eat clean and track, as well as no sweets, of course.  The last 4 or 5 days have been better.  Really, all last week was better, although not always on track with WW.  But better than it has been.

Those are my four main goals right now – my eating, increase exercise, keep the loft cleaner, and get out and be with people other than just my kids.  I can count last week a success on several of those.

For breakfast I had another peanut butter sandwich with reduced calorie bread and 2 T. of peanut butter (7 points).  I ate a few grapes right when I got up because I wanted something in my stomach when I took my anti-inflammatory.  I had some strawberries mid-morning.  I was about to leave for lunch when it got delayed for about 30 minutes because of a will signing.  I was really hungry by that point, so while I was waiting, I ate a few baby carrots and a stick of Sargento light string cheese (1 point).  I went to Salata (a new place in the basement of our building) for lunch.  I got a wrap.  You go through a line and choose your salad or wrap ingredients.  They put everything in a bowl and mix it before putting it on your tortilla (if you are getting a wrap).  I got a wrap with mixed greens, broccoli, bell peppers, red onion, banana peppers, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, feta cheese,  and pesto chicken with fresh herb vinaigrette.  They asked if I wanted avocado at the end, which I did.  The wrap was yummy, but I am not sure how many points it was.  There was very little of each ingredient and a lot less dressing than there would have been on a salad.  I can feel good that it was healthy and I am going to count it as 12 points.  It was very filling.

If I feel when I get home tonight like I do now, I think I will do a treadmill workout.  It is only 20 minutes, and the extra activity will do me good.


They tell you the antidepressant may take a month to have its full effect, but I fancy I am already feeling a little better today.  That is good!  Now if I can just get my head to quit hurting….  I am hoping exercise will be of some help.  It is a stress reliever, for one thing.  I just know that when I worked out consistently for over a year, I wasn’t having the constant headaches.  I’m not sure which came first.  There must be some help for this, surely.

I walked Cas yesterday evening, and during the walk, we found ourselves in a cluster of 5 or 6 dogs, at least 3 of them being big dogs.  I have written about how Cas is with big dogs – he barks and snarls and twirls around on his leash.  I have really been working with him.  Those big dogs came up to meet him and he didn’t make a sound.  He met them somewhat politely (although he is still a little standoffish) and did not act out at all.  I was so proud of him – and me, since I have been purposefully working on this.  Now if we can overcome the front door – he often barks at people he hears in the hall, which is a nuisance to them and me.  Training your dog can be very good for your self-esteem when you are successful.  It requires calm, assertive energy – something I would always like to project.

My plan for when I got home was to make me some dinner, get another 20 minutes on the treadmill, walk Cas and get a couple of chores done.  I have done the first 3 items and have started on the last one.  I will get the kitchen in decent shape before I go to bed, and tidy my bedroom some.  It will be a good, productive day and that makes me feel good.

Good night all.

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