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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Little Better Today

I am doing much better today.  I feel halfway sane, and not wanting to eat everything in sight.  My daughter, who has had about 15 surgeries, told me I was doing it the wrong way.  Her doctor told her that first you cut the dose in half and keep taking it on your regular schedule for a while.  Then you cut it by one dose, then another, then another.  So that is how I am going to approach it.  I took a half when I got up this morning.

Breakfast was Greek yogurt with a little honey and some Kashi GoLean Crunch.   "Lunch" is a steak I had thawed out and not cooked yesterday, plus a baked sweet potato.  The kids are cooking out tonight.  At least a little more normal food.

Kids are coming over later, so I am cleaning.  I need to have company every weekend.  Keeps my house in much better shape!  Social stuff tomorrow, not only with going to church, but lunch afterward with the SS class.  No work this weekend, thank the Lord.  I worked 5 days of 10-12-hour days, plus 6 hours last Sunday.  I was ready for a little break.

I always feel like I need to qualify this.  I am not addicted to pain medicine in the way you hear of so often, where you are downing multiple pills at a time, shopping doctors, buying off the street, to feed your addiction.  I take what is prescribed and no more.  But after 3 years on it, your body does develop a dependence.  In that sense, I am addicted.  Not fun!

That's it for today.

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