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Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Outing, Etc.

I'm enjoying my unexpected day off.  I'm probably resting a little too much, but getting some stuff done at home too.

I'm feeling a little tempted today - craving sweets.  But I have had a good week and I keep telling myself it only takes one bad day to ruin the progress of an otherwise good week so, so far, I am staying on track.

I am almost out of fruit, so I need to remedy that situation.  I loaned my son my car for the day, so can't go to the grocery store.  I can get something at CVS next door, if need be.  Expensive, but better than eating something I will regret.

Last evening went well on the eating front.  I thought I would probably eat a lot, but really didn't.  I had one jerk chicken wing "drumstick" -- there was not much meat on it and I didn't eat all the skin and stuff, so it was really just a couple of bites.  Then I had some grilled pork tenderloin -- probably a couple of ounces.  It was so tender -- melt in your mouth good.  I had a serving of the pinto beans I had made, some corn on the cob, and a little fruit.  That was it.

The weather was perfect last night and I had a good time spending time with my kids and their friends.  All three of mine were there.  We took the dogs along and Cas did me proud with his behavior.  He was pretty polite with everyone, including three young children, and sat on my lap a good part of the evening.  My work with him is paying off.

As the day went on, the headache was rearing its ugly head.  I have tried to be aware of my sleeping position, and one thing I think helps is to keep my shoulders down and avoid putting my arms over my head or any position that causes my shoulders to come up (like in a shrug).  I woke up with the sense that I had not done that last night.  My shoulders were stiff and hurting this morning.  I'm going to have to keep working on that.  I sat around waaay too much today, but I just feel like doing much with my head hurting so much.

As happens often when you sit around too much, I kept wanting to eat.  However, I didn't really indulge that desire.  I didn't feel like cooking and for dinner, I ended up eating a grilled cheese sandwich made with reduced calorie bread and reduced fat cheese, and with that popcorn.  The only other thing I ate after that was about a tablespoon of craisins.  I am wanting something to eat right now, but it is almost 1:00 and I need to just go to bed.  I rested so much today, I'm not feeling sleepy yet.  I think one thing that has saved me today is I don't really have any snacky stuff in the house.  I wanted to succeed enough that I didn't go get me anything, but I might have indulged if it had been here in the house.  So that was good.  All in all, not a bad day.

Good night all (or in this case, good morning).

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