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Monday, May 13, 2013

Today is Important

Today is a very important day.  Today is the day I need to get totally back on track.  I am going to do a high protein week this week.  But today is the most important day because it sets the tone for the rest of the week.  Of course, when tomorrow gets here, it will be the most important day.  I totally lost all focus last week and I don’t like the way I felt.  I know how I feel about myself should not be totally dependent on how much I am eating, but I do not feel good about myself when I am out of control.

I way overdid (activity-wise) this weekend.  It was quite busy.  Bethany had to work, but needed someone to pick up her car from the body shop and turn in her rental car, since yesterday was the last day insurance would pay for it.  Steph was babysitting, but she brought the kids and we went to pick up the car.  She was keeping 3 little boys, whom she used to nanny for full-time.  They used to be at my house a lot and they were almost like my grandchildren.  Particularly the oldest of these three boys, since she kept him from the time he was born until he was 3 years old or so.  I loved the look on his face when he recognized me (I wasn’t sure that he would, since it has been a while since I have seen them).  He looked so happy to see me.  J  The boys are very close together – 5, 3 and 2.  We took them to a park at White Rock Lake.  There is a road going around the lake, and parts of it are for bikes and pedestrians only.  Stephanie bikes around it a lot and she thought she remembered where the playground was, so we parked the car and were going to walk a little ways down to the playground.  It turned out, she parked a lot further away from it than she thought (maybe ¾ of a mile).  She had brought the boys’ Big Wheel tricycles, etc. and they were riding down the road and we were walking and carrying their food for a picnic, etc.  The two older boys kept getting away from us (boy, they can move on those tricycles!).  So it was a challenge to keep up with them and keep them far enough to the side of the road to stay out of bikers’ paths (and sometimes cars’).  I had to do a little running to catch them one time.  We finally got to the playground and decided I would walk back and get the car by myself and bring it closer.  So the boys sat down and ate their lunch and then played and I walked back to get the car.  I didn’t know I was going to be doing all this, and all I was wearing was my orthotic flip-flops.  My feet were hurting by the end of it.

After that we went to another part of the lake to feed the ducks.  It was a little nerve racking there to watch over them and make sure no one fell in the water.  They wanted to go back and play after that, but we told them we were going to go to a different park.  I have been wanting to visit a new park downtown.  It is pretty large compared to the other downtown parks, and there are all kinds of activities for children and adults.  We had to park a ways from this park too, so there was another lengthy walk (especially with 3 little boys).  They had a really cool playground there, though, and the boys played in the fountain and really had a good time.  I had been wanting to go there and check out the food trucks.  I got kind of a gourmet hotdog with spicy mustard and a homemade relish.  I figured that was enough points, so didn’t get anything to go with it.  It was good!  I again went back and got the car myself and picked up Stephanie and the boys.  So I got lots of walking Saturday!

I got home at 4:00 or after and was pretty worn out, so rested a while.  I had mentioned earlier in the day that I sure needed to get my hair done and maybe I needed to find a different place to get that done than where I had been doing it, since the place I usually go to is not open on weekends (it is in the lower level of the office building across from mine and they close the building on the weekends).  Steph called a little before 7 when she was done keeping the boys and asked if I wanted to get it done.  She called the place she had gotten hers done and they said they would take me if I hurried.  So she picked me up and I ended up getting a cut and highlight Saturday evening.  While I was doing that, Bethany came by and left me her car and Steph and Beth went on home to their apartment.  I was going to drive Beth’s car home and she would pick it up the next day.  The thing is, I had left the keys to my loft in Stephanie’s car (you need them handy to get in and out of the parking garage) and she had taken them home with her.  So I had to go to their apartment and get them (the opposite direction I needed to go) and then didn’t get home until after 10:00.  I ended up staying up until 1:00, just unwinding and spending a little time at home with my pets.

I got up yesterday morning and walked Cas first thing.  He needs to be getting more exercise on the weekend than he does during the week, but he is getting less.  I’m going to have to remedy that.  I went to church with my daughters yesterday so I could meet Bethany’s boyfriend for the first time.  So they picked me up and we went to church.  After that we came back to my place and Bethany cooked dinner for all of us, including my son, who came over.  She made Eggplant Parmesan.  It was so good!  However, it wasn’t very points friendly.  Bethany’s boyfriend had bought tickets for all of us and his family to go see Iron Man 3.  So I and the kids visited for a while and then we went to the movie with Tom and his family.  We had a great time.  We got home pretty late and this was a much busier weekend than I usually have, so I was really tired.  It sure was tempting to try to find an excuse to call in this morning, but I hate calling in, so didn’t.  But I could have made an excuse without lying.  I am hurting all over and feel like I got run over by a truck.

My daughters gave me the coolest Mother’s Day gift.  It is an herb garden.  Bethany’s boyfriend helped her put it together and the girls potted all of the plants.  They also gave me a bunch of jars with flowers, which are sitting on my window sill.

I am always looking for a good way to get Cas more exercise.  There are different problems at different times that keep me from doing as much as he needs.  For instance, this weekend, I had so many other activities and had already done so much walking, that I didn’t have it in me to do much more.  Other times it is a time problem.  Sometimes it is pain problems.  Today I am hurting enough that I only did a short walk at lunchtime because my knees were hurting so much.  When we were at White Rock Lake Saturday, I saw this guy on a seated scooter.  My first thought was, I could do that!  It was a light-weight looking thing that just had a little seat to sit on (not like a handicapped thing, but a recreational thing).  I looked online and could find one kind of like the one below for around $300.  I wouldn’t mind having one for times when I need to give him some good exercise, but I can’t walk or skate, etc. for whatever reason.  It would go fast enough where he could get some good exercise and I could stay on sidewalks and not have to worry about traffic or other people as much as when I am on my bicycle.  Since we are about to go into the Summer, I could do it pretty late in the evening and still have some daylight (and the streets would be cleared out more).  Plus, in the Summer, I am going to have to get Cas some little booties if I walk him during the hot part of the day.  The cement would burn his little paws.  I could also use it on Katy Trail or at White Rock Lake.  (Probably only Katy Trail, since Cas gets so car sick.)  I think this would be a good option, so might save up for one.

As I said, my knees are really hurting today.  And I stepped off the curb when I was walking Cas at lunchtime, and I felt a jarring in my back (almost a spasm).  I am supposed to have injections in my knees on Thursday, so hopefully that will help the knees, anyway.

I have stayed on track today and that makes me feel better, just because I have been under control.  We are having a celebration dinner tomorrow night for the successful conclusion of our case.  I will enjoy it, but not go too overboard.  I am going to eat protein bars until dinnertime.  I’m just trying to get my weight down again and then will pick up where I left off.

I’m really tired, so going to bed early tonight.  Night all.

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