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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Way or Another

I was feeling dangerous yesterday, and sure enough, had one of those days where I just wanted to eat, eat, eat (and did yesterday evening).  I do think it has a lot to do with frustration over this plateau.  Here is what I plan to do about it.  I had a protein bar (6 points) for breakfast and another one for lunch.  Dinner was mostly protein and vegetables (and some fat) (chicken with some cheese and avocado, as well as veggies (normandy mix) with grated parmesan cheese).  I came out with about 10 points left.  The plan was that I would not go over my points limit, but would not worry if it comes out substantially short.  I gave myself permission to have one piece of fruit with each meal (only if I needed it) and had a banana late afternoon, but that was all.  I had some baby carrots at lunch.  This is what I planned for today, tomorrow and Friday to see if I can break this thing.  I may do some carb cycling in the coming weeks to see if that gets things moving a little better.  We’ll say that’s what yesterday was – carb cycling.  J

I did a 30-minute recumbent bike workout yesterday morning and again this morning.  I also did a short one (16 minutes) this evening.  I upped the intensity yesterday a little, and more this morning and even more this evening.  Yesterday I did intervals with my base resistance being 4 and doing a one-minute interval every 5 minutes of 7 (the last one I did 8).  Today my base resistance was 5 with intervals of 8 at first, then 9 the last 15 minutes.  Tonight I did a base of 5 with intervals of 10.  As I said earlier in the week, my intent was to do a couple of more intense workouts this week that I felt all day (not in pain, but that feeling you have all day when you have done a good workout).  I didn’t really think my workout yesterday qualified, but yesterday afternoon I found myself wondering why I was so tired.  Then I realized it was the workout.  So I guess it did qualify.

I was SO SLEEPY this morning.  I was trying to put on my eye makeup this morning and could barely keep my eyes open.  I am ready to not have to take medication that makes me sleepy.

I think yesterday turned out to be a time to regroup and re-motivate myself to do what it takes to get past this plateau.  I would never have imagined it would take this long.  I need a week of doing whatever it takes.  I don’t know if this week is going to qualify, but I am going to try to redeem the rest of it.  I really need to get another tough workout in in the evenings too to make sure I push past it (I did tonight!).  It is really difficult since I am so tired and sleepy (and achy).  My knees are really hurting me again, so that doesn’t help either.  I have to find a way to motivate myself to do what it takes.  If I don’t do it now, I will have to do it next week or the next, so I might as well get it done.  I truly hope that once I get past here it won’t take so much work to keep moving, at least slowly.  I know it will take hard work, but I hope it won’t take six weeks to squeak out a pound.  This is extremely frustrating.

As I said, my knees are hurting again.  I am due for more injections on the 12th, so I think I will call and try to get in next week.  I am not, however, going to make an appointment on one of my days off.  That is NOT how I want to spend my days off.  My feet are still bothering me too and I am wondering if I need to go ahead and get injections in them too.  I will ask this doctor when I go for knees, but I think he only deals with knees.  They are some better than they were, but they bothered me a lot yesterday when I wore flats.  I guess I will have to not wear those for a while (or see if some inserts in them help enough).  I need to remember to take an anti-inflammatory.  I haven’t been doing that except occasionally.  Some stretching might help too (it feels tight up the back of my heel and calf).

I wrote most of this earlier this morning (with some updates).  I am home now and feeling good about today.  I did what I planned on the eating and do not feel hungry.  I did the workout tonight, as well as another walk with Cas.  3 walks, 2 recumbent bike workouts.  If I do this the next two days, I hope it will help the scale respond.  I am puffy this evening – probably partly from the excess last night.  I had been out of my BP med for three or four days, and finally got them yesterday.  I think that was part of what discouraged me yesterday morning.  I got on the scale and it showed a 5-pound gain.  It seems so ready to go upward, but I can’t seem to coax it downward.  I just have to push harder.  I will get past this, one way or another.

I got a response from a guy on a website.  I had messaged him and simply told him I enjoyed reading his profile (which I did – it was extremely well written and articulated).  I didn’t know if he would be interested in me or not.  And you know what?  I didn’t care if he wasn’t.  I don’t feel that old feeling of, “please, please like me.”  Either you like me or you don’t.  But if you don’t, it is your loss because I am a pretty awesome person to know.  :)  I will move on to someone who does.  Maybe I won’t like him.  He might not be what I am looking for.

Two more days and I get my days off.  I am so ready.  I just hope I can celebrate the start of them by breaking this plateau.  I plan to be active on these days off.

That’s it for tonight.  Good night all.  I think I will do some reading.

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